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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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Best Angkor temples to visit during your holiday – Experience the wonders of a rich history

When it comes to nations with a history dating back thousands of years, they tend to also be the homes of rich cultures that have also sprung stunning monuments to religions and events in time. The Angkor Archaeological Park is a great place to get started when in Cambodia.


Ta Phrom

This site is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic places in Angkor and is one of the temples in the area that has been kept as it was discovered. This is due largely to the huge trees and massive roots that have grown into the ruins that give the entire premises a strange yet alluring atmosphere.
It has also been the location for the famous movie and game, The Tomb Raider and is also a great place to take children as well.


The Angkor Thom

While this may admittedly not be a temple, it is, however, a must-see location in the Angkor Archaeological Zone. Angkor Thom is a large city built by King Jayavarman VII at the end of the 12th century to be the new capital of the Khmer empire after the Chams destroyed the old capital Yasodharapura.
If you are staying at a luxury hotel in Siem Reap such as the Anantara Angkor Resort, and you ask for places to visit in this region, this destination is sure to be on the list. This is also a great place to visit with friends and family as well!


The Bayon

This is a large temple that is found in the middle of Angkor Thom that was once the capital of the Khmer empire. For many, it is easily recognizable from the mysterious faces that been Vihara carved into the towers in facing four different directions.


Preah Vihear

While this temple may be one of the lesser-known on the list, it still deserves a visit. For a long time having spent being barred for travellers due to various territorial disputes, it was finally deemed safe to visit in 2015. This amazingly preserved site dates back to the 10th century and is surrounded by some of the most stunning views you may have witnessed at a temple. This is attested to by the site's classification as the second of Cambodia's UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has an extremely well-preserved set of ruins from the Khmer era.


Angkor Wat

Undoubtedly the most popular of the temples in Cambodia, this is regarded as potentially one of the most popular and most recognized temples in the world as well. Designed in the 12th century, the stone sculptures and the carving prowess needed to create the intricate detailing makes it a true cultural heritage site in the eyes of many. What should not be overlooked is that Angkor Wat is also the largest temple complex in the world and draws in a breath-taking number of visitors each year. Like many other temples, this site was also created originally as a Hindu temple before being repurposed to serve its Buddhist inhabitants.