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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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List of things you can do in Pasikuda – It’s not just about the beach

Pasikuda situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka is an extremely tranquil location for your next vacation. It is one of the few seaside towns in the country that is still very local and quiet. Here are a few things you can do during your visit to Pasikuda.


Enjoy the beach

The beach in Pasikuda is unlike any other beach in the country. With white sand, clear water, and breath-taking views of the sky you can spend hours just sitting by the water. Make sure to take a walk to the beach early morning when you are there. You can catch a beautiful sunrise and watch the world come to life as you sip on a cup of tea. You could even meet local fishermen coming back from the sea or preparing to leave for their jobs if you visit the beach early morning. In addition, you can even go in for a quick dip in the ocean to start your day. The water will gradually warm up as the sun shines on it and make the experience truly magical. One thing to remember about swimming on the beach in Paskidua is that the ocean floor will be dotted with corals and rocks. So be careful what you step on.


Go snorkelling and diving

While the fact that the ocean floor has corals makes it a little difficult to walk on, it makes for a perfect snorkelling location. It is always good to take snorkelling gear when visiting Pasikuda hotels. This way you can go snorkelling whenever you please and take as much time marvelling at the wonders of nature. If you've never snorkelled before you may want to ask Amaya Beach to refer you to an instructor who can show you the ropes on how best to go about doing it. Once you've mastered snorkelling, it's time to go diving. Diving will let you take a closer look at the ocean floor and engage with species that live in the deeper waters. Both snorkelling and diving can give you the chance to greet unique turtles, colourful fish, and more.


Explore the town

The Paskidua town itself is very charming. It may seem quite empty compared to other seaside towns, but it has a charm of its own with the little boutiques selling everything from tea to plastics and the religious and culturally important locations. You may have to do some exploring to come across the gems that are hidden in the city, but this can be a wonderful experience. If you are hoping to go on foot or cycle around the town, make sure to take enough water since it can get really hot.



If you find a stretch of the ocean that is relatively calm, you can also engage in kayaking. This can be a really fun and therapeutic experience once you get a hang of it. It is best to go on your kayaking adventure early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh sun.