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Home Improvement/Renovation

Take a visit our home improvement/renovation tips and ideas.

Renozee app helps contractors to find the investment property renovation projects in Cincinnati, OH. For homeowners, if you're looking for independent contractors for your home, please download the Renozee app now. Or take visit here to get our contact details.

The Renozee app is the first online bidding app for independent contractors in Cincinnati, OH. Take visit our website for more information, or visit here to get our contact details.

If you want to find the contractors for your investment property as a renovation purpose, take a visit our the Renozee App. This app helps you post home renovation project and you will get multiple bids from independent contractors.

Download our Renozee app to post renovation project. And you will get multiple bids from the independent contractors on your submitted project. So if you have any question about our app, here you can find our contact details.

Download the Renozee app today to get an independent contractor for your bathroom & kitchen renovation in Cincinnati. Here you can post projects for remodeling your home and get more than one bids from contractors.

You can download our Renozee App through Play Store and App Store and you will post any type of home remodeling project such as the kitchen remodeling requirement. The contractors will bid on your projects, so visit here to find our contact details if you have any questions regarding our app.

Get our Renozee App to do your commercial property renovation. If you want to find a contractor for your home improvement, download our app is available at Google Play store and App store. View our contact detail here.

Spring is finally here! Get these 3 home improvement projects done now. šŸ 

Get these 3 home improvement projects done now: first replace gutters, second is upgrade your deck or porch, and third is replace windows. Download our Renozee app to find reliable contractors.

Saving Money as a Landlord When Renovating

Investment property renovation is one of the biggest expenses a landlord will accrue. Renters tend to cause a lot more wear and tear on a property than a homeowner, and deferred maintenance or repairs can cause even more expensive problems down the road.

How To Win More Jobs as a Home Improvement Contractor

One of the biggest questions that we hear from independent contractors regarding investment property renovation projects is ā€œhow can I get more leads for my home improvement businessā€?

Renozee, Developers of App For Easily Sourcing Renovation Resources, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Renozee, an investment property renovation platform that seamlessly connects real estate investors, homeowners, and property managers with home improvement contractors, recently launched equity crowdfunding on Wefunder.

DIY Versus Hiring a Contractor

The decision-making process in deciding whether to hire an investment property renovation contractor or try to tackle the project yourself is significantly different for real estate investors than it is for homeowners.

Investment Property Material Costs: Who Should Pay?

As a real estate investor, landlord, or property manager, talking to a home renovation contractor about paying for materials on an investment property improvement project can feel unpleasant.

Lowering the Cost of Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance covers a homeowner from potential financial losses related to their rental properties. The policy allows the property owner to insure every part of the rental building that belongs to them. If youā€™re renting your property, itā€™s important to get this insurance.

Do you need help finding the right professional for your property repairs? We've got you covered!

Do you need help finding the right professional for your property repairs? We've got you covered! Download the Renozee FREE app now to get started today! Or visit here to get more information.

Top Summer Rental Improvement Projects

Investment property renovation is essential for ensuring your house stands apart from the rest and attracts the high-quality renterā€™s landlords love!

Find an independent renovation contractor - Renozee

How to find the right contractor for your property? Have they a speciality in your renovation project work? Do they know responsibilities as a contractor? These are the types of question is essential in your mind, the so Renozee app is the right place to find an independent renovation contractor for you.

If you're looking the expert renovation contractors in Cincinnati for your bathroom remodeling, then you come to the right place. Using our Renozee App you can post bathroom and kitchen renovation project and gets multiple bids from independent home renovation contractors.

If you don't need to renovate your full home, but you want to renovate just bathroom or kitchen. And you decided to hire a contractor who has ability to work well in the field. The Renozee app is the best platform for you, just post your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and get unlimited bids from the independent contractors.

The Renozee is a Cincinnati, Ohio based home renovation bidding app. If you are an owner of property, then you can post home remodeling projects and the independent contractors will submit bids on that project to work.

The Importance of Multiple Bids

The Importance of Multiple Bids | The Renozee App
Obtaining at least 3 quotes when hiring contractors for property renovation work can save you a great deal of money. For example, most people want to ensure they're getting the best deal possible regarding their remodeling project. So, what's the best way to ensure that you're not overpaying for your new kitchen or bathroom?

Find Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Projects CincinnatiĀ - Renozee

If you're looking the best way to find kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects in Cincinnati. Download the Renozee app to find project related to home improvement which published by the property investors.

The Renozee app is the best home remodeling bidding app, especially for the local contractors who want to find a home renovation project in Cincinnati, OH. So take a look at Renozee app.

Hire a contractor today! - Renozee

Download our Renozee app to hire a contractor to renovate your home today. You don't need to go outside your home to find a contractor for your home, so the Renozee help you to post the home renovation project in an easy way.

If you're looking for home renovation projects in Cincinnati, OH. Download our Renozee app to find your favorite projects, in which you submit bids to project and get direct work from property investors. So visit here to get our contact details.