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Top Doha Safaris – It’s a great experience!

Doha is a great place to go on fabulous safaris. The massive deserts provide ample space to explore and relax. In addition, there are several exciting adventures that you can take part in while on desert safaris.


Camel riding in the middle of the desert

Camel riding is a top activity in Doha. Anyone who visits the desert for the first time would like to take part in this experience. If you've never seen camels before, this is also the greatest way to see them, in their natural habitat. Camel safaris are usually arranged by experienced service providers who will ensure that you can engage in the activity safely. You can explore the vastness of the desert on a camel while also enjoying the stillness and tranquillity it holds. Families or couples can go on camel safaris together which makes it all the more exciting. All of the best hotels in Doha would have connections to those operating camel safari services.


Cruising in the dunes

A striking feature of the Doha deserts is the incredible dunes. These dunes that stretch for miles make for excellent cruising locations. You will have to get a four-by-four vehicle that enables you to have a smooth and safe cruise. It is advised that you go on a cruise with an experienced individual. This is because the terrain in the desert can be quite tricky for someone who's never been on it. There could be areas in the sand that will stop your vehicle from moving forward and this can be quite scary if you're stuck there alone. Additionally, an experienced professional would make sure to check the tires on the vehicle that you are taking to confirm that it is in good shape to take over the desert.


Desert Camps

Another great way to explore the desert is to have a desert campsite. You can spend a few hours exploring the desert and in the evening wind down to some great food and nice music. Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli should be able to arrange this on your behalf or put you in touch with a service provider who offers this package. Some camping experiences also come with entertainment where you get traditional musicians and dancers treating you to local music. You can spend your night under the stars after your meal and magically complete the day.


Full-day safaris

While the above safaris can be enjoyed alone, most people prefer to sign up for a full-day safari. A full-day safari will essentially cover all of the above and deliver it to you as a bundle. This way you get all of the exciting experiences in one go. Usually, you would want to start with the camel ride, move on to cruising and finally relax at your campsite. In addition to the above, there could also be several other services provided as an of this exciting adventure like games. Make sure you pick a safari that caters to your and your family's likings.