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5 Reasons Why Singapore Zoo Is One of the Best in the World – A Wonderful Wildlife Showcase

There are several reasons why Singapore Zoo ranks amongst the finest zoos in the world, such as its environmental friendliness, ideal location, distinctive animal enclosures, diverse array of wildlife and more.


The environmental friendliness

Singapore Zoo places significant emphasis on environmental friendliness. For instance, you cannot purchase disposable water bottles at the zoo; instead, you must buy an empty bottle and fill it up at water stations situated at various locations around the site. You will see that the zoo looks a lot like a jungle in the tropics, with lush shrubs, lofty trees and attractive flowers to be seen prominently. Visitors will also notice that the bird and monkey enclosures feature trees with vines rather than artificial ropes and planks; the monkeys are thus able to swing about on vines as they might do in their natural environment.


The excellent location

Whereas many zoos happen to be situated near a city centre, you will find that Singapore Zoo is located a half hour's drive away from the city's downtown area. Since Singapore has a relatively small city, this means that the zoo is situated well away from the urban centre while being within easy reach too. Due to this reason, the zoo can contain large water reservoirs, attractive garden areas and adequate space to accommodate all its animals. You will find that the drive to this zoo is well worth it as it ranks amongst the finest in the world. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could easily visit Singapore Zoo would be Grand Park City Hall which may be regarded as a conveniently located City Hall hotel in Singapore.


The animal enclosures

Another attractive aspect of the Singapore Zoo would be how most of the animals are kept in sizable enclosures with waist-high fences rather than cages. Within the fence, there will be a large moat so that the animals cannot jump out. Additionally, there are sometimes wires and caging to prevent the more adventurous animals such as cheetahs from venturing out. Due to the absence of caging, visitors can view the animals much better as there are no unsightly fences or bars to obstruct the view. Some animals can roam freely within the zoo as well which offers more wildlife encounters.


The outstanding collection of animals

You will find many of the animals you would expect and like to see at Singapore Zoo, such as monkeys, crocodiles and lions. However, you will also encounter some endangered and rare creatures at this site, such as rhinos, tapirs, lemurs, white tigers and even babirusas. Additionally, you will find that Singapore Zoo happens to be organised into several zones which adds to its appeal. 'Treetops Trail', 'Australasia', 'Cat Country' and 'Wild Africa' are some of the zones you will encounter.


The animals' activity

Visitors to Singapore Zoo will be struck by the animals' activity and playfulness. This could be due to the absence of cages or perhaps the tropical climate of Singapore which might be like the creatures' natural environments. All the animals at this zoo seem to be happy and enjoying life, in contrast to those at some other zoos around the world. It makes for a rewarding visitor experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family.