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Coke - Coca Cola Content Audit


Effective Leaders: Global Shapers and the Coca-Cola Leadership Panel in Africa

The Global Shapers Community of the African continent was captivated by the presence of three remarkable leaders at the Leadership panel on 8 th May 2013 during the World Economic Forum Meeting on Africa.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Brings Out the Dance Moves

It's Friday, and we can't help ourselves but share this video that's bound to make you smile. Our polar bear over at the World of Coca-Cola took a happy moment to dance. You should take a break this Friday, too, and jam with the polar bear.

Former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton Visit 5by20 Entrepreneurs

Former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton spent time today with 5by20 entrepreneurs in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the visit, the group discussed the benefits of providing hard working entrepreneurial women with business skills training. The Clintons are on a nine-day, six-stop trip across Africa on behalf of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Water Matters, Especially to Women and Girls

As a wife, mother of a toddler and a passionate advocate of sustainable living, I know just how important it is for my family to have a supply of clean water, and for all of us to use water wisely. Access to water is a fundamental human need.

Startups to Scaleups: The Next Wave of Innovation

I grew up surfing. And if you've ever been surfing, you know it's all about positioning - getting in the right place at the right time to catch the best wave. That's what we're doing at Coca-Cola. We see a new wave of innovation coming, and we're going for it.

Support Shows 'Big Food' Companies Can Help to Fight Obesity

With obesity rates climbing in regions across the world, researchers, politicians and journalists alike spend a lot of time discussing its contributing factors as well as ways to most effectively combat the epidemic.

Running Every Day Stirs Positivity

It was raining today when my alarm went off at 5am. I looked out the window and thought hmmm... I'm not going to run now - I'll run later when I get home tonight. But before I could do that I needed to make a mental check.

New Music From Emerging Artists on Coca-Cola Placelists

We continue our journey into the world's most exciting new music with two amazing female artists from both sides of the Atlantic. Each has created a unique track for based on a location that inspires them musically, each in their very different style. First up is the fantastic new American singer-songwriter Emma Jayne.

Bike Touring for Better Education in India

Coca-Cola India sponsors Frank Simcic as he raises awareness for the Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School campaign by bicycling from San Francisco to Cincinnati.

Colorful Words with glacéau vitaminwater's Jiah Choi is thrilled to post this Q&A round with Jiah Choi, Global Creative Director at glacéau vitaminwater. Take a look at what Jiah has to say about getting ahead, finding inspiration and the best part of her job. TH: What advice has helped you the most in your career?

The Skinny on Aspartame: New Infographic Underscores Benefits of a Sweet Alternative

Trying to either lose weight or maintain the number on the scale? Many folks are these days. Suffice to's not easy. Fortunately, there are a variety of food ingredients that can help, especially if you have a liking for sweetness. But first, a little background to level set.

Scientific American Finds Sugar Fears are Overblown

Despite all the scary headlines about eating too many sweets, the latest science shows there may not be too much to worry about - as long as you consume your calories in moderation. On July 15, a blog on the website of Scientific American took a close look at all the evidence and asserts that the fears about sugars are overblown.

Coca-Cola Partners with BlogHer '13 on 'Steps to Wellness' Challenge

At BlogHer '13 in Chicago, bloggers from across the country will be hustling from presentation to presentation, running across the hall to say "hi" to new friends and walking through the expo booths! As a reward for all those steps, will be awarding fun prizes with the Coca-Cola "Steps to Wellness" Challenge.

Hear the Places That Inspire Youngblood Hawke's Music

Hey, what's up?! We're Youngblood Hawke, and we live in Los Angeles, California. The six of us have been long-term friends since childhood and have been making music together for about two years. We're extremely passionate about the band and our music and feel very fortunate that we get to do this with our closest friends.

Chinese Social Media Fans Wish Coca-Cola a Happy 127th Birthday

Being around for 127 years is no mean feat and China decided to celebrate the anniversary by using popular social platforms to throw a party. dedicated to the Company's birthday was uploaded by a Chinese fan and sparked a social media buzz.

A Different Perspective: Telling the African Story the Coke Way

It's a warm day in Nairobi. The market is not as busy it would be on a weekend, but ordinary Kenyans are hustling about their daily chores around small stalls, each with a name and identifying number. From Mama Njeri's Chips to Gathiri's Nyama Choma (roast meat)to Akinyi's Salon, many are occupied by small-scale businesspeople preparing for lunch.

Find a Job at Coke: Digital + Communications Manager

Do you drink and love and always have been a fan? Do you want to play a role in doing good in the world? If you live to refresh others, inspire the world and make a positive difference and you live by the same values that define our Company, we are looking for you.

New Beginnings in Myanmar After 60 Years

A few weeks ago, officially resumed production again in Myanmar after nearly six decades. While official production ceased, the demand for this global brand never went away, with locals finding a way to get their hands on the iconic bottle and white cursive logo through other means.

Education for a Sustainable Water Future: Black Sea Box

United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon joined schoolchildren recently in Sochi, southern Russia, for a lesson using the Black Sea Box - an interactive education kit that spotlights the need to protect and clean up the Black Sea.

My China Residency and Coca-Cola

Jill Knoll began her career with Coca-Cola North America in 1997 as a Customer Communications Specialist for Industry & Consumer Affairs. In 2002, she was promoted to Team Manager responsible for managing a team who protect and enhance the integrity of theCoca-Cola trademark. My journey began years ago.

Crowdsourcing Happiness: The Smile Backstory

" Smile Back" - the third installment of the "Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" film series - ended up being a lot more work than expected. Since we wanted to stay as true as possible to our initial vision of ensuring the people truly own this platform, we crowdsourced the entire process, from conception to execution.

Coca-Cola South Pacific Embarks on the 'Journey'

Earlier in the year, our team was briefed to develop "another microsite" to communicate to consumers, media and employees about one of our initiatives for 2013. I've never been a big fan of microsites, so it was our great fortune that the global team had recently launched Journey.

Discover New Artists With '52 Songs of Happiness'

Welcome back to 52 Songs of Happiness, a unique way to discover new acts from around the world. Every other week we'll be introducing some of the world's best new artists, featuring dance, rock, hip-hop and everything in between. Each amazing new act has crafted a one-off song for based around a location.

PlantBottle Program Gets Boost From U.S. and China Governments

Last week, the fifth round of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue was held in Washington, D.C. This annual high-level meeting provides a forum for leaders from the two countries to discuss a wide range of political, strategic, security and economic issues.

Coca-Cola Reports Worldwide Volume Growth of 1% in the Second Quarter and 3% Year to Date

Today (NYSE:KO) reported worldwide volume growth of 1% in the second quarter and 3% year to date. The Company also reported growth in global volume and value share in the quarter in total nonalcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverages as well as in both sparkling and still beverages.