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Improve Your Google Ranking in Search: What's Working Now

Want to improve your Google ranking in search? Being found via search is crucial - it gets your content in front of people actively looking for what you offer! Google is always tweaking what they prefer or penalize to determine where your web pages will appear in the search rankings.

How to Schedule Tweets Around the Clock!

How to schedule tweets is one of the top questions I'm asked. Your own best time to tweet will vary by your business type, target audience, and time zone. But if you have a global market - what then? Your best bet is to tweet around the clock to catch your followers in all time zones.

How to Get More Facebook Engagement [infographic]

Looking to get more Facebook engagement? Let's review what the pros have to say! This infographic comes to us via the Facebook experts at PostPlanner. They run a very active page that's never hurting for engagement! Their top tips: Post fresh content daily. Space your posts out. Schedule your posts ahead of time.

NEW! Facebook Embedded Posts: How To Do, Find, and GET Them!

Have you heard? Facebook embedded posts start rolling out today! Public Facebook posts can now be embedded on websites and blogs. They'll display just like they do on Facebook - showing images, videos, hashtags, and other content. People can interact with embedded posts by liking, commenting, sharing, following posts, and also liking the Page.

Surprising! Top 10 Social Networks [infographic]

Can you name the Top 10 Social Networks? You might enjoy this infographic! Refer to it for a little help ;-) Think "populous country" - yes, China has a few on the top ten list, and I wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of them! I hadn't.

How to Make the Best Pinterest Boards to Promote Your Blog

Promote your blog! Make the best Pinterest boards to increase blog traffic. It's actually quite easy - you don't need superhero design skills! The key is simplicity. I'll take you from setting up your boards correctly to making simple, pinnable images, and give you links to other helpful resources!

Take Better Pictures on iPhone: Must-Have Apps and Gadgets

Ready to take better pictures on your iPhone? You'll love these apps and gadgets! The iPhone, or any low-end camera, has its limitations, with a wide-angle lens that distorts closeups. Yet, your phone is with you at all times (right?), so it's handy when you've gotta grab a photo!

How to Use Hashtags with Sense, not Offense! [infographic]

Now's a great time to review how to use hashtags properly. Hashtags have finally come to Facebook! They've long been ubiquitous on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and more. Whether you need a primer or a refresher course in hashtag etiquette, this attractive infographic from Gremlin will fill you in!

How to Unfollow a Facebook Post on Mobile

Sometimes, you just gotta unfollow a Facebook post! Maybe you commented on a post getting dozens of followup comments you don't want to read - or get all the alerts! Unfollowing a post via your desktop browser is pretty simple - but it's bit hidden on your mobile app.

How to Get More Facebook Likes [infographic]

Got a Facebook Page? I bet you want to get more Facebook Likes! A Like is your first step to Facebook engagement with potential clients and customers. With over a billion people using Facebook, you can bet there are leads for your business on Facebook!

How to Make a Gravatar to Improve Your Online Visibility

Don't be anonymous! Learn how to make a gravatar so you're recognizable all over the web. What's a gravatar? It stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. An "avatar" is an image that represents you online-a picture that identifies your posts on blogs and web forums. Your gravatar is associated with your email address.

Web Image Formats: All You Need to Know on an Infographic!

Confused about web image formats? Social media images and blog images need to be GIF, JPG or PNG, RGB color, and 72 pixels per inch. But what does all that mean? And which format is best for what? Luckily, there's an education-by-infographic awaiting you today!

How to Name Images for SEO in Seconds

Want to know how to name images for SEO? Naming images for SEO will improve your search engine rankings and website traffic! This tip makes it so easy - it literally will take just seconds, since you're already using your best keywords in your headline and URL, right? So copy and paste!

NEWS! Facebook Cover Photo Rules Relaxed Again

Facebook Cover Photo rules were relaxed a bit more yesterday. Facebook quietly removed the 20% text rule for Page Cover Photos from its Page Guidelines on Monday, July 1st. There are still two sections in Facebook Help where the 20% rule for Cover Images remains.

Top 10 Free Image Editors to Use Online or Download

Looking for free image editors? Online or download - I've got you covered! Whether you want to size Facebook photos or add text to blog images, one of these photo editors is sure to meet your needs. I've noted whether they're online or download, and added comments on the ones I'm familiar with.

Behind the Facebook Like Button: Fascinating Facebook Facts

You're in good company. 50 million "Likes" happen on an average day! The Facebook Like button was an ingenious idea that made it easy for people to connect with friends and businesses in seconds. It's about the easiest way ever to reach out and let someone know you've noticed them.

Facebook Link Thumbnail Missing? Mystery Solved!

Wondering where your Facebook link thumbnail has gone? Me too! I almost stopped posting normal links because they looked so boring. Of course, there are numerous ways to post links on Facebook. But using the simple link preview is one of the best for driving traffic.

NEW! Facebook Photos in Comments

Something new! Facebook photos in comments. Added June 19, 2013, and so easy to use via a tiny camera icon in the comment bar. If you're a visual person like me, you might often find it hard to explain just what you mean in words. Sometimes sharing an image makes it so much easier!

Creating the Best Facebook Contest App [infographic]

Need engagement? Try a Facebook contest app! But do it right - don't risk the wrath of Facebook! Their complicated rules are tough to decipher. You sure don't want your efforts to result in Facebook pulling your Fan Page! Creating the perfect Facebook contest app is part art, part science.

What Are Facebook Hashtags, and Why Should I Care?

Why should you love Facebook hashtags? If you're on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Instagram, you may already be aware of the power of hashtags. Hashtags can help your business get noticed! When you use relevant hashtags, Facebook users interested in your topic could discover your business during their hashtag searches.

Social Media Strategy: How Often to Post, Tweet, and Update

At the core of your social media strategy is a consistent presence. But what does that mean, exactly? How often should you post, tweet, and update? Here are some simple guidelines for you to work from. In all cases, quality trumps quantity - don't post junk just to have numbers.

Get More Facebook Followers with the Facebook Follow Button

Want to get more Facebook Followers? I hope you enabled the Facebook Follow feature I suggested! 'Cause now we're gonna look at how to put that to good use by getting more followers. We'll add the Facebook Follow button.

Facebook Follow: Expand Your Reach Beyond Your Fan Page

Know about Facebook Follow? This little trick really helps your reach and visibility on Facebook! Why is that? Well, if you have a Facebook Fan Page, you may be struggling to get engagement due to Facebook EdgeRank, which makes it tough to get your posts in front of many fans.

Content Marketing: Blog Post Ideas for Products OR Services

Are you content marketing? Looking for blog post ideas? According to this infographic, your content will vary if you're selling products vs. services. Makes sense! My kudos to Matt Mansfield of 1000ContentIdeas for his insights (I did alter the color scheme!

How to Take a Social Media Break for Your Business

Want to take a social media break? NEED to take a social media break? It's likely that at some point, you'll want or need a break from constantly using social media for business. If you don't think you do, then maybe you REALLY need to! ;-) But what's the best way to handle it?

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