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Headline for 5 Unique Types of Massage Therapies to Suit Your Mood - Five Massage Varieties to Provide the Mood Shift You Need
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5 Unique Types of Massage Therapies to Suit Your Mood - Five Massage Varieties to Provide the Mood Shift You Need

Although most of us have a set idea of what a massage involves, there are a plethora of approaches to this healing practice that offer different results. Here are five massage techniques to add to your next spa sessions.


Hot Stone Massage

Ideal for those who suffer from muscle pain and stress, hot stone massages are a great way to relax the body. Increasing the blood flow, hot stone massages are also known to alleviate pain for those who suffer from various chronic conditions as well as muscle tension. The methodology of hot stone massage involves placing warm natural stones on various pressure points on the body. This deeply relaxing massage is also perfect for those who are feeling stressed in their everyday lives. Although it is called hot stone massage, cold stones are sometimes used in this type of session, which can last up to 90 minutes.


Swedish Massage

As one of the world's most famous massage techniques, Swedish massages use gentle pressure and serve as a great massage to enjoy for those who are new to this kind of spa treatment. Clients who are sensitive to touch and deal with a great deal of pressure will also benefit from this massage, which works to relieve knots in muscles. The massage therapist will use long strokes, circular movements and kneading to release tension while also tapping. Extra Hour Spa or any venue that calls itself the best spa in Dubai will have this massage variety in their spa menu.


Trigger Point Massage

Those who suffer from various injuries or have chronic pain in different areas of the body can feel relief with trigger point massages that focus on the specific triggers of the pain to address the issue. The pressure levels can vary during a trigger point massage as the therapist works to release the tension with deep strokes. Unlike most other massage sessions that require one to strip down to the bare minimum, a trigger point massage can be performed while you are partially or fully clothed, provided the fabric is light.


Aromatherapy Massage

While most massage techniques are mostly focused on alleviating physical discomfort and pain, aromatherapy has the added benefit of also delving into the emotional sphere. Aromatherapy sessions can help one feel more positive; reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression while also addressing muscle tension. The methodology used during an aromatherapy session includes not only applying gentle pressure to areas of the body but also using aromatic essential oils as a mood booster. Applying specific oils to the skin after being diluted in water, the oils will also be dispersed around the client using a diffuser.


Sports Massage

This type of massage is perfect for athletes or active individuals who have injured some part of their body over a period of time or due to a specific accident. Performed as a full-body massage or a more focussed massage based on the injury, this massage is known to improve flexibility.

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