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Best Things to Do in Maldives – Amazing Experiences for the Active Visitor

If you visit the exotic Maldives, you will find many interesting and enjoyable things to do, such as windsurfing, diving, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and taking a sunset dolphin cruise. Read on to find out more!



Windsurfing happens to be a water sport that has been popular for some time, attracting countless enthusiasts around the globe. The Maldives would be an outstanding location for this captivating water sport with its agreeable climate, idyllic surroundings and strong ocean breezes. Windsurfing will offer plenty of exhilarating fun for the participant once this delightful water sport has been mastered. Even if you are a novice at windsurfing, you could build up your skills in the Maldives.



Unquestionably, diving would be one of the foremost activities to engage in during your stay in the Maldives as the waters of these islands offer outstanding conditions for it. You will encounter clear visibility, pleasant temperatures and many interesting sights. Whilst diving here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sights of enthralling undersea scenery from colourful coral to mesmerising sea creatures including sharks, vibrantly coloured exotic fish, turtles, manta rays and more. Many visitors to these islands make it a point to go diving in the inviting local waters. When seeking the best dive resorts in Maldives, an accommodation choice to consider from where you could engage in this activity would be Milaidhoo Maldives.



Kayaking will always be a pleasant activity to engage in during your holiday in the Maldives. This water sport would be ideal for those who desire an enjoyable activity that also provides some useful exercise. In fact, it is considered to provide a good workout that would help you to burn off some excess vacation calories! As you kayak in the Maldives, you will be able to glide across the waters at your own speed while taking in the sight of the picturesque surroundings.


Stand-up paddleboarding

Another agreeable and enjoyable water activity to undertake in the Maldives would be stand-up paddleboarding. As you paddle your way across the waters, you could totally relax and enjoy the sea breezes as they waft around you. This water activity will also provide you with an excellent all-around workout, helping you to develop strength, balance and endurance. You could also go paddleboarding with your loved one, family or friends.


Sunset dolphin cruise

In the Maldives, you will also have the chance to undertake several rewarding excursions and an excellent choice would be a sunset dolphin cruise. On one of these cruises, you will head out into the ocean expanses near the time of dusk to spot these endearing marine mammals. Your experienced captain will take you to the localities where dolphins can be seen frolicking. On this cruise, you will be able to enjoy the entrancing sight of the magnificent tropical sunset as well.



Another not-to-be-missed experience in the Maldives would be going fishing. As the waters surrounding the islands teem with fish, it is not surprising that many fishing enthusiasts take the opportunity to engage in this activity during their stay here. In the waters of the Maldives, you will have the chance to snare creatures like sailfish, wahoo, giant trevally, swordfish, marlin and more on a catch and release basis. For something different, you can also try the local technique of fishing by hand while on a dhoni, a traditional fishing boat.