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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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7 Tips to Being a Better Co-Living Neighbour – How to Make Co-Living More Delightful

Gone are the days when young people invested money in buying permanent homes. Instead, people are using their best years to see most of the world, take up challenging jobs, and more. A large part of this lifestyle is co-living. Here is how you can be a better neighbour in such a scenario.


Be respectful of the others

This is the fundamental requirement when deciding to share a space with others. You must be respectful of the people you are living with. This includes the respect you show towards their likes and dislikes, their culture, and their space. Be conscious and make an effort to find out about your neighbours, just enough to make sure you respect them.


Respect the common spaces

In a co-living space, you will be sharing some of the common facilities such as the kitchen and living room. Respecting these spaces in terms of keeping them clean and tidy as well as sharing them is vital. You might be used to maintaining a kitchen a certain way, but your neighbour may have different ideas. Be sensitive to these and respect them.


Have regular meetings

The greatest way to understand each other's needs and resolve any issues is by having regular meetings. At properties such as lyf Funan Singapore, people are encouraged to have informal catch-up sessions where they can discuss living arrangements. If there are certain aspects about your neighbours that upset you, this is a great forum to bring those up constructively.


Unite when necessary

If there are instances that you need to work together as residents of the same space, don't shy away from doing so. This can refer to working together to solve a maintenance issue or some issue in the neighbourhood. This will also help you bond while co living in Singapore.


Help each other out

This is integral to becoming a good neighbour in any sort of living situation. Your neighbours may need simple favours like picking up a package when they are not home or feeding their pets. If you can assist in such cases, make an effort to do so. Creating a good relationship with people will make your living experience easier.


Have fun together

This is also very important if you want to have a pleasant stay at your co-living space. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to have a good time together. This can be by celebrating holidays together, cooking for each other or even going out for a drink together. This is also a really easy way to get to know each other and build a better understanding of those with who you live.


Remember the importance of personal space

Even though you are sharing one space for living, remember that each person will need and appreciate their personal space. So make sure you respect that. This is especially important if you are having friends over or having some sort of gathering. Make sure that you don't invade your neighbours' space.

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