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How to Build Sustainable Idea Sourcing From Your Customers

When I think of sustainable crowdsourcing, two prominent examples come to my mind: Dell's Idea Storm and My Starbucks Idea. Both used's Idea platform. Idea Storm was launched in February 2007, while Startbucks was launched in March, 2008. Both celebrated their 5th Anniversary milestone, which is quite amazing.

Crowdsourcing For Dummies Publishes Tomorrow

If you've been looking for an easy to read book that can help you get up to speed on crowdsourcing quickly, the official Crowdsourcing For Dummies book publishes tomorrow, May 28. Preorders on Amazon are available now.

Why Customer Service is Ripe for Enterprise Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is very often cited for the execution of simple tasks of large jobs, but less frequently is it taken into consideration for the execution of activities of complex, continuous, critical enterprise core business processes. But it is being proven that this becomes a real and immediate option if the crowdsourcing process is able to compete with the outsourcing option enterprises have.

What to do to When Your Brilliant Idea Gets the Silent Treatment

The art and science of creating technology is very different from the art of marketing. Though one may think that great technology markets and "sells itself", the truth is quite contrary. There are numerous examples in past and recent history where the best or even greatest invention never made it anywhere because the forces bringing it to market were weak or insufficient.

[Crowd Leader: Shelley Kuipers] A Crowd Without Community - Be Wary of the Mob

In our line of work, we know innovation is not possible with a mob. Crowds need more than a platform and a connection to a brand; crowds need a sense of community... Mob behavior has sunk crowdsourcing attempts as seen by Chevrolet, Moleskin, and Facebook.

3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Owning Journalism

Work principles such as crowdsourcing, along with the rise of social media, are shaping journalism by transforming the crowd from an unthinking herd into critical-thinking swarms of citizen journalists. Nowadays, anyone with the urge can share information, images, and video with news outlets or through online forums & add their own perspective.

Crowdopolis is Sold Out

Tickets to Crowdopolis, the world's greatest showcase of crowdsourcing ingenuity, are now sold out. The world's biggest leaders in crowdsourcing will convene Feb 27-28 in New York City to a sold-out conference.

Help Your #Crowd Help You - And Don't Forget Your Twitter

I've been writing a lot about social media and crowdfunding lately, and this guest post is no exception. With so many networks saturating our online experience, it's sometimes hard to see which ones you need and which ones you can do without. With crowdfunding, though, you need the big three: Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

[Crowd Leader: Neil Perry] Genuine Opportunities for Talented Individuals

323 Media is a video production firm that started in mid-2011. They are a three-person group based in Columbia City, Indiana. This is the story of how this team is cranking full-speed-ahead, thanks to crowdsourcing. The team's manager, Dave Schmoekel, makes it a point to say that 323 Media is an equal partnership between himself, Nick Henney, and John Burkett.

Popular Crowdsourcing Research Now Available to Everyone

The microtasking side of crowdsourcing is growing at an incredible rate - and there's no way to know which companies are worth pursuing & which are smoke & mirrors. Or, worse yet, which stats are created from thin air.

How Crowdsourcing Aims to Cure Cancer

At Crowdopolis 12 LA, CMO of GE's Healthymagination, Lisa Kennedy, discusses how the Healthymagination program aims to cure cancer with help from the crowd. Kennedy shares their experiences and lessons, pointing out that it takes a village to solve some of the world's toughest challenges. What lessons you'll walk away with 1.

[Crowd Leader: Shay Har-Noy] What Are My Tax Dollars Doing for Crowdsourcing?

Microtasking, citizen science, crowd contests... the potential of distributed labor and crowdsourced idea generation is becoming clear to government agencies and NGOs. Although we sometimes perceive governments as being slow to adopt new technologies on this "series of tubes" we call the Internet, the socialmomentum behind crowdsourcing is forcing them to take notice and get proactiveabout embracing these new, open methods of communication, innovation and productivity.

