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5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organised in a Co-living – Useful Tips

Co-living can be a fun and unique experience. One of the common spaces that you will have to share with your neighbours will be the kitchen. Making sure that the kitchen is organised and easy to use can be a challenge when you are sharing it with multiple people. Here are a few tips to try out.


Be smart about how you use your space

Most often kitchens have a lot of underutilised space that can be exploited. If you are managing your kitchen, you may not identify these since you don't need to. For example, the space above the kitchen sink is most often left unused. Instead, you can have an overhead sink rack that provides additional space for you to store your kitchen essentials. Similarly, the walls in your kitchen can be used to hang things. The kitchen can have a stick-on rack that doubles up as a storage space. So be smart and creative about how you use the space in the kitchen.


Label your belongings

Different people who rent Fukuoka accommodation manage their kitchens in different ways. Some people like to share their groceries and ingredients, while others are more comfortable having their stocks. Regardless of what kind you belong to, it is always good to label your belongings. This will make sure that your neighbours give some extra thought before using anything that is not yours. This will also make refilling ingredients easy since it will be obvious what goes where. This is the same with kitchen utensils. It is good to have labels indicating where each thing will go.


Divide drawer space

Drawers are the most sought-after parts of a kitchen. It can get a little ugly if you have used up all the drawer space and there is non left for your neighbours. There is a simple solution for this. Right at the beginning of the stay, make sure to divide the drawer and even cupboard space. Each person will have a designated section to use that belongs to them. This way you don't have to worry about not having space, others using your space to store their things, etc. Your time at lyf Tenjin Fukuoka will be seamless this way.


Have a cleaning schedule

Another challenge people face when trying to keep their kitchens organised is cleaning. While some people are quite easy to work with and clean up after themselves immediately, some don't. To tackle this issue, it is best to have a cleaning schedule. Ask each person who will be using the kitchen when they'll be most comfortable cleaning and make sure they do it at that time. This way, if someone leaves things unattended, you can always call them out on it.


Have short meetings if necessary

If things are not going as planned and your kitchen is getting messy and difficult to use, the best thing to do is have short catch-up meetings. These will allow you to voice any concerns you have and find solutions for them as a group. It can avoid unnecessary conflict and help manage your space better.

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