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Updated by infochameleon on Jul 13, 2023
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Top 5 Benefits of Salvage Yards in Cincinnati

while you may not think it, having a reputable junk yard can go a long way toward improving a city


Salvage Yards Offer Low Prices

One great benefit salvage yards provide to Cincinnati citizens is cheap auto parts. Salvage yards are places where old vehicles that are no longer drivable can be taken and disassembled for resale and recycling. If you need a specific part to fix something in your own vehicle, visit a salvage yard, and you will likely find the part you need for an excellent price.


Salvage Yards Carry Rare Parts

Another benefit of salvage yards in Cincinnati is that they often carry rare or difficult to find car parts from old models that are no longer in production. So, if you are trying to restore an older car whose parts are more difficult to get a hold of, visiting a salvage yard may be just the thing you need to do in order to get going on your project.


Salvage Yards Reduce Waste

When vehicles are past the point of being drivable, they can either be taken to a salvage yard, or they can end up in a landfill. Taking out of commission vehicles to a salvage yard is a much more environmentally friendly disposal method than dumping them in Cincinnati’s landfills where they will take up valuable space. Plus, there are a lot of parts that can be reused, even in a car that no longer functions properly.


Salvage Yards Prevent Pollution

Old vehicles are filled with fluids and components that can be harmful to the environment. Things like power steering fluid, battery acid, antifreeze, and even lead (from the batteries) can get into the air, soil, and water when vehicles are left to rot on lawns or are abandoned in landfills. At a salvage yard, all of the potentially damaging components of an old vehicle are properly disposed of in a way that is not detrimental to the environment.


Salvage Yards Reduce the Need for New Metal

Salvage yards make it easy to replace auto parts without having to purchase brand new ones, which is great for the environment, as it means there is a lower demand for new auto parts, and therefore, less mining.