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Innovate Or Die |

Every news article you read, there's something about company innovation. You can scale that to the size of your operation, and that can be in the realm of a self-published book, for example. The examples I love and which inspire are: Why Is Innovation Important? Innovation is about remaining relevant.

Clipsi: A New Social Collaboration Tool |

Clipsi is now in beta and is set to become a must-use tool to curate, compile and collaborate on content from around the Interwebz. Like Pinterest, but better.

13 Social Business Tips To Be Like Amazon |

It was inevitable. The Apple has finally fallen from the tree. In its place is Amazon, the astonishingly innovative company with sales of $61 billion that continues to bulldoze through industries with acquisitions of consumer-products companies, online sites, e-stores, clothing and accessories, beauty products, and just about everything under the kitchen sink including The Washington Post.

The Happy Friday Series: Taekwondo Humbled |

The South Korean martial art, taekwondo, challenges adults. We're rigid, fearful, and embarrassed. This story shares the humble with the happy. Happy Friday!

PR Is NOT Press Release |

There are many professionals enamored with news release, often erroneously called press release. There is no mainstream press corps. PR is not press release.

Tennis Balls And Twitter Peeps |

Tennis balls are just like Twitter peeps. They can be a Wilson, Penn or Dunlop, bi-colored, practice balls for kids, and pinging all over the court. It's true.

Google's New SEO Rules For News Releases |

New Google webmaster guidelines from Panda and Penguin are now affecting news releases. Optimized anchor text is no longer welcome in online news releases.

The Happy Friday Series: Being Happy Is A Choice |

Through thick and thin and more obstacles than one can imagine, happiness comes by choice. Dr. Rae Baum shares from the heart today. Happy Friday!

11 Inspired Nudges To Fuel Your Business Book |

The self-publishing journey is an amazingly challenging and rewarding path for authors of business books. These 11 tips to nudge you to that goal are inspired.

50 Small Business Blogs To Watch: Infusionsoft Infographic |

Soulati-'TUDE! has been selected as a Top 50 Small Business Blog by Infusionsoft in the public relations category. Sharing this #RockHot honor is so sweet! TU!

Big Brands, Consumers And The Festering Sea |

Big brands are de-volumizing products and keeping prices the same or higher. Consumers can't handle much more. That combo is provoking a festering sea change.

Why Mobile Apps Makes Sense For Your Business |

Everyone is on mobile today, checking sites from everywhere. As a business, have you seized the opportunity to develop an app to lure new users? Solid tips here.

The Happy Friday Series: Alternately Abled, Passionately Happy |

Inspiration comes in all sizes and Brenda Dennis provides it in spades. She's disabled, yet abled, sharing a zest for life that makes her happy. Happy Friday!

Does Your Marketing Pay It Forward? |

Establish trust. Build relationship. Use social media to pay it forward. That's a trustworthy brand. Are you abiding by these guidelines, asks Randy Bowden.

The Happy Friday Series: Running To Happiness |

Marathon runners are a breed apart. They work hard, endure pain, train long time to cross the finish line. Laura Click did that to tell about it. Happy Friday.

Rolling Stone PR Faux Pas |

On the cover of its current issue, Rolling Stone published a sultry image of the Boston Bomber suspect. America is crying out. PR stunt taken too far.

Social Media, Girls And Corporate America |

Pre-teens and teenage girls are taking on corporate America via the social media battlefield where they were born. What's a company to do? Shore up the team!

Soulati Media On The Street With More In Media |

This woman-owned business, More In Media, has the most-clever branding. The practice offers social media consulting and marketing in regional Myrtle Beach, SC.

The Happy Friday Series: Don't Bloom Where You're Planted |

Ever thought of moving from the place you've lived all your life? Good. You should. Try a new angle of sunshine and soak up the happy. Happy Friday.

Urban Outfitters Needs Sensitivity Marketing |

Have you seen pill bottle coffee mugs and shot glasses by Urban Outfitters recently pulled from retail shelves? Attorneys generals had a hand in that. Read here.

New Gender Marketing With Oakley And Ruffles |

Brands are trying to do a better job of infiltrating the opposite sex with products. Oakley and Ruffles are working hardest to get women and men to buy.

The Happy Friday Series: 24 #RockHot Guest Authors |

Today's Happy Friday Series recaps 24 #RockHot guest authors who have contributed to the longest-running successful series a blog has ever known. THANK YOU!

Blog Tips 2: Publishing Schedule |

When and how frequently bloggers should publish are a conundrum for many writers. Read these tips and see if you agree about times and frequency.

The Happy Friday Series: Thriving Or Surviving? |

Embracing personal technology puts you on the road to happy thriving. Without the Wonder of Tech, people may only survive. Read more w/ Ms. Carolyn Nicander Mohr

Always Publish An E-Book, Too |

Self-publishing? Ensure you get that e-book published about the same time as the print book. If you don't the delays are big, and the world cannot jump in to buy

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