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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for 5 Amazing Local Dishes for foodie expats living in Singapore – Treat Your Taste Buds
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5 Amazing Local Dishes for foodie expats living in Singapore – Treat Your Taste Buds

Singapore is famous for offering some delightful food. This is the reason you find restaurants featuring food from Singapore all over the world. If you are an expat living in Singapore, you might be wondering what dishes that you must try. Here are a few suggestions that are worth exploring.


Chicken rice

The authentic chicken rice in Singapore is much more than just rice and chicken. It is cooked in a flavoursome broth that is treated with garlic, ginger, some herbs, and spices. The meat is either steamed or roasted. It is a wholesome meal that you can have for either lunch or dinner. It is sure to leave you feeling full and energised. Most street food vendors in Singapore as well as restaurants will have this dish. During your first few days at a property such as lyf one-north Singapore, make sure to try it out. If you like it, you can make it a staple during your time in the country.


Chilli Crab

This is a dish that is great for your everyday lunch or even a celebration. It consists of crab that is cooked tenderly that is tossed in a flavoursome chill sauce. Crabmeat is such a treat to eat since it is packed with flavour and has great texture. The best and most authentic way to eat this dish is with Mantou. Mantou is buns that are deep-fried in oil and drained before serving. They provide a great way to soak up all the flavours in the crab.



If you are planning a long term stay in Singapore, laksa is bound to be one of your favourite food. Laksa is essentially a broth or a noodle soup that is doused with flavours. It is sweet, spicy, sour, and everything you want a meal to be. Natives in countries in Singapore and Malaysia have laksa daily. It is a great way to ensure that you are nourished while enjoying something delicious.



Popiah is the Singaporean version of a stuffed crepe or a burrito. It consists of a thin pastry that is made out of wheat flowers that are used as a covering for the stuffing that is made out of a range of vegetables and eggs. The filling is made separately and infused with any flavour you like. It is then wrapped in the wheat spring roll wrapper to create a Popiah. This is usually served with a sauce or pate. Some of the popular sauces that it is paired with include shrimp sauce, soy sauce, or hoisin sauce. While the vegetarian popiah is considered to be traditional, you can also include meat in it.


Oyster Omelette

Your idea of an omelette will completely change after you try this dish, which is called Orh Luak by locals. It has a range of spices and herbs infused into it to make it a truly unique tasting dish. If you've never tried eggs and oysters together, this is the best way to do so. Make sure you give it a taste.

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