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Top places to visit in Salalah – Be amazed by the Salalah treasures!

Salalah is one of the largest cities in the Oman Sultanate and a globally acclaimed tourist destination. It has fantastic weather, beautiful landscapes, and a range of seasons that makes travelling to Salalah an exciting adventure.


Sultan Qaboos Mosque

This is the largest mosque in the Dhofar Region and is situated right in the city centre. It is adorned with features from ancient Islamic architecture with green carpets, intricate wall patterns, and majestic chandeliers. This is an attraction that is open all year long for both Muslims and non-Muslims. However, there are restrictions on when non-Muslims can travel based on the weekly Muslim prayer hours. It is one of the most famous Oman attractions in the region.


Waterfall hunting

This is an activity that you can enjoy if you visit Salalah during the Khareef season. This is because the weather tends to be bright and beautiful allowing you to spend a lot of time outdoors. There are a few famous waterfalls such as Ayn Athum and Wadi Darbat as well as Ayn Gogub which are visited by anyone who visits the area. You can take a day trip from Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara to visit these waterfalls. There are also a few springs in the area such as Ayn Sahalnoot and Ayn Jarziz that can be wonderful to see during the Khareef season. When booking these travels it is good to get advice from an experienced Omani entity to ensure that you get the best out of it.


Boat rides

The Wadi Darbat valley is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Salalah. It is dotted with little streams that all make up a large canal, trees, mountains, and more. Some waterfalls are connected to the valley. Therefore, travelling through the valley can be a rather wonderful and spiritual experience. You can either travel by motorboat or paddle boat in the canal. If you want a more adventurous yet calm experience, a paddle boat will be a better option. Once you are there, you will want to spend at least an hour two marvelling at the beauty that surrounds you.


Mughsail Blowholes

Never visited a blowhole? This might be the perfect opportunity to do so. Situated by the Mughsail Beach, these blowholes take the form of natural fountains with high-pressure water coming through them. During the Khareef season, the height of fountains tends to be a lot taller. But the excitement is consistent all year long. Kids will particularly enjoy this activity as it can be quite surprising and fascinating to see water come out of the ground. This is especially if you don't know the concept behind it. In addition to the blowholes, the area around Mughsail is wonderful for sightseeing and birdwatching. There is a lagoon adjoining the sea that is home to a range of wonderful avian life. There is also space for you to enjoy a family picnic or even put on a great barbecue. This can be a great place to spend an evening with your group.