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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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6 Must-try dishes in Kuala Lumpur- A love letter to your tastebuds

A cityscape swathed in exotic flavours raining twinkling lights and contemporary indulgences, Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot for visionaries, and that includes die-hard food adventurers! Here are some sensational foods that celebrate KL's creativity and diversity.


Nasi Lemak: A versatile classic

Malaysia's fast-paced Capital is a vibrant hub of experiences from the fascinatingly traditional to the glamorously futuristic. However, anyone who has been to this multi-cultural metropolis will tell you that the true show-stopper is the mouth-wateringly authentic 'international buffet' presented to its visitors. Therefore, regardless of whether you're eager to glide over the blazing city on the Petronas Towers sky bridge, visit the avant-garde Sunway Lagoon Theme Park for an adrenaline fix, or meander around delightful Central Market, be prepared to eat to your heart's content. The national dish of Nasi Lemak is an obvious requisite for first-timer foodies, a wholesome pandan-infused rice dish accompanied by spicy, tangy, and sweet sambal and scattered with fried anchovies, nuts, and, cucumbers. Whether you prefer chicken, seafood, or full-on veg, this colourful plate will satisfy you completely.


Roti Canai: A crispy flavour-fusion

The best carb you'll ever eat, this fluffy flatbread grilled to crispy perfection can be paired with absolutely anything and remain delicious. The locals of KL have an adventurous palate, and you can find roti served with dhal and curry, sambal and egg, or, in the case of Valentine Roti, stuffed generously with onions, cabbage, chives, and sardine. If you'd fancy a sweeter version, Roti Pisang is a local twist on banana bread that's deep-fried an irresistible golden brown.


Rendang: A festive staple

Whether swirled into rice or wrapped in roti, this succulent beef dish brimming with flavours of spices, toasted coconut, tamarind, and lime, will turn into an addiction with every bite. This slow-cooked meat fare can be found at any KL restaurant, either made extra creamy with lashings of coconut milk or simmered longer in rich condiments for a drier version. If you're on the hunt for a sophisticated apartment near KL Sentral offering prime access to the best eateries in the city, look no further than Ascott Sentral Kuala Lumpur.


Rojak: An indulgent salad

Arguably one of the world's most sumptuous salads, this tropical mish-mash of deep-fried dough fritters, green mango, cucumbers, and cuttlefish ladled with bean curds and spicy peanut drizzle is a meal fit for champions. Its fruitier counterparts are equally tempting, involving fresh fruit like jicama and pineapple tossed in chilli and lime dressing.


Nasi Kandar: A streetside delicacy

A hawker stall mixed rice dish that belongs at an imperial banquet, this meal is both unique and entirely customizable, whether you're craving fried chicken and a 'kuah banjir' gravy mix, fish roe, and shrimp gravy, or crispy tofu and braised bean curd. You can expect your fluffy rice, meat, and veg portions to be generous, and the more sauces you add in, the better!


Cendol: A cooling desert

A healthier and more daring alternative to ice cream, KL's sweetheart of deserts is a concoction of creamy coconut milk, colourful pandan jellies, rice noodles, and sugar on top of shaved ice. The epic topping variations are the best part, ranging from durian paste and glutinous rice to jackfruit, tapioca, and red bean.

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