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10 Ideas for Overseas Adventure Travel - Top Ten Adventurous Travel Activities to Try Abroad

Overseas trips and holidays often provide travellers with the chance to break out of their comfort zones and take on a host of adventurous pursuits. Here are 10 thrilling activity options for holidaymakers in search of fun and adventure abroad.



Those with a PADI certification can head to nearly any beach capital in the world and enjoy scuba diving tours to their heart's content. Venturing beyond the waves into the murky depths of an ocean occupied by majestic, and at times, predatory marine creatures is one of the most rewarding adventure sports activities available in destinations including the Maldives and the Caribbean.


Mountain Biking

Pedalling across rugged mountains, mountain biking is an adventure activity that one can sign up for in most tourist hubs across the globe but especially in landscapes such as Norway, Colorado, New Zealand and Nepal.


Winter Sports

Heading to the Swiss Alps or Queensland, Australia, during the freezing winter months to enjoy some skiing and sledging is another great way to capitalise on a trip overseas.



Accessible to all those who have completed the necessary training sessions, sky diving solo or in tandem with an instructor is among the most daring activities tourists can sign up for during a vacation abroad.



Exploring coastlines and other landscapes at one's own pace is one of the many benefits of joining a kayaking tour during a trip to the Maldives or any other destination. Requiring little to no prior experience, kayaking is a low-risk sport that can be enjoyed by those who do not even possess basic swimming skills. It is also one of the best things to do with Family as it is a group activity.


Rock Climbing

Scaling the face of a mountain with only ropes and harnesses to keep one from falling to the depths of a ravine or the ground is the adventure of a lifetime. While only those with rock climbing experience should attempt to take part in this activity overseas, it is an activity that can enhance any vacation.



Nature lovers that wish to unleash their inner Amazon warrior can go zip-lining in destinations as urban as Singapore. Travelling at high speeds across vast expanses of tropical jungles, zip-lining is another activity that requires no prior experience or special skills.



As a fantastic way to stay fit during a holiday, running during a holiday overseas is not just about staying healthy. There are countless non-competitive running events and local running groups that tourists can join to explore their surroundings and work on their social skills during a trip.


Safari Adventures

There are plenty of holiday hotspots around the world that are home to impressive wildlife sanctuaries and wildernesses that can be explored on a safari tour. Not only one can admire and observe the local wildlife in their natural habitat but also enjoy a 4x4 drive across vast jungles and unchartered territories.


Desert Activities

The Family Travel Blog and other resources online also count many desert-bound activities among the top adventures travellers can experience abroad. From dune bashing to sandboarding, there can be much more to a holiday in a desert hub such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi than shopping in mega malls and visiting theme parks.

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