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Creative home improvement inspiration you should not miss

The creative home decor ideas

Framed wall-mounted mirror inspiration

Simple and chic, framed mirror has a classic look you'll love.

Its sleek, understated style will look great in the bedroom as in the bathroom.

It can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your needs and your space.

Intco-framing - One-stop Home Improvement Solutions

Both functional and decorative, this full-length floor standing mirror makes a statement when added to any room, brightening up the room with a light and open feeling.

Finished in silver color, it incorporates an understated concise design that fits into the traditional and eclectic decor.

Picture Frame Manufacturer:

Wall Panel Inspiration

Wall Panel Inspiration for interior decor

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Embrace your new home style with little effort. Intco wall panels are easy-to-install and take no time to maintain.

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Embellished with slim embossing, this simple and timeless design will add elegance to your loved home and the mirror can be hung either horizontally or vertically for flexible styling.

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The decorative mirror offers an enduring presentation of the vintage form that will competently revitalize your decor space.

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INTCO Framing on LinkedIn: #inspiration #mirror #mirrors

Antique color and smooth frame redefine the decorative wall mirror concepts. The embossing on the border shows exquisite, deluxe but low-key. 

Table Decor Inspiration

If you are looking for professional picture frame product solutions, Intco Framing has you covered:

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Spotlight your favorite photo with this stylish black frame that is a great accent to any room in your home.
Custom Picture Frame Moulding

The retro gold photo frame will show your cherished photos with an elegant, fashion charm

The retro gold photo frame will show your cherished photos with an elegant, fashion charm. 

MDF Wood Picture Frame Ideas

Beautifully crafted with modern appeal, the grayish-blue color picture frame brings museum-quality to your home. 

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Kitchen Design Inspiration: Wood 3D wall panel with white cabinets

Intco 3D wall panel offers endless possibilities to cover your walls with personality.

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3D wall panel design with clean, crisp, and continuous sleek lines

Create a dynamic wall with Intco 3D wall panel.
There are a variety of colors and styles to match different home atmospheres.
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Canvas Design Inspiration For Interior Decor

Designed in neutral colors that fit a range of decor styles, this set of two canvas features abstract black, white and brown art made with tinted gel.

Hang this wall art set together to make a bold statement or separate these pieces of art and create a complimentary and cohesive look.

For More Inspiration: Intco Framing

Rustic Wood Wall Mirror Inspiration For Interior Design

Wood frame mirror lends a distinct touch of sophistication, and is a stunning way to brighten and add visual appeal to any room in your home.

If you are a retailer and want to broaden your revenue, Intco Framing can provide professional product solutions: Mirror Frame Moulding Supplier


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Intco 3D Wall Panels Can Be Perfectly Used In Arc Wall

With just a few small changes, you can create a perfect and well-designed home space when it comes to sustainable fit-outs.

Intco 3D wall panel has a sleek design and is easy to install. Either flat wall or arc wall is compatible.

Intco Framing provides industry-leading products with a factory price. Contact us now to broaden your business: Fluted 3D Wall Panel Manufacturer

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Bespoke Restaurant Design With Intco Fluted 3D Wall Panels

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment.

Intco 3D wall panel brings a comfortable, environmental-friendly environment, as well as a cozy lifestyle.

Come and pick your favorite type! We have more than 15 matrix designs and hundreds of color patterns.

Want a catalog? Just contact us: Wall cladding Wholesale

Walnut Wall Mirror Ideas For Rustic Decor

The stylish and rustic-inspired INTCO Framing wall mirror gives your home an accent piece with a cozy quality.

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Intco Black Embossed Frame Mirror Design For Modern Home Decor

Giving a polished look and creating an illusion of a larger space with Intco wall mirror.

This mirror features a frame with a raised abstract design on a modern black background.

If you have any questions and request our services, feel free to contact us: / Buy Picture Frame Moulding

Intco gold metal frame round mirror is perfect to use as a vanity mirror in the bathroom

Instantly enhance any wall in your home with INTCO black or gold metal hanging wall mirror.

With a sturdy metal hanging loop on the back, this decorative mirror features a smooth matte-painted metal frame. It is the perfect size to use as a vanity mirror in the bathroom.

Want a free sample? Get in Touch Now: / Picture Frame manufacturer

Intco round window pane mirror opens up a room like a newly-added window

Intco metal frame mirror features 16 mirrored surfaces, which add depth to a small room

An industrial-inspired design provides a reclaimed feel to your home with a sophisticated comfort

If you're a retailer and looking for a qualified manufacturer, INTCO Framing will have you covered: / Picture Frame Molding Wholesale