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How My Career As A Radio DJ Benefits Me As A Podcaster

I started in radio when I was 17 years old. It was a fluke really. I didn't necessarily have childhood aspirations of being behind a microphone. I loved radio as a listener. I was glued to my radio every Saturday to listen to Casey Kasem count down that week's Top 40 hits.

5 Things To Consider Before Launching A Podcast

Podcasting as a content strategy is getting new life among digital marketers and business professionals. There are a few possible reasons as to why. Technology continues to flatten, allowing the cost of microphones, editing software and podcast platforms to become more accessible to most anyone wanting to give them a try.

What Is Content Marketing?

Here is an excerpt from a recent episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show, part of the Next Stage Online Radio lineup of programs. Host Pamela Muldoon interviews Jennifer Kane, Kane Consulting on "What Is Content Marketing?" Pamela: Today's show is called, "What is content marketing?"

5 Phases of Content Marketing

There is one mistake I see so many small businesses make when it comes to marketing their business online. They are starting the process in the middle. I believe that content marketing is actually a 5-Step Process.

Mike Murray Interview

tweet Follow @@mikeonlinecoach Google, Bing, Yahoo, Panda, Penguin, keywords, link building; one's head often spins with overwhelm and confusion when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show host Pamela Muldoon tackles this topic with Mike Murray, SEO expert and President of Online Marketing Coach, a consultancy helping business owners and professionals to be found on the world wide web.

Pamela Muldoon Interview

tweet Follow @@pamelamuldoon Ever considered launching your own podcast? Curious how to better use audio as part of your content marketing plan? This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show host Pamela Muldoon has the tables turned as Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute, takes the reigns of the show to interview her!

Jonathan Kranz Interview

tweet Follow @@jonkranz Content Marketing has become one of the most common marketing buzz words over the past 12 months. But how do you take it beyond the hype and actually start to implement this successfully in your organization?

Content Marketing 360 Podcast

Hosted by Pamela Muldoon, Content Marketing 360 showcases many of the top marketing minds from around the world. Our online radio show highlights topics of traditional and digital marketing, online and offline strategies mixed with evergreen and real-time PR content creation best practices.

Valerie Geller Interview

tweet Follow @@vgeller The evolution of marketing means that companies, organizations and individuals can now become their own media. Creating their own radio stations, developing their own television shows, publishing their own magazines and newspapers. Now more than ever, communication training is imperative to the marketing process.

Mark Smiciklas Interview

tweet Follow @@intersection1 You see them all over the web. They attract page views, shares, comments and thousands of eyeballs. Infographics have made there way into the content marketing space as a true player for sharing information, brand awareness and super cool graphics.

Brendan Cournoyer Interview

tweet Follow @@brencournoyer Your company has made the decision to invest in content marketing. Great. Buy-in at the C-Suite is critical to getting content marketing strategies off the ground. But now you have the next challenge: who will create all of your needed content?

Sandra Zoratti Interview

tweet Follow @@sandraz The more focused you are, the more money you make. Segmentation can take your marketing to a whole new level. Precison Marketing can take your business to an even higher level. This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show host Pamela Muldoon talks with Sandra Zoratti, Author, Speaker and manages a business created from former IBM and Ricoh companies located in Boulder, Colorado.

Russell Sparkman Interview

tweet Follow @@fusionspark As marketing professionals we understand that developing a strategy with our content marketing efforts is important. Yet often we stumble over this important process and jump right into the shiny object of a social platform or the creation of what we believe is stellar content.

Adele Revella Interview

tweet Follow @@buyerpersona Understanding how to communicate what your target audience is looking for with content takes more than just demographic and basic stats. Today's marketing requires the building of buyer personas that represent the main the segments of your customer base. How do you start the buyer persona process?

Bernie Borges Interview

tweet Follow @@berniebay What does it mean to be a Social Business? What does your business need to change to become a Social Business? This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show takes this conversation head as host Pamela Muldoon talks with guest Bernie Borges, Founder & CEO of Find And Convert and author of the book Marketing 2.0 .

Andrew Davis Interview

tweet Follow @@tpldrew Today's marketing landscape requires more than just a new way of thinking. Today's ever-changing, level playing field of marketing requires each of us to take a whole paradigm shift of thinking when it comes to how we market our products and services.

Brian Massey Interview

tweet Follow @@bmassey It's been said, if you're not online, you don't exist. The importance of having a website for business is the critical component to the marketing development process. But is just putting up the website really enough?

Jay Henderson Interview

tweet Follow @@jay_henderson How we do business is evolving. How companies connect with consumers is evolving. It only makes sense that how a business internally structures the marketing department must evolve as well. Marketing and technology are married in this new world of real-time interaction, mobile cababilities and the hunger for online content.

Josh Miles Interview

tweet Follow @@joshmiles Too often we focus so much on the strategies for marketing, that we miss one of the most important elements of all: branding. Branding is often hard to define, yet when done well, we as the audience can see it, feel it, touch it.

Todd Wheatland Interview

tweet Follow @@toddwheatland Are you using Slideshare for your content marketing? Yes? Are you using it to it's fullest potential? No? Then it's time to possibly reconsider! This episode of Content Marketing 360 Radio Show, has host Pamela Muldoon talking with Todd Wheatland, Vice President of Thought Leadership & Marketing for Kelly Services and the man who literally wrote the book on using Slideshare as a powerful content marketing platform.

Ahava Leibtag Interview

tweet Follow @@ahaval It's one thing to agree that your organization needs to implement a content marketing plan. It's another thing to ensure it gets implemented well. Pamela Muldoon talks with Ahava Leibtag, President of Aha Media Group and a digital content strategist specializing in healthcare content marketing.

Jay Baer Interview 2013

tweet Follow @@jaybaer If you sell something, you make a customer today, but if you genuinely help someone, you create a customer for life. These words are on the back of Jay Baer's latest book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype and encapsulate the heart of what Youtility means.

Margot Bloomstein Interview

tweet Follow @@mbloomstein Creating a cohesive message and getting all departments on board is one of your greatest challenges implementing content marketing across your organization. Pamela Muldoon talks with Brand & Content Strategist, Margo Bloomstein, Appropriate, Inc. as she shares the importance of developing a Message Architecture.

Marcus Sheridan Interview

tweet Follow @@thesaleslion Every company, business or organization can do content marketing. Content is what levels the playing field and allows anyone, regardless of size or budget, to share information that buyers are searching for on the web. This interview has host Pamela Muldoon talking with Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion.

Terry Daniel Interview

Follow @@voiceoversbytd Using audio as part of your content marketing plan can be a great fit to get the word out about your brand, message and most importantly, the solutions and information your audience is craving! But just like any marketing strategy, a plan with solid objectives is key.