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Zombie Evacuation Race 2013 - Team With UsFitties!

Zombie Evacuation Race is a brilliant 'starter' adventure race series in the UK, and this year we're giving you the chance to run it with UsFitties and raise money for charity!

Got Stretch?

No matter what your fitness level is, many of us do not give enough (or proper) attention to a key factor in maintaining muscle health; the dreaded stretch. It hurts. It's boring. These are just some of the excuses I hear from my clients on a daily basis.

My Journey from Flab to Fit: Going Paleo

I am a lifelong vegetarian. Since birth I have avoided meat, fish and for a while even eggs. So no one is more surprised than me that in the last few weeks I have found myself tucking in to all manner of meat! How did this happen?

Kale - The Goddess of Greens

Kale has been upgraded from its days as mere garnish in deli showcases. It might be fair to say that it has even achieved immortality status. That's a bold statement to make. There are a number of foods that are in similar categories, but kale is special. It's the trendsetter.

The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: What Bed Rest Taught Me

Not too long ago I underwent surgery. I'm bummed that it prevented me from competing in my first fitness competition, but I learned a lot about my body. Having never really sustained any serious injury I have never had to rely on other body parts to make up for the ones that weren't in full working order.

Finally A Protein Bar That Offers It All

DNA Life Bars truly offer it all: great taste, high protein, no gluten or dairy, and low sugar. All the things we fitness professionals and enthusiasts seek. Innovation born from necessity. When DNA Bars founder Brian Layne's wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with MS in 2011 their lives were altered in numerous obvious ways including one that is not so obvious.

Eating Well While on Vacation

Going on vacation is the ideal time to unwind, relax and - well - be on holiday! But is it a time to suspend your healthy eating ways? It's a good question. As soon as we get to the airport the odds are against us.

Running - Find Your Ideal Weight

Running is still one of the most popular ways to get exercise and running faster gives instant gratification. Finding out how to calculate your perfect running weight can bring those personal best times down dramatically. Many studies, including one in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, show that running with even a little extra weight can cause a significant drop in performance.

Exercise: One Size Does Not Fit All

Does your current exercise routine fit your body? Exercise is not one size fits all. What your goals are (i.e. weight and fat loss, muscle toning or hypertrophy), what your body type and shape is and most importantly how much stress is in your life are all factors in how successful your exercise routine will be.

Lift's CEO Tony Stubblebine Speaks on Habit Building and Tim Ferriss [VIDEO]

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Tony Stubblebine of Lift. Lift is a web and smartphone app that helps people form habits, reach goals and get community support. Tony tells us more about the history of Lift, how Tim Ferriss has helped and what the future holds.

The Lowdown on Probiotics

When we talk about probiotics, we're talking about bacteria. What's special and trendy about these bacteria is that these greatly benefit your health. You're likely thinking of yogurt right about now. Maybe you're even thinking about kefir (fermented milk which has become so popular there are all kinds of commercial brands now).

Flax vs. Chia - Super Seed Showdown

You've seen flax and chia seeds being touted as super foods, but which seed packs a bigger nutritive punch? Let's get right to it, shall we? Flax Date back to at least 3000BC and are native to the Middle East and India Famous for its Omega 3 fatty acid content, 50-60% of which is alpha linolenic acid (ALA), especially as it's one of the highest vegetarian sources of these fatty acids.

My Journey from Flab to Fit: Confessions of a Weighaholic

My name is Eloise and I am a weighaholic. It would be slightly dramatic to say that weighing myself is my reason for getting up in the morning, but actually, its not far off.

Breaking the Sugar Addiction - Part 2

Sugar is clearly a bad guy and one that we are all susceptible to, even when we know exactly how harmful it is. But how do we break the addiction? There are a few ways to approach this hurdle, but they all begin with awareness.

Breaking the Sugar Addiction - Part 1

As a health-supportive chef, it isn't easy for me to confess my recent addiction to sugar. Addiction is not an exaggeration either. Studies have shown that sugar is as addicting as tobacco and alcohol.

The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: Dealing with Road Blocks

Have you ever worked your butt off (literally) for something, then find yourself slamming on the breaks? Sadly, this moment is upon me. After months of hard work, I now find myself in a situation where the doctor is ordering me to bed rest.

My Journey from Flab to Fit: Quarterlife Crisis

This year I turn 30. Yep. The big 3-0. I'm not entirely sure how this has happened, but it is happening. In fact, it is happening in just over a month. The problem is, I've always had this vague idea that I wanted to be able to turn 30 and say "I may be 30, but I am in the best shape of life".

Bigger Biceps With Cable Supersets

Want bigger biceps? Dumbbell and barbell curls can get boring and predictable, so mix up your routine with this cool cable superset that'll trigger new growth. Progress with growing biceps can be stalled by doing the same exercise again and again.

Quinoa - The Superhero in Your Pantry

It might be hard to imagine this tiny seed as an actual superhero but the Incas once regarded quinoa more valuable than gold. The Incas valued quinoa highly. There were special rituals in place to honor this sacred grain that when consumed brought them sustenance, longevity and psychic ability.

BBC's Andrew Marr; is HIIT to Blame for his Stroke?

It seems a few people have gotten a little scared of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a result of the experience of poor Andrew Marr, but is there really anything to be worried about by this newfangled way of training, and can HIIT be classed as newfangled anyway?

Are Whole Foods The Answer?

Eating well has gotten complicated, but all we really need to know is that whole foods are the answer to any eating regimen. There is no doubt that our grandmothers and great grand-mothers never had to decipher the meanings of organic or conventional farming.

The Chronicles of a Wannabe Fitness Model: My Workout Routine

How do you start your week? That's a pretty vague question, but everyone has a routine whether they realize it or not. Me? I think it's important to start my work week off relaxed, but my workouts hardcore! Creating a plan keeps you on track. Staying on track gets you results.

We Own The Night! Nike and ELLE Launch Unique Women's 10K

Nike and ELLE UK are launching 'We Own The Night' - a unique after-hours 10K run on Saturday 18th May. Women will blaze through London's Victoria Park on a route filled with light, sound and the unexpected for a truly amazing running experience.

The Best Five Supplements For... Recovery

The latest in our new series, we look at the five best supplements to use for recovery; helping you and your body gain balance after a tough workout. Working out can be hard on the body, so helping the recovery process can be the difference between staying on track with your program, or missing a session because you're not quite ready.

5 Steps to a Fat-Burning Metabolism by Lunchtime

Want to get your fat-burning furnaces firing by lunchtime? Follow this 5-step plan and you'll be melting the stubborn yellow stuff away in no time... Step One We've already talked about swapping sugary cereals for eggs first thing in the morning, but how can you add that extra 'zing' to help your body break down fat?

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