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Internet Marketing - Monitoring Tools For Checking Up On Your Website

Internet marketing is all about ranking in the search engines, getting seen on social and about a million other traffic generating bits. Today we are going to talk about how to check up on how all that effort is working! There are three sites I use to check on my website's status: Moz - Open Site Explorer, Alexa and SEMRush.

Do You Still Need To Have A Website If You Are On Facebook (or other social media)

I am not sure why business people are so hesitant to have a website. Maybe it is the HUGE blank page syndrome or a perceived time commitment. Maybe they are afraid of the technical aspects of it after hearing all the hoopla about WordPress versus a "website-website".

Social Media Marketing - Why Pictures of Kittys Work So Well

Ever wonder why Kitty Cats are such a phenomenon on the internet? There you are, cruising the Facebook or Pinterest and a cute picture of a Kitty pops up and you can't help smiling...and you hate cats! One of the big mysteries of social media marketing is why pictures of cats work so well, let's try to break it down.

Video Marketing - Why You Should Do LOTS of Short Videos!

Video marketing consists of a number of different types of types of videos like Infomercials (PURE SALES), authority videos where you are talking about your industry, how to videos and introductory videos (that are ads for your business).

Limit Your Market - A FABULOUS Guest Post About Niche Marketing!

Today's post is by Barbara Grassey, writer extraordinaire and good friend of mine! Her niche marketing tips are SUPERB and her marketing knowledge rivals mine (not sure I can say that about too many peeps!) I spent my first five years of internet marketing trying to dominate my market place.

How Does Social Media Work [VIDEO]

Ever wonder how social media actually works? What you have to do to get someone to add your link to their site or share your stuff...see how the process really works! So I was minding my own business yesterday and a guy named Rohan Ayyar emailed me a really nice letter about wanting to guest post on my blog.

Advanced Twitter Tutorial - Hashtags and Lists

So today we are talking about Twitter and how to use Hashtags and Lists in an advanced way! ... don't forget to check out the bonus tips below the video.

Promotional Products I Love! Oh the pens...:)

Okay, a confession, I LOVE promotional products. From cool screwdrivers to nail files and more, I love them all. That said, I need to have promotional products that I can afford to give away A LOT of and for me, pens are the answer!

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

So excited to have this guest post from my Monster buddy, Rebekah Welch! We have the Marketing and Media Monsters and she rarely gives out these advanced lead generation secrets! Lead generation is vital to the success of every business. If you need customers, you need to generate leads to find those customers.

4th of July and Patriotic Quotes (some with pictures!)

I LOVE getting creative and patriotic at the same time! Here are some of my favorite 4th of July and Patriotic quotes (some with pictures!) Please feel free to like and share these anywhere, just leaving the small attribution at the bottom.

Twitter Marketing - 5 REAL Tips To Make Your Twitter Marketing Better

I LOVE Twitter Marketing. My reasons are many but primarily it is because they have an open API and I have a multitude of tools that I can use on my computer AND my iPad that make communicating with people easier.

My Top Lead Generation Tactics That Really Work

What are lead generation tactics anyways? Let' step back one pace and talk about "what are leads". Too many of my peeps think that leads are sure things. They are people ready, willing and able to buy today. Sigh.

Infusionsoft versus Office Auto Pilot - Email Newsletter Databases

I get a lot of clients who ask about the difference of Infusionsoft versus Office Autopilot and passions run high on both sides! Just this last week I had a client come to me and say that her business partner was insisting on using Office Auto Pilot for the email newsletters and internet marketing.

Real Estate Marketing | 100 Great SEO Keywords for Realtors

Great keywords for Realtors include ones targeting buyers, sellers, FSBOs expireds and more! Here are my top real estate marketing search terms for my Realtor friends, broken down into categories. If you think that there is something I am missing, please let me know in the comment section!

YouTube Marketing - How To Make A Great Viral Marketing Video

YouTube marketing can be a fun and creative way to market your business and the ultimate goal of any video is to GO VIRAL. Viral like Psy? Viral like a million hits? Or really marketing viral? So what makes a marketing viral video? Let's break it down...

Social media marketing - How To Make Interesting Twitter Tweets

Social media marketing is easy, everybody says. Just post on the Twitter and you will get millions of dollars everyone says. Bah humbug! If you have been on Twitter for any length of time, you know that Twitter tweets are fast moving and your Twitter feed is FULL of crap (and naughty girls but that is a problem for another day!)

Social Media Marketing - Should you buy likes, followers and views?

Social media marketing is a combination of tactics, luck and sweat. Gaining followers, friends, views and the like is not an easy task and sometimes you can wonder if all that time is worth it. Today's big question is should you buy likes, followers and views for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts?

Which RSS Feed To Twitter Accounts Is Best | Social Media Marketing

Today I am taking care of my Twitter accounts, making sure that my blogs "feed" the right posts to the right accounts. Now, I don't have a million of them, BUT I do have enough that getting all of them hooked up to the right RSS feeds for my websites is important!

Realtor Marketing - Stop Offering A CMA | Comparative Market Analysis

Realtor marketing is stuck in the seventies I swear! For the love of pete, please, please, please stop offering a CMA as your big free offer!

100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines and Free Optin Offers

I have scoured the web for the best great headlines, free report titles and free optin offer offers! Having looked at HUNDREDS of sites to write this post, I have a couple of observations...

5 Steps To Amazing Lead Generation That Really Works

Lead generation is a topic that comes up A LOT in my world. Marketing is not exactly lead generation and so many small business owners to come to me frustrated and glum that they aren't making any sales when in fact all they are doing is promoting and not ACTUAL lead generating.

Realtor Marketing - What Should Be On Your Real Estate Website

Oh my friends doing Realtor are killing me! I have talked to literally hundreds of Realtors about their marketing and there are just some super-weird things that drive me nuts about you (the collective you, not you personally...:) The biggest thing to me is your internet presence and what should be on your real estate website!

Customer Demographics, the DISC Personality Profile and Commercials

I had such a neat ephiphany this morning about how to explain merging of DISC Personality Types (extrapolate to your favorite personality profile!) and customer demographics using national advertising commercials. If you are not familiar with customer demographics, they are the categories that people fall into, making them easier to market to as a group!

Guest Post Blogging - How NOT To Ask For A Guest Post

This post is how to for guest post blogging requests. Please, whether you are applying to my blog or any other blog, read it in its entirety so you can know what it feels like on the other end and maybe improve your requests.

Small Business Marketing - 100 Great Call To Action Examples

I have broken this list of 100 Great Email Call To Action Examples up into categories that make sense to me and possibly to the people that I am trying to reach. While they ARE somewhat grouped, I have not alphabetized them or put them in precise order as I actually use these to spark the creative process!

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