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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Types of water sports you can experience in Sri Lanka – Have fun, enjoy the best excitement

As an island nation, Sri Lanka is famous for having extensive water sports experiences. You can enjoy sports in the Indian Ocean or the inland water bodies when you visit Sri Lanka next. Here is a list of the top water sports you must check out.



This is one of the most common water sports in the country. While you can go kayaking in the sea, it is more famous in inland water bodies such as rivers and lagoons. If kayaking in the sea you will have to find a calm and safe part of the ocean with less wave strength. This is especially if you are a beginner at kayaking. Most Sri Lanka hotels by the sea would have the option for guests to rent out a kayak for a particular period.


White water rafting

If you want an experience filled with adventure, beauty, and pure thrill, this is something that you must do. There are a few famous river channels in the country that is famous for this sport. You are asked to get on a raft as a group and given the challenge to go through the chaotic water of a river. There is usually a guide who comes along with you in the raft to instruct you on how best to tackle each part of the water. You will hold your breath during some tricky parts of the experience but enjoy it nevertheless.



Beaches all around the country make for excellent surf locations. Some parts of Sri Lanka such as the southern coast and the eastern coast are better for surfing depending on the time of the year. There are surf schools that will allow you to rent out surfboards for a particular time. If you are new to surfing, you can also take surf lessons from a local surf school. If you are hoping to visit a beach-front property owned by Amaya Resort Corporate on your next holiday, and want to learn how to surf, get in touch with the local surf schools as soon as possible.



Those who love racing through streets would like the option to cruise through the ocean. Almost any seaside resort should offer Jetskis to its guests or at least have a service near them that makes this offer. Jetskis are a great way to feel alive. Not everyone is comfortable on a jet ski. So if you are worried or afraid you can double up with a friend and enjoy this experience.



Some parts of the country are famous for having beautiful coral reefs and marine life. Choosing such an area for some underwater snorkelling is a must-do during your trip. This can be a truly life-changing experience to see the magic of the ocean floor and come into close contact with marine creatures. Snorkelling is also a really simple sport to learn so you can pick it up right away. Once you have mastered snorkelling you can give diving a go if interested.