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Top 6 Historical Attractions to Visit in Xi’an – Entrancing Highlights for the History Lover

There will be several captivating historical attractions to visit in Xi'an, an appealing Chinese city; not to be missed are the Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Bell and Drum towers and more.


Terracotta Warriors and Horses

The famed Terracotta Army, found during excavation at the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, is regarded as ranking amongst the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be able to view the numerous life-sized soldiers and horses fashioned of terracotta many centuries ago. This amazing site will provide you with a fascinating insight into China's unique cultural heritage. It is undoubtedly one of Xi'an's most significant historical attractions.


Ancient City Wall

Xi'an's Ancient City Wall ranks amongst China's best-preserved, largest and oldest city walls. This fortification was constructed during the time of the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century. You will see that this city wall has a rectangular shape, measuring 14 km in length. Visitors will find that the Ancient City Wall surrounds the old part of the city, featuring drawbridges, a moat, gate towers and watchtowers. It is always a pleasant experience to stroll or cycle along this wall. An accommodation choice to consider which is just a five-minute walk to the South Gate entrance of this ancient wall is Grand Park Xian; such centrally located hotels in Xi An China make an ideal base for sightseeing adventures in the city.


Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The well-known Big Wild Goose Pagoda is counted amongst the places in Eastern Asia where Buddhism originated. It was constructed during the rule of the Tang Dynasty to study Buddhist writings. You will see that this pagoda is a seven-storey structure that may be described as an architectural wonder. This edifice has been constructed solely of bricks with no cement having been used. Interestingly, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda has a discernible lean; however, you may still ascend the pagoda and experience the attractive views.


Bell Tower

This striking tower was constructed in 1384 in the early part of the reign of the Ming Dynasty. It geographically marked the centre of Xi'an in ancient times and even today remains an important landmark of the city. The Bell Tower happens to be a wooden structure and stands 36 m in height and this well-preserved edifice is of great artistic and historical value.


Drum Tower

You will find that the Drum Tower happens to be another well-known symbol of Xi'an. This tower which dates to the early part of the 14th century is a rectangular two-storey structure that boasts a height of 34 m. You will find that this tower combines the architectural motifs of both the Tang as well as Qing dynasties.


Yangling Han Dynasty Mausoleum

This interesting mausoleum happens to be the place of burial of Emperor Jing, the Western Han Dynasty's fourth emperor, as well as Empress Wang. Within this underground site, you will see many thousands of miniature sized terracotta figurines that will capture the interest of the history and culture lover. To view these artefacts, you must make your way along a corridor made of glass and look through the transparent floor. Amongst the figures, you will notice armed soldiers, serving maids and various animals too.

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