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Java coding interview questions

These core java interview questions are java basic programs for interview .You can Prepare yourself for java programming questions and answers for written test with these top java interview questions


Program For nth Fibonacci Number in Java - Java Vogue

In simple word such series that each element is sum of two previous element is called Fibonacci series. In mathematical terms, the sequence Fn of Fibonacci numbers is defined by the recurrence relation

java program to find lcm of two numbers , lcm program in java , lcm in java , lcm code in java

java program to find the largest number in an array , largest element in array java ,find max value in array java

How to print array without using loop in java - Java Vogue

print array without using loop ,print array in java without loop , how to print array in java using for loop , print 2d array in java without loop

write a program to using bitwise to find a number is odd or even , write a program to check a number is even or odd without using modulus

java program to find duplicate characters in a string , find repeated characters in a string java

count occurrences of character in string java , program to find frequency of characters in a string in java

swap two numbers in java using bitwise xor operator or write a java program to swap two numbers without using third variable

print 1 to 100 without using loop in java,print 1 to 10 without loop in java ,print 1 to n without loop in java

reverse string in java , java how to reverse a string , java program to reverse a string using for loop , while loop ,recursion and array.