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Insurance Agency in Canada

Are Employee Benefits Taxable in Canada?

A great employee benefits package is an essential part of every job negotiation and one of the things employees consider when accepting job offers. But there could be taxes on these benefits. As an employer, you might be wondering whether you have to deduct taxes on all employee benefits and, if not all, which ones?

Benefits of Cheap Car Insurance in Canada

How will you acknowledge which is the right policy for your vehicle? If these are the questions going through your mind, then it’s time to understand how an insurance works and how will you benefit even if you take a cheap insurance policy for your vehicle.

Tips for Using Health Insurance to Cover Braces

Many people may be hesitant to wear braces due to the expensive expenses. The good news is that health insurance can help cover some costs. People have a relentless pursuit of perfect appearance, which cannot do without a bright, stunning smile. Owing to this, lots of Canadians choose to wear braces. In fact, according to the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, about one out of four brace-wearers is over 21.

Assumption Mutual Life Insurance Company

Assumption Life is best known for its no-medical term life insurance plans. It also offers a variety of insurance solutions to Canadians from all walks of life. Assumption Mutual Life Insurance Company, Assumption Life for short, is a leading insurer of simplified and flexible term life insurance options.

Empire Life - Best Insurance Online

Empire Life is among the biggest Canadian insurers and provides an impressive array of affordable life insurance plans to fit different lifestyles.Created in 1923 in Ontario, Empire Life now has approximately 450,000 customers, over 160,000 group life and health plan members, and more than 7300 group employer customers. Additionally, it owns a network of over 33,000 licensed financial advisers across the country to offer you the best quality service.

5 Key Elements of a Good Estate Plan

Estate planning is much more than simple will writing. Although will writing is an integral part of it, estate planning involves decisions about your health, finances or more in the event of your death or incapacitation. Ideally, it would be best if you started estate planning as soon as you become an adult and then keep updating it regularly or as per need.

Are Seniors Over 60 Spending Too Much on Life Insurance?

Getting life insurance at a young age is a common practice nowadays. It’s a great way to provide security for your family and loved ones if you pass away. But what if you’re already a senior? Is it still okay to get insurance even at the age of 60? How much should you be spending? The answer to that is YES. It is okay for seniors to get life insurance.

Top Tips For Buying Life Insurance

Insurance is likely to be the last thing on your mind but it will definitely be the first thing on your mind in the event of an accident or natural catastrophe. Best Insurance Online aims to provide Canadians with the most current insurance information. Stafford states that you must have a complete picture of your financial situation before you can determine what type and how much life insurance you need.

10 Common Travel Insurance Questions and Answers

Imagine yourself walking down the street from your hotel for some fresh air and some fill of the beautiful scenery. You twist your left ankle or injure yourself from a fall out of the blues. Your biggest worries will include obtaining medical help; you may not even speak the prevalent language. Like any other unexpected incident, this is a convincing reason why investing in travel insurance is a logical idea.

5 Tips To Help You Get The Best Travel Insurance Policy

When you are traveling abroad, there are many risks that could cause serious problems. This includes sudden cancellation of your flight, loss of luggage, falling ill abroad, etc. Thankfully, all these risks can be reduced through travel insurance. Getting the best travel insurance policy will help you travel without any worries knowing that you are protected.

Contact Your Car Insurance Agent or Deal With The Guilty Party Directly?

It is unwise to deal with the “at fault” driver’s car insurance company. It’s your insurer who will help you make the best of your insurance. A few months ago, Laura – one of our customers, contacted us for help. She had a car accident then. Her car got hit, and some parts of it were heavily damaged. Thanks to the call with us, she was later able to get the money to pay for her car repair. Visit the website to compare insurance plans.

Why is Life Insurance for Smokers Expensive?

Liam and Jacob are friends, and they have decided to buy a life insurance policy. Both are healthy men in their 30s and have a stable income. To their surprise, the provider asks Jacob for a higher premium for the same policy. Why? You might be wondering. It’s because Jacob is a smoker, Liam is not.

