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Does the Translation Process change the sentiment of the original?

Many companies and organisations worry that the sentiment of their original piece of text or guidelines are lost somehow during the translation process. They are concerned that the original meaning is changed during the translation and that the person reading it in the translated language will not comprehend their meaning and the value of the text will be lessened in a way they can't control.

3 Steps to Build a Better Brand with CXM

Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO of SDL's Content Management Technologies Division, recently published an article in Wired Innovation Insights entitled, "3 Steps to Build a Better Brand with CXM". He takes a look at the most important elements that go into Customer Experience Management and the importance of CXM as a differentiator.

Social Data is a Mind of Its Own

Social Data is a Mind of Its Own In social media, we are overflowing with data. We have data on likes and dislikes, opinions and concerns, questions and answers. This creates a rich data set that can be used to explore many different questions.

SDL Trados Studio 2014 picks up the pace for translation

"Studio 2014 is sensibly faster than previous versions of the software! All features get done quicker, especially batch processing. The first overall impression is a 'wow' one :-)" This is just one of the many positive comments that we've heard about Studio 2014 in our pre-release phase.

Graduating from

The old fashioned notion of loyalty to particular brands and products that my parents and their parents have held has been challenged over the last few years. People are much less likely to just simply put up with a product or service they are displeased with and give them a second chance.

New alignment in SDL Trados Studio 2014 - Easier, faster, smarter.

New alignment in SDL Trados Studio 2014 - Easier, faster, smarter. When developing the new alignment module for SDL Trados Studio 2014 we thought we'd try and take this opportunity to step back and rethink this functionality in a number of ways, leaving no stone unturned.

3 Interesting Things about SDL Trados Studio 2014

3 Interesting Things about SDL Trados Studio 2014 As the release of SDL Trados Studio 2014 draws closer, I wanted to reveal a couple of things that might just give you a little time back. Create AutoSuggest Dictionaries with smaller TMs Autosuggest has been a huge success but sadly out of reach for some translators.

Sharknado, Plan Nine from Outer Space and the Cult of Customer Experience

Social Media Buzz Sharknado is a great example of customer experience, the movie features a freak tornado catapulting sharks and the Pacific Ocean onto unsuspecting Los Angeles and how the cast members escape from the resulting havoc, and flood of sharks.

Social Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap

Social Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap SDL Social Intelligence provides products built around a social media data warehouse. What is that and what does it do? What business problems do those products solve and what does their product roadmap look like?

Research and Social: Stronger Together than Apart

In our latest webinar, Research and Social: Stronger Together than Apart, Will Scharf discussed the various strengths and limitations of traditional market research and social data, and how by melding the two methodologies, we can develop a much stronger understanding of our customers.

Digital Research Provides Context to Understanding Customer Behavior

Listening trumps making assumptions and adding to the layers of wild speculation; Knowing what is outwardly visible tells you one thing: understanding the drivers of this behavior and what lurks beneath is another beast altogether.

Alignment Reimagined with SDL Trados Studio 2014

Alignment is a much over-used phrase in the corridors of corporate enterprise. "Are you aligned?" "Do we have alignment on the issue?" Most of the time, this actually means very little. However, in the translation industry the subject is clear: Alignment: The task of defining translation correspondences between source and target texts Alignment is an essential part of the translation toolkit.

media event press sydney australia

Sydney media eats up the SDL story Here in Australia the SDL brand has been most heavily linked with the marketing analytics, campaign management and social media capabilities we gained through the purchase of Alterian in 2012. Since then, however, we have been our own best kept secret with the local media.

predictive analytics campaign performance

Marketers are awash with 'big data', struggling to make this usable and then under pressure to use their data in smart ways to boost results. The sheer volume and complexity of data puts pressure on marketers to discover more effective ways of identifying the right audiences for high volumes of campaigns.

What, You're Still Just Social Listening? That's So 2010.

Prior to social listening tools, companies relied mostly on web analytics for real-time data. However, web analytics only told them page visits, length on page, etc. Then (in 2007-2008) came along social listening tools which told companies the volume of mentions for their brand name, product(s), number of tweets and re-tweets, etc.

SDL Trados Studio 2014. The Countdown is on!

Since I joined the SDL team, I have often come across usability related questions and comments from SDL Trados Studio users in the community forums: "where can I find this feature", "I don't know where to start from", "where can I find the right help article for that", etc.

email manager intelligent email analytics gallery view heat map

With an ROI up to 4,300 percent, email is a powerful part of any multi-channel customer engagement strategy. With email inboxes overflowing, it's tough to grab customers' attention. Only personal, relevant and engaging messages are going to make it through.

The CMO's Call to Action: The Top Ten Strategies for Marketing Success- an eBook by Grant Johnson

We recently welcomed Grant Johnson to the role of CMO. Turns out he's not only a great CMO, but a great writer.

Technology Innovation video blog

Dennis van der Veeke, CTO at SDL, shares technology innovation videos in his SDL video blog.

Preparing Social Data for Advanced Analytics

Preparing Social Data for Advanced Analytics Social data, like other data sets, is completely unstructured and enormous in size. In order to gather insights from advanced analytics, the data first needs to be pre-processed.

Online Convergence

The information revolution has presented business with both opportunities and challenges. Once seen as a threat, 'brick-and-mortar' businesses are now realizing that their online channels are driving valuable customers in-store. Even so, many retailers are still managing these channels separately.

Innovation Needs Data & Insights to be Effective

Innovation. That's a word that has been overused in advertising and used as a "differentiator" for several companies as of late. Just when I felt completely burned out on the word, I attended Liz High's workshop on Innovation at SDL's Innovate Conference and got a spark of hope that there's still brilliant thinking around the concept.

analytics marketing data

Delivering a great customer experience is fundamental to a long lasting relationship. An important building block is being able to use analytics to understand your customers then drive campaigns relevant for each individual. According to ClickFox 80% of customers expect the companies they interact with to know about them and the products they buy, and 84% of them to use data to improve their customer experience.

email steps

Email is still a valuable communication channel for most marketing teams. It can be highly targeted and the content personalized and customer interactions are measurable. We see that most marketers get the email basics right, such as focusing on deliverability strategy and making sure that all your emails render correctly.

Machine Translation: the Digital Forensics investigator's best new friend

One the most important branch of forensic science is digital forensics, dealing with the recovery and investigation of materials found in digital devices such as personal computers, mobile phone and external storage devices. Also called computer forensics, operations within this space is a critical step in the legal prosecution and courts of laws.

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