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Use These 3 Points to Create an Awesome Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the core of your potential conversion rate. But, how do you know what your most important value proposition is? Are you emphasizing the most important things? I'm going to show you how to create your knock-em-dead, no-holds-barred, kill-the-competition value proposition by thinking about 3 important points.

13 Ways Conversion Rate Optimization is like Sex in High School

Everyone says they're doing it but few are doing it well. Many have danced with conversion optimization, flirted with testing, even committed to a test or two, then either given up or lost support (and friends!) Companies who try out conversion optimization testing often fall into common traps.

How to Know When You've Done Too Much Conversion Optimization

Recently, an attendee in a webinar I was presenting asked an interesting question: "Is there such a thing as too much testing and/or optimizing?" Tweet this: Is there such a thing as too much conversion testing? Tweet It's not an unusual question.

How to Prioritize Conversion Rate Optimization Tests Using PIE

One of the most common questions I'm asked about conversion optimization is: "How do I figure out where to test first?" It's a smart question to ask. You can't test all pages at once. With limited time and resources to commit and, most importantly, limited traffic to allocate to each test, test prioritization is an important part of your conversion rate optimization plan.

The Top 5 Surprising Tips from A/B Tests

We often test innovative experiences that push the boundaries of what's expected. Many times, we discover new tactics that work so well that we keep them locked tightly in our conversion knowledgebase. Today, I've decided to share the top 5 winning A/B test tips. You should try these on your website immediately.

Conversion Optimization in a Multi-Device World

I'd like to share a summary of a talk I gave recently at SES and SMX. It also made it to the front page of Slideshare in the "Hot" topics section and I thought you'd like to see it too.

How Behavioural Design Creates the Best User Experiences

The influence of new research in Behavioural Design is far-reaching. The field tackles complex societal challenges, but how can it be applied to your business and website? Apps and websites that are most successful have found a way to create a wonderful user experience.

Are You Your Agency's Best Client? A Conversation with Ruth Burr of SEOmoz

Did you know that some companies get much better results from their agencies than others? If you're surprised by that, you may not be getting the most you can out of your agency relationships. I moderated an interesting panel discussion at PubCon Las Vegas where Ruth Burr reminded me of the importance of this topic.

Online Testing: The Ultimate Customer Research

There are several reasons why using qualitative feedback alone can lead to misleading findings: The Hawthorne Effect, Observer-Expectancy Effect, Limited Sample Sizes, Sampling Bias, Self-Selection Bias, and more. All of these errors and biases limit that value of qualitative feedback. So, is all qualitative testing useless? Find out how to use it effectively here.

The Book that Redefines Conversion Optimization: You Should Test That!

I'm excited to announce that my new book is now shipping from Amazon! You Should Test That: Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Revenue or The Art and Science of Optimized Marketing is now available! It may be the longest book title ever, but hopefully it makes sense when you see the cover design.

Our Best of 2012

In case you missed some of the articles we published this year, I thought you might be interested in a recap of the ones that got the most attention. Here are the top 12 blog posts of 2012... We kicked off the year by making a startling claim: a high landing page bounce rate could hurt your AdWords Quality Score.

Warm Wishes

We hope that you will have a wonderful time of reflection and connection this season -- and even more prosperity and happiness in 2013!

An Introduction to Evolutionary Site Redesign with WiderFunnel's Blog

I'm pleased to share our new blog design with you today. A few months ago, after neglecting our website design for several years, we concluded that we finally had to pay it some attention (!) I'd like to share how we approached our own blog and website redesign.

Conversion Optimization is a Hot Marketing Strategy for Video Game Developers (with a New Case Study)

Today I'd like to highlight one of the many industries that we've seen benefiting from a conversion optimization strategy: video game makers. If you know of any in that space, please pass this post along for them. They'll thank you for it.

I Love Losing Test Results and You Should Too

When there are tests on the dashboard that don't show strong winning results, it's hard not to let them get me down. I want to win big every time! At WiderFunnel, we often share case studies of winning test results publicly. Most often, they show spectacular winning results and marketing insights.

Ad Optimization for Paid Search: An interview with Joe Kerschbaum

Today, I'd like to share a conversation I had with Joe Kerschbaum, Vice President of Clix Marketing to talk about Paid Search Ad Optimization. Joe has been working in SEM since 2006 and is a paid search optimization expert. He gives tips and strategies for getting better results in PPC.

WiderFunnel Launched as Optimizely's First Certified Partner Agency

One big benefit to being a "technology agnostic" conversion optimization agency is that we can find and use the best tools and give unbiased advice. Unlike tool vendors' services divisions, WiderFunnel strategists don't have to make recommendations just to maximize the tool's latest features.

Why Your Conversion Rate Doesn't Matter (aka Conversion Rates are Relative)

In 1907, a brilliant physicist proposed that "truth" is defined by the perspective from which it is observed. It seems to me that marketers still need to apply the concept of relativity to their conversion rates. In the post, I hope to convince you that conversion rates are irrelevant.

Google+ and Search Engine Optimization: An Interview with Janet Driscoll Miller

The marketing department recently sent me out with a Flip Mino in hand to interview some of the great speakers at the conferences I was speaking at. Here is the first of 4 interviews I conducted with Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO of Search Mojo, who gives some insights into Google+ and its implications for organic Google search rankings.

Conversion Optimization for Responsive Web Design

We've had lots of interest and inquiries about Responsive Web Design since our recent blog post. In it, we showed how Google recommends Responsive Web Design and is evolving their SERPs to use RWD. With mobile usage skyrocketing and confusion abounding about how to handle T-commerce and various screen sizes, the high level of interest is justified.

Responsive Design: the T-Commerce and Mobile Cure-All?

As the debate around how e-commerce websites should optimize for T-Commerce and mobile shopping continues, the challenges for ecommerce retailers mount as new mobile devices and platforms hit the market. The data is unambiguous: without a mobile site experience, shoppers abandon in droves. Have you tried using your phone to shop on a standard website?

On the FM Waves with WebmasterRadio.FM @ SES San Fran

Jorge Hermida from WebmasterRadio.FM interviewed me recently at SES San Francisco with questions about the latest trends, results and misconceptions in Conversion Optimization. Hear more about getting results from inbound, content, and organic marketing and optimizing results from landing pages. Click Here to Listen to the Conversion Optimization Interview (11:11)

If Content Is King, Revenue Is Queen

Here are a couple things you may not know. One: Bill Gates coined the phrase " Content is King ". Two: the king needs a lot of help. Content is important for getting people to your site, from search algorithms to social share to links to your site, but content alone doesn't make you revenue.

The Value of Not Knowing (or Ignorance Creates Courage)

When I started WiderFunnel, I wasn't an industry "insider." I wasn't involved in the search marketing or user experience industries. I didn't go to conferences or talk to experts. I didn't have advisors or mentors to show me the ropes (or talk me out of my plans.)

Two Ecommerce Trends to Watch this Holiday Season

It's about this time of year that e-commerce retailers email me asking how to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. For many retailers, holiday seasonality is critical. If you're an online retailer, getting your conversion funnels optimized early and strategically will determine whether your year ends on a high note or a flat one.