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The Shift in Medical Meeting Promotion

The 2008 conversation: "I want all the billboards along the highway, 150 taxi tops, and 10 dioramas at the airport. Also, see if you can advertise in the bins where you place your shoes to be screened. I want my brand to be everywhere!

5 Outrageous Claims from Pharmaceutical Advertising

Does the public actually believe the pharmaceutical ads they see on TV? Will a doctor change a treatment plan based on a new popular drug advertised on TV that everyone is talking about? According to a 2004 FDA survey, the answer is yes. Doctors feel pressure from their patients to prescribe a brand name drug seen advertised.

Digital Marketing Is Marketing

As I sit here on the 4 th of July, finally getting a chance to relax and look back on the year we've had so far, I realize how much has changed in such a short period of time. Almost 7 years ago, I joined our tiny, yet mighty interactive group and have lived through an ever-changing period of time.

Is There Good Karma in Advertising?

So much of what we do throughout our careers is interesting...but is it inspiring? Well, we found out recently when the knowledge and information we've been exposed to through client work helped me and my wife conceive of and create something entirely new and unexpected.

When Marketing is a Higher Calling - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

I am not involved in marketing religious products, and trust me when I say that there is no divine intervention lending a hand as I write this. Instead, my higher calling is to market therapies and diagnostics in cancer, HIV and other difficult-to-treat disease states.

Many Ogilvy Hands - A Real Hands-on Experience of Uganda - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

In 2009, Ogilvy & Mather, in partnership with International Needs, set up the Many Ogilvy Hands (MOH) project to build a school for 450 local children in a town in Uganda. Every four months, volunteers from across the Ogilvy group travel out to Uganda to get involved in the project .

Video Is the New Reality - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

When I was in college, I studied both film and philosophy. Regarding philosophy, to paraphrase Steve Martin, I remember just enough to screw me up for the rest of my life. One of the reasons I love video is that it is a simulated reality.

When Will Pharmaceutical Companies Embrace Behavioral Retargeting to Drive Adherence?

Picture this: You visit a website, add something to your shopping cart, but abandon the transaction. Maybe you are distracted or decide to shop around to get the best deal. The next day, you're on a different website. Suddenly an ad pops up on your screen...for that item you had in the shopping cart the day before.

Finding the Right Balance - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

One day, you wake up and you are an Art Director. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, you have the Icona Pop song stuck in your head. You realize that you are exactly where you want to be-in the middle.

Intro to Ogilvy: An Intern's Adventure

Summer: Preparing for the Journey June rolls around and it is in your nature to assume the road ahead will be full of the outdoors, fun destinations, social gatherings with friends, and personal productivity to accomplish those important goals that seem to be neglected throughout the school year-such as finishing three seasons of Game of Thrones in one week.

Five Kinda Digital Trends for 2013

When I first began writing this post it was about technology, because that's been my focus for many years. As I began diving into it, however, I found something I didn't expect. Five digital trends that are hardly digital at all because, as one article puts it, "e-marketing" has become just "marketing."

Is it possible to get thousands of fans in health social media?

Consumer Product and Service Communication has taken a Copernican turn since social media appeared. Content generated by users has led to a level of dynamization almost unthinkable a few years ago. Social networks have revitalized many withered sectors such as fashion and music which had been facing the new era with a certain amount of fright.


Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming at work? Have you ever accidentally nodded off, for just a second, during a presentation? Is there ever a day that your workload is just plain dull? Luckily for most of us, working at a creative agency is vastly more exciting than something like insurance sales.

Don't Be Fooled: The Core Tenets of Relationship Marketing Are Timeless - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

Going back to basics on effective communication can lead to a big impact on your audience. Pharmaceutical marketing at a glance seems unrecognizable compared to a few short years ago: technological advancements, big data, changing sales models, channel fragmentation, mobile marketing, social media...the list goes on.

Is It "Health Insurance," or Merely Prepaid Health Care?

The Affordable Care Act's (ACA) goal is to provide health insurance coverage to those without it now, and it uses 2 main mechanisms to do so. It penalizes individuals without insurance, thereby encouraging them to sign up for health insurance. (In order to support this effort, the law creates state insurance exchanges to offer health plans to consumers.)

Interactivity-The Obvious Secret to Social Media - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

I guess it's a new world order. Control has been replaced with influence. And the tremendous exchange of everything from financial information to a simple "like" on Facebook has made interactivity the word of the future. Interactions have now become a currency where brands and individuals seek out a level of validation-and power.

Falling Into Planning and Landing in Medical School

Would you ever think that a career in planning could end with medical school? Well now you know it can! I started working at Ogilvy Heatlhworld as a Science and Research Specialist within the Planning Department approximately four and a half years ago, right after completing my Masters of Public Health degree from Columbia University.

The Parent Factor-How to be a Good Daughter and Pharma Marketer

When my mother was recently diagnosed with COPD, I thought I could help her. We had worked on the gold-standard treatment for a decade, knew the data, the leading clinicians in the field and the course of the disease. However, knowing the answers is one thing, effectively communicating them to a parent is quite another.

How to Sip From an Information Fire Hose: Taking Stock of the Therapeutic Marketplace

In an effort to describe the intellectual environment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), former MIT President Jerome Wiesner once remarked that "getting an education at MIT is like taking a sip from a fire hose." For those of us working in the field of medicine, this perspective is far from a pithy witticism.

Engaging HCPs via Doximity: the LinkedIn for Medical Professionals - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

It should come as no surprise that colleagues are the top source of medical information for practicing physicians-trusted above all other sources. Considering the influence of colleagues in the physical realm, cyber communities are quickly rising as one of the prominent go-to sources for all things professional.

Client Banner Days That Click

This past Saturday, the Mets held their annual Banner Day at Citi Field-a one-day event that gives baseball fans a chance to express their loyalty, appreciation and creativity to their beloved ball club using homemade banners. Fortuitous for the Mets' brass that the banner parade was held on the field before the game, as the Mets were mercilessly plundered by the Pirates 11-2.

Sharpening Up the Industry's Smartest Teams - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (OCHWW) purchases a unique and expansive range of syndicated research, currently providing access to over 30 different sources. In January, the management, oversight and strategic deployment of these properties were aggregated within the Global Business Intelligence and Integration (GBII) Skill Center led by industry veteran David Chapman.

Introducing Once-Monthly Tournamax? - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

So, like most of us, my experience spans multiple therapeutic areas. I've worked in the field of Rheumatology. Created campaigns in Oncology. Produced TV spots, print ads and RM programs in Pulmonology, Gastroenterology and Dermatology. But I've been thinking over the last few weeks, what if our industry expanded to yet another fast-growing scientific field that sweeps the nation every year: Bracketology.

The Work/Life Balancing Act - Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Blog

I've been thinking a lot about work/life balance recently. It occurs to me that "work" holds the primary position in that expression, but is anchored by "life," which seems to beg the question: "Is there really a balance?"

Painting by Numbers: Using Enterprise-wide Analytics to Guide Marketing Strategy

Today, analytics is playing an ever-expanding role in developing marketing strategy as clients have become aware of the importance of data in guiding campaign decisions. Like the Paint by Numbers crafts of our childhood, marketers can use stats and data points to guide the creative marketing process, resulting in a more predictable end-product.