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Twitter Hotel Rooms, Pinterest Price Alerts And Other Stories

Shared stories with my personal comments. If you want me to share your story, please leave comment and suggest why it would be an interesting read for the readers of Doktor Spinn!

Ubuntu Edge, Nofollow Press Releases And Other Stories

Shared stories with my personal comments. If you want me to share your story, please leave comment and suggest why it would be an interesting read for the readers of Doktor Spinn!

How To Pitch TV News Reporters

I work at TV4, the biggest commercial channel in Sweden. There I'm a video reporter and news anchor, trying my best everyday to find great stories and to convey them as clearly and promptly as humanly possible. It's a tough - but fun! - job.

Tribal Marketing Infographics

My fellow Swede Elia Mörling runs the great blog Tribaling on the subject of tribal marketing. I subscribe to his way of thinking for several reasons. Focusing on individuals might sound great in a world where resources are abundant, but for brands this is rarely very manageable.

Here Comes Triberr

Triberr is a social network for bloggers. That sounds straightforward enough, right? You might imagine a newsfeed, some groups and your profile page where all your actions are visible. On the surface, this might be how it looks. But when you find yourself getting deeper into Triberr, you'll find a very different dynamic.

Will Get To Meet Peter Shankman At Apsis Email Marketing Evolved!

Apsis is arranging a great conference on email marketing in Stockholm, Email Marketing Evolved 2013: Think Beyond . And of course, yours truly will be there on a blogger pass - thank you to Robin Sundving, Marketer at Apsis for that!

Boost Your Posts With ClickToTweet

Have you tried ClickToTweet? It's a very simple web service and especially useful if you want to help your visitors with some nifty tweets. Here's how it works - start by clicking here . Compose your tweet (don't forget to add a shortened backlink and your Twitter name) and grab the code.

Review: Basis - Health And Heart Rate Monitor

I've been using my Basis now for quite a few weeks. The Basis is actually my first wearable lifelogging device. I didn't want the Nike FuelBand, since I don't care to much about their proprietary point system. I was close to ordering a Jawbone Up instead, but I wasn't very happy with my Jawbone bluetooth headset.

Al Pacino, Spotify, Wearable Tech And Other Stories

Remember, before Spotify and other services like it, no-one really had an answer on how to solve the problem with the fact that people felt different about paying a lot of money, often for two good songs and the rest ... crap. Last I checked, no-one has ever been forced to put out their music on Spotify.

Data Scientists, Arsehole Genes, Difficult Men And Other Stories

Shared stories with my personal comments. If you want me to share your story, please leave comment and suggest why it would be an interesting read for the readers of Doktor Spinn!

Xenomorphs, Conversation Prism Debate And Other Stories

Sculpting the Alien Queen Head Did someone say Xenomorph? Pilots asked to do a 'go-around' 1.5 seconds before impact Terrible images. I hope the investigators will benefit from this video, though. A Map of the Entire Internet, 1977 Internet as a baby. Nah, look how cute it is!

I Love The New Feedly, But ... Wait, There's A Hack?

Blinkers are bloggers who share link roundups. But when Google Reader died, blinkers died. But maybe Feedly can fix this?

Week Front-Loading, Missing Socks And Other Stories

You Can Explore Harry Potter's Diagon Alley on Street View Now If you have nothing better to do with your life, here's yet another way to waste a couple of minutes exploring. Check out Cody Coder as well. Since I'm freelance these days, it's all up to me, right?

MYO - Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

MYO is a gesture-based control device that connects the real and the digital world. It works out of the box with things you already have like your Mac or Windows PC and allows you to take control using the movement of the muscles in your forearm.

3 Smart Rules For Going Viral + 2 Extra Smart Rules

Fast Company writes up some smart rules for going viral by looking at, a site that got 30M hits in May, 2013. These are the rules, but the comments are mine: 1. Spend Half Your Time On The Headline We live in a world of syndication and curation.

Boost Mobile Goes Zombie Apocalypse - And I'm Loving It

I have this strange affection for zombie movies. For some reason, mayhem and post-apocalyptic city scenery just looks awesome to me. Burning cars. Empty streets. And the creeping notion that whatever this is, in some way or another, we did this to ourselves. Our parent worried about the bomb, we worry about crazy virus outbreaks.

Meet Cody The Coder - A Children's Book That Teaches Kids HTML

Cody the Coder in My First Website takes the toddler through a magical world where he has to create his home (his website).

The Art Of Social Ramp-Up

One of the most powerful techniques for getting your message spread in social is one rarely talked about. I'm talking about the social ramp-up.

Living More With Less - Meet The Awesome #Crop100 Movement

Do you feel information overloaded? Every now and then, I sure do. If I'm completely honest (and this isn't something I often tell people) - keeping up with all my inboxes is tough And in really hectic periods, I fail to keep up. This is of course terrible.

All Schools Should Teach Kids How To Code

All schools should teach kids how to code; code is the universal global language that allows anyone to convey new ideas across borders.

One Great Oreo Tweet + A Content Strategy For FMCG Brands On Twitter

The other day I came across an Oreo tweet. A very small tweet for sure, but I wanted to do a blog post around it anyway. Not because it's the greatest tweet ever written (because it isn't) or because it's the greatest idea ever (because it isn't).

9 Dark-And-Dirty Leadership Hacks

I was thinking about leadership hacks and thought it would be fun to jot these thoughts down for safe keeping and to use them as small reminders for myself.

Facebook EdgeRank Infographics x4

For a presentation, I gathered some Facebook EdgeRank infographics and thought I should post them here as well. Looking at this first infographic, I find their tiering of the fanbase interesting. How difficult is it to segment and target fans who have actually purchased from you?

Our Instagram Tribute To Stockholm

There's a special light coming in from everywhere here in Stockholm. The air is crisp and it's just a very cool place to live. Since both my wife and I use Instagram ( JournalistLisah & DoktorSpinn), every now and then we manage to capture a piece of the city's soul.

The Trademark Of A Rockstar Consultant

The trademark that applies to every rockstar consultant I've ever worked with; they don't need to be told how to succeed. Controversial but true.

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