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Miki Agrawal - 10 Best Thoughts From the Innovative Entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal is a serial entrepreneur, industry disrupt-her, and innovative thinker. She is the founder of various companies, including Wild, Thinx, and Tushy.

Miki Agrawal is also the best-selling author of "Disrupt-Her" and "Do Cool Sh*t". Agrawal is often asked to speak about her innovative marketing strategies, unique business acumen, and overall business approach.

This list highlights Miki Agrawal's best interviews and thoughts.

Miki Agrawal - Founder of TUSHY

Miki Agrawal’s newest entrepreneurial venture is TUSHY, an innovative startup that fabricates bidet-style toilet attachments. The business was born of Agrawal’s desire to create a more hygienic, environmentally friendly way to attend to personal bathroom needs, with an unapologetic and honest approach to the notion that “everyone poops”.

Miki Agrawal’s Latest Mission? An Eco-Friendly Toilet

Serial social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal of WILD and THINX is disrupting the status quo again. With TUSHY, a modern bidet that can easily be attached to your existing toilet, she is offering Americans a way to radically reduce their environmental impact and improve their health.

Miki Agrawal: DISRUPT-HER & Societal Standards | Prima

Author Miki Agrawal talks about her book, DISRUPT-HER and how women need the opportunity to break free from society's standards.

Be A Disrupt-Her: An Empowering Conversation With Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal, social crusader and entrepreneur discusses the key to disrupting your life in her new book Disrupt-her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman.

Miki Agrawal’s TUSHY Enjoys Impressive Growth in 2021

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff Launching a new business in an established industry presents significant challenges. For serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, making inroads into the United States’ long-established toilet paper industry was a major undertaking. For perspective, this widely used bathroom staple had not seen much innovation since it was first introduced in the […]

Mindvalley Teams Up With Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal to Teach Entrepreneurs How to Launch A Business from "Zero ...

/PRNewswire/ -- Mindvalley, the world's leading personal growth platform, is breaking new ground with entrepreneurship courses and partnering with social...

Miki Agrawal, Best-Selling Author, Inspires Readers One Page at a Time - TechBullion

Miki Agrawal, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, highlights professional successes via her books "Disrupt-Her" and "Do Cool Sh*t"

Periods, Ideas and Innovation With Miki Agrawal, Founder of THINX

THINX messaging is liberating, their is technology a game-changer (named
one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2015), and their give-back mission is
changing the lives of girls around the world. Last week founder, Miki
Agrawal and I had a chance to catch up and I was able to hear more about
her inspiration for THINX and what she’s up to next with her two new
brands, Icon and Tushy. This woman totally mesmerized me with her vision to
disrupt industries, shatter taboos and transform lives around the world. 

Miki Agrawal Launches Roadmap for Budding Entrepreneurs on Mindvalley | The American Reporter

Every successful business begins with the kernel of an idea. The concept may spring to mind during a brainstorming session or materialize while visiting a favorite place. Sometimes, entrepreneurs generate their most creative ideas in the shower. Regardless of the source, dreaming up a new business is an exciting prospect with limitless possibilities. This is a concept that serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal knows all too well, and frequently speaks upon.

CEO Spotlight: CEO Miki Agrawal Wants to Talk About It All - CEOWORLD magazine

If there is one thing that drives human beings, it is solving problems that are placed in front of them. This is especially true of entrepreneurs, where very often, the individuals who have the most creativity and dare to be different are the ones who see their dreams come true.