CrowdEngineering Appoints Wesley O'Brien as CEO

Today, CrowdEngineering announced the appointment of Wesley O'Brien as their new CEO. O'Brien replaces their interim CEO, Ron Guerriero, who has served since September 2012. In his 25 year career, Wes O'Brien has held a variety of executive roles in customer service, technology, and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies.

3 Crowdsourcing Predictions That are TOTALLY Going to Come True (By 2020)

As editor of Daily Crowdsource, I do more than just write about crowdsourcing. I happen to think a lot about it as well! And, specifically, as a futurist, I think a lot about the future of crowdsourcing. Here are my top 3 bets on where crowdsourcing will take us and where we will take it in the next 5 years.

Alegion: The Cloud Labor Platform Enterprises Have Been Waiting For

It seems like new crowdsourcing platforms pop up daily nowadays, so it's not surprising that many of them fall to the wayside when compared to previously-established systems. Alegion should not be ignored in such a way. Built to integrate with Amazon Mechanical Turk, the up-and-coming platform is exclusively geared towards business and enterprise use.

NASA Launches Open Innovation Challenge to Improve the International Space Station

Today NASA launched a new open innovation challenge to find a solution to maximize the amount of solar energy the International Space Station can harvest. This is the latest in a string of crowdsourcing projects from NASA. The project is being facilitated by TopCoder's open innovation community with a total prize pool of $30,000.

7 Ways to Keep Your Crowd Grinning

It's important to have a skillful and dedicated crowd, and it's just as important to keep them happy. A happy crowd strives to produce a higher quality and quantity of work for you and your clients. Chances are if they've chosen to work in a crowd, they already like what they do; make sure they love where they're working.

Daily Crowdsource Unveils Affiliate Program

We're thankful for our crowd & we're thankful that now we're able to give back to the very crowd that's helped us lead this field. If you have a site geared towards business professionals or your community contains business leaders that would benefit from learning about crowdsourcing, then we've got a new affiliate program that's perfect for you: For every ticket to Crowdopolis you sell, you'll earn a $200 commission.

Don't Fight to Create and Market Products - Let Your Crowd Tell You What to Sell

At Crowdopolis 12 LA, Senior Marketing Director, Stephen Paljieg, discussed how Kimberly-Clark uses crowdsourcing to let their community of Mom's develop new products. By letting the front-line of product users suggest products, Kimberly-Clark is building a diverse innovation team, R&D team, and a sales team.

Oh Man, The Crowd is Getting an F in Social Science

Given that crowdsourcing has roots in research, it seems odd that social science researchers appear to have been comparatively slow to investigate the potential of crowdsourcing. There's incredible potential here that we could harness - so much so that if you're entrepreneurially-minded you could lead the field.

Crowdfunding's Not About You

I peruse a lot of crowdfunding campaigns in the course of a single day. Some of them catch my attention immediately. Not only that, but they hold onto it and occasionally make me reach into my pocket, pull out my debit card, and tap in the 16 digits it takes to become a proud contributor.

[Crowd Leader: David Alan Grier] It's All About Who Has the Control

Have you ever thought about comparing the evolution of music from hand written hymnals all the way to popular music to the evolution of work processes? Well, you have no choice, you're about to, and you'll be inspired in the process.

GeniusRocket CEO Steps Down

Peter LaMotte, CEO of GeniusRocket and Crowd Leader, announced that he has stepped down from his role at the video crowdsourcing agency. GeniusRocket was one of the first creative crowdsourcing companies, launching in 2007, and remains a fixture in the video crowdsourcing world.

The Importance of Social Bridgework

Much the way you shouldn't go about crowdfunding any project by yourself, you really shouldn't expect to reach a substantial goal of, say, $30,000 or more without doing the proper preliminary work, and one of the most important, yet highly overlooked aspects of this homework is building your audience first.

Three Crowdsourcing Projects that are Advancing the Medical Field

When it comes to utilizing the crowd, it's not always for just typing up documents or asking for design ideas. Significant strides have been made towards improving medical science and making the process more efficient and transparent, all thanks to a concerned and connected global community.