Importance to Know In an Organization and Corporate Business Insurance

Corporate insurance is the one in which the respected organization will manage and recover your losses. Corporate insurance health plans are a composite for any corporation or small business. Such plans present a guarantee that the employee would be insured for medical amounts and cures. Furthermore, the compensated charge is normally really cost-effective and less expensive than individual health insurance policies.

What Is The Necessity Of Comparing Insurance Policies?

Financial support is essential for every human being to meet the sudden accidental expenditure. Insurance policies help individuals to face economic needs in emergency conditions. Several insurance policies are available, and each remains specific in its ways.

Take The Group Benefits Plan For Businesses

Group health insurance plans are the most effective choice among companies and organizations, and even it can be offered to their members or employees. Most importantly, groups can purchase the plans, and individuals cannot buy coverage through these plans. Before going to get the Plans, it is essential to learn the Group Benefits Plan for Businesses.

Impacts of Choosing Employee Insurance Plans

Workers are the most significant resources of companies and associations. Working environment mishaps can't be kept away from or anticipated. Henceforth, furnishing a protected workplace alongside worker protection insurance for your representatives is basic. The most extraordinary aspect of the Employee Insurance Plan is it offers advantages to the two bosses and representatives.

Best Travel Insurance Companies in Canada in 2022

The most common travel insurance policies are trip cancellation or interruption coverage, baggage and personal effects coverage. Travel insurance policies often include medical expense coverage and accidental death or flight accident coverage.

6 Best Travel Tips For International Travelers

Travel insurance policies are generally quite inexpensive, but they are extremely helpful in times of need. These policies will cover medical costs in case you land in the emergency ward of a local hospital. Some might even cover the cost of transporting you from the site of the accident to the nearest medical center. With travel insurance, you will not have to worry too much about medical expenses.

What Are The Benefits Available With Group Insurance Plans?

The group insurance scheme is for people who work under an employer. Most companies in Canada provide these group insurance options for their workers. The group insurance plans for Canadians are available in different kinds, and each one is suitable for all kinds of employees. A person who works as a full-time worker in a company is eligible for this group insurance. 

How Essential Is Corporate Insurance For The Companies?

Otherwise, under challenging circumstances, you might not be able to safeguard yourself from it. There are ways available for the individuals to prevent their company from the risk factors such as protecting against disasters, theft, accidents, financial losses, health benefits of employees, and many more. When you wonder what the solution is, then it is corporate Insurance.

Best Employee Benefits Providers in Canada

Benefits make up an important part of your employees’ compensation package. In Canada, there are both legislative as well as competitive employee benefits. If you are looking for the best employee benefits insurance company, you have come to the right place. In the sections below, you will find a list of top employee benefits insurance companies in Canada, with details to help you make the right choice.

Canada’s Health Insurance Comparison: Manulife vs. Sun Life

Sun Life and Manulife are top insurance companies in Canada that offer a wide range of life and health coverage plans. This review will focus on the health insurance plan of these companies. Each will be reviewed, for you to know the company that has the best offers. Let’s get started.

ScotiaLife Financial - Best Insurance Online

ScotiaLife has been around for around 120 years providing customers with flexible, affordable, and personalized policies to meet different customer needs.ScotiaLife Financial is the life insurance subsidiary of Scotia Bank, the third-largest bank in the country. All policies sold through ScotiaLife Financial are underwritten by Scotia Life Insurance Company.

The Best Canada Travel Insurance Tips: 2022 EditionThere have been many travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Howe...

There have been many travel restrictions due to the pandemic. That is why some wonder if they need to obtain travel insurance. Whether you go on a domestic or international trip, experts say getting travel insurance is a must. The right travel insurance can help cover issues such as flight delays, medical emergencies, baggage delays, unexpected cancellations, loss of money, and much more.

There is a Paradigm shift in the increase of medical expenses not only in Canada but in the entire world. The smaller families are more health-conscious and have a total focus on having a secured future. An insurance policy can save one against a lot of medical expenses that would have been otherwise killing. Both group insurance and individual insurance have a similar impact in many ways.