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Indian Recipes

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How to Make Cold coffee | Cold Coffee Recipe

How to Make Cold coffee | Cold Coffee Recipe

Looking for cold coffee with the taste of café style coffee? I have best recipe for you to make cold coffee at home. If you want to make homemade cold coffee with a café taste then check out this recipe.

Full Recipe => How to Make Cold coffee | Cold Coffee Recipe

Sago Khichdi | Sabudana Khichdi | Peanuts Khichdi

Sago Khichdi | Sabudana Khichdi | Peanuts Khichdi

Looking for a recipe to make in the fasting season? Need New Recipes to make while fasting. So let's make Sabudana Khichdi. This is one of the popular fasting food in India. Which is also known as sago khichdi.

Full Recipe => Sago Khichdi | Sabudana Khichdi | Peanuts Khichdi

Hot and Sour Soup | Hot & Sour Soup Restaurant Style - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Hot and sour soup is known for it's spiciness and sourness. it is completely quick making and stomach filling recipe.

Mango Shrikhand | Amrakhand | Homemade Shrikhand - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Mango shrikhand called Amrakhand is an Indian dessert made using yogurt & mango puree, is delicious & refreshing variation of the classic shrikhand.

Italian Veg Thepla | Gujarati Dishes With Italian Twist - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Italian veg thepla is made with veg mayo & veggies. Its taste gives you Italian-style food. adding besan or gram flour makes it soft.

Benefits Of Mushrooms and Types of Mushrooms found in India

Here you will get the types of mushrooms & the benefits of mushrooms. Various types of mushrooms have different benefits. So take it with know it.

Get Healthy 12 foods that start with R - Being Health Conscious

Get distinguish info of healthy foods that start with R. i m sharing with you the food list that you take more info about unique foods.

Get Healthy 7 foods that start with D - Being Health Conscious

Here you can get beneficial foods that start with D for your Healthy body to being last long in life as healthy as you are today.

Oobleck Recipe: How To Make Oobleck Without Corn starch

Here you can get the Oobleck without corn starch. This recipe is very helpful to fertilize the baby's memories. Make it and enjoy it.

Full Recipe => oobleck recipe

Homemade Paneer Recipe | Make Paneer At Home - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Homemade paneer recipe with an easy & simple method. It can be used for all Paneer recipes. You can store homemade paneer in the fridge.

Full Article => how to make paneer

Veg Snacks recipes - Veg Recipes With Vaishali Snacks Recipes Indian, Snacks Recipes For Kids, Snacks Recipes Veg

veg recipes with vaishali - savory snacks recipe made for everning snack time. Healthy snacks like protein bars those are healthy with sweet snacks

Stuffed Capsicum Recipe | भरवां शिमलामिर्च - Stuffed Mirch - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Stuffed capsicum recipe is a flavorful & tasty side dish. Stuffed capsicum has health benefits like good source of vitamin C & much more.

Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxine, the powerhouse for blood

Vitamin B6 foods are healthy to gives your body powerful energy with eat some vitamin B6 foods and stay healthy long life.

Palak Paneer Sabji | Restaurant Style Palak Paneer Sabji - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Palak Paneer sabji is A Vegetarian curry Prepared With Spinach Purée & Paneer Cubes. This Indian Curry Is Originated From Punjabi Cuisine.

Monaco Pizza Bites | Mini Pizza Bites Recipe - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Monaco pizza biscuit, the best and perfect snack for kids when they come home after school. Also, this cheesy pizza bites recipe becomes an ideal snack for kitty parties or get-together snacks.

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As much as I like my strawberries in winters, I have an insane attachment to mangoes in summers. Maybe, secretly, I like my mangoes even more. What’s there to not like – sweet, full of flavors and SO versatile! No matter what you put it in, it takes the dish one level up and this is how I can best describe my eggless mango cake design.

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The secret of Maggi masala ingredients has intrigued us all since decades. There is something special about this delicious masala that adds taste to any dish that it is used in. But how is Maggi masala ingredients made? What goes inside and in what proportion? Here is the secret recipe of Maggi masala ingredients that you will surely thank us for!

Veg Crispy | Make Veg Crispy | Homemade Veg Crispy - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

crispy veg Chinese recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. a perfect fast food starter or appetizer recipe from the popular Indo-Chinese street food pallet. it is basically prepared with a choice of vegetables like mushroom, baby corn, broccoli, and cauliflower which is deep-fried with plain flour and cornflour batter.

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brownie ice cream recipe is made from brownies, homemade hot chocolate sauce, powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream. We show you how to make an eggless brownie and homemade chocolate sauce in this recipe. A sizzling touch is a great value-add for brownie ice cream.

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beans ki sabji recipe | beans curry | beans ki sabji | french beans curry with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple dry curry or sabzi recipe made with chopped french beans and dry spices. it is a basic dry curry which is made on day to day basis for everyday roti or as a side dish to rice items.