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Story of Souls

Faded memories of cycling … - Story of Souls

On World Cycling Day, yesterday, I thought of it. The frame, some black-and-white pictures, are all I have to remind me of cycling back then.

You don’t have to be behind bars to be a prisoner. - Story of Souls

Far too many people are living lives that are not their own. Such people don’t have to be behind bars to be prisoners. They become prisoners of their own notions, decisions, and ideas by striving to meet the expectations of everyone but themselves.

Those were the days - Story of Souls

I received this on Whatsapp from someone, and every line of it speaks to me. Raise your hand if you are of my generation and identify with it!

Mystery of the missing Goat - Story of Souls

The above thoughts/content has been proudly copied from the wall of Sir Mark Manuel. Being interviewing almost every role model of this country and going stronger each day. Mark Manuel is a respected Mumbai editor, writer, and columnist.

Flying high with Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh - Story of Souls

There’s a new Bollywood film that’s released today called ‘Runway 34’. And it’s different. An aviation thriller made on a real-life incident. First of its kind for Indian cinema. Also, I am glad to report, not a South remake. My friend Ajay Devgn directed, produced, and acted in the film. With the lovely Rakul Preet Singh (in a pilot’s uniform that unfortunately hides her bronzed and toned body and sculpted legs) and an outstanding Amitabh Bachchan.

Sleeping on the job is good - Story of Souls

I have always believed in two daytime practices: eating when hungry; and, napping when sleepy. Long before corporates began encouraging employees to snatch a mid-shift snooze during the day, when sleeping on the job was considered a taboo, I used to catch 40 winks post-lunch every day at work. A mental health guru had advised me to allow for some quiet time during the day. A period for meditation. For calm or introspection. Instead, I started taking 20-minute naps in the afternoon

...It's Ok to be the Hare, not the Tortoise... - Story of Souls

The hare replied it was an unfair game it was a marathon run versus a sprint. He added I was way ahead in the race and the tortoise was nowhere around to be seen. As I knew I was way ahead I decided to relax and have a short nap below a tree. I fell asleep and dreamt of an old man with a flowing beard sitting and meditating. The old man asked them, why I was participating in the race. I replied to him, I am doing so, to let every creature in the jungle know that I am the fastest of all creatures.

“If anything doesn’t exist, Innovate it” – Prof. Vikash Bhardwaj

Prof. Vikash Bhardwaj - tale of zestful personality determined to rise above the stereotypic levels of a healthy, happy life.

Interior decoration tips by a Gurgaon-based interior design

Celebrate this woman's day by adding a feminine touch to your house. Read interior decoration tips by a Gurgaon-based interior designer

A lesson from Dalai Lama - Story of Souls

Have you ever observed children, they fight but they hardly speak or show ill feelings towards each other, as adults do. Adults are at an advantage in terms of education in comparison to children

Don’t believe everything on Social Media - Story of Souls

Everything on Social Media. Have you observed that no one post their failures on social media? You must not get sways away by the likes

  1. Having a spouse who criticizes and demeans you might cause you to use a lot of mental energy attempting to prove yourself, which can be exhausting.
Don’t get rid of your fridge – yet! - Story of Souls

The above thoughts/content has been proudly copied from the wall of Sir Mark Manuel. Being interviewing almost every role model of this country and going stronger each day. Mark Manuel is a respected Mumbai editor, writer, and columnist.


Sex has a way of calming a man down.
When you make love to him, you will change his mood, especially if you are the one who seduces him and starts it.

Freshest faces of Indian fashion design redefining the way we think of fashion

Learn about some of the most promising Indian fashion designers who are set to bring some innovative touch to popular Indian fashion

The old haunted house on Instagram - Story of Souls

As I scrolled through Instagram, a haunting picture halted my progress. Taken curiously on a full moon night.

Jiya conquer Arabian Sea 12 years of age - Story of Souls

Jiya conquer Arabian Sea 12. Took 8.40 hours to swim. The Gateway of India from Bandra-Worli Sealink? She did this to boost autism awareness.

A message on student suicides from Salman Khan - Story of Souls

Salman Khan Message student-suicides. When I was as young as you, the only terror I had, if I fail my father would break my heads. But I know it’s different now.

A message for a grieving heart  - Story of Souls

a-message-for-a-grieving-heart. Things will never be the same as her daughter is not with her anymore. the pain will never vanish.

Celebrating World Book Day with Mark Manuel - Story of Souls

world-book-day-with-mark-manuel. It is one of my best investments. Just staring at the bookshelf, wondering what to read next, is meditative.

The Berlin Wall Lesson - Story of Souls

The Berlin Wall lesson. EACH ONE GIVES WHAT HE HAS. ask yourself, what do you have? Is it hatred or love, harmony or violence, compassion

Choose your battles wisely - Story of Souls

Fate is a great equalizer…
… Knowing you are alone in the custody of the judicial system, despite your commitment to stay with those who said they would be by your side no matter what must be dreadful. A remand in police custody is only marginally less humiliating than being at the mercy of the courts. Interrogating the accused at odd hours and denying sleep is the way many crimes are solved. And it is this sentence that the Alibaug Police is seeking in Raigad Court.

Rainy days and the radio - Story of Souls

Or, more precisely, the transistor. I come from a generation that grew up before television was there in our living rooms.
And the Murphy Radio was the pinnacle of indoor entertainment. It had six valves and a green magic eye or tuning indicator that would miraculously light up when the radio was ready to receive an audio frequency transmission. It only had two bands, Medium Wave and Short Wave,  All India Radio station operated both of them. Vividh Bharti’s list of Hindi film music was Medium Wave.

The belief in Faith - Story of Souls

The faith of your family, the God you trust, Mother Nature, your parent on the other side, angels, the Universe.

Phantom cigarette, anybody? - Story of Souls

Does anybody remember Phantom Sweet Cigarettes? In the 70s, it was manly for Phantom cigarette, anybody?