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William Shatner Content Audit as of 08-11-2013

Brown Bag Wine Tasting - Slap Shot

Meet Shawn, a restaurateur and avid hockey player. He joins Bill for a taste of wine. He describes it in terms of his favorite sport: Hockey! Will this wine win the Stanley Cup, or will it spend time in the penalty box? Watch this episode of "Brown Bag Wine Tasting" to find out!

Brown Bag Wine Tasting - Full of Special Effects

Trevor, a visual effects artist, shares a bottle of red wine with Bill. Will Trevor think that this wine gives him some special effects? Or will it be left on the cutting room floor? Find out on this episode of "Brown Bag Wine Tasting"!

William Shatner Cautions "Short Sale: There Goes The Neighborhood" Movie Investors

I have been contacted by investors who are being solicited by a company named Intercept films to invest in a movie called: Short Sale: There Goes the Neighborhood. The company's claim is that I am involved in this project. They have a website and a video on YouTube making this claim.

Brown Bag Wine Tasting - A Greek Taste of Wine

In this tasting, Bill meets Adam, a Greek restauranteur. Will Adam think this gets an A grade? Or will he give it some terrible service? Find out in this latest episode!

The Captains Close Up Press Release

EPIX ANNOUNCES THE PREMIERE OF WILLIAM SHATNER'S NEW STAR TREK THEMED MINI-SERIES, THE CAPTAINS CLOSE UP ON MAY 16 TH AS PART OF EPIX' "TREKKIE FEST" has announced the premiere of William Shatner's new LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 13, 2013 - Premium network Star Trek themed mini-series, The Captains Close Up on May 16th .

Was your career affected by Star Trek and Science Fiction?

I'm looking for true stories on how watching Star Trek (any series) affected your career decisions later in life. Did you go into a career in Science or Aviation or even become an Astronaut due to Star Trek and Science Fiction?

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Meet Rushme

In this episode, Bill meets Rushme, and she compares the wine to her work with computers and technology. Will she want to install this wine to her cupboard? Or will she drag this one to the trash?

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Film School

Bill meets with Dan, who works in admissions at a Film School. Will Dan give this wine two thumbs up, or will he call it a flop in a glass?

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: A Charitable Rating

The fifth webisode of William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting with Wells Fargo Foundation's Jonathan Weedman

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Lou Ferrigno

The fourth webisode of William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting with Actor/Bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno

Brown Bag Wine Tasting Episode 3

The third webisode of William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Beauty And The Best

The second webisode of William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting

William Shatner/Texas Lottery Cosplay Contest

Open to Worldwide fans. William Shatner will launch of the Texas Star Trek Lottery Scratch Card Game on March 30, 2013. There is a call for a mass cosplay of Star Trek characters to rally to the Dallas Convention Series at 10:00am on that date to break the Guiness Word Book of Records for the largest gathering of Star Trek outfitted attendees in one place.

Holiday Message from William Shatner???

Who is this bearded man? He looks familiar and he's sending a special message to William Shatner fans!

William Shatner's NASA PSA Video

William Shatner did a PSA for NASA's Spinoff Project on how some of the technologies developed for space travel have made their way into our lives.

Holiday Update to Shatoetry!

The Holiday Update to Shatoetry is here! If you have the app head over to the App Store and get your free update!

My New iPhone App: Shatoetry

Shatoetry takes the building blocks of communication - something that's universal to everyone - and makes them interactive and collaborative... so you get to create with me. You choose the words, and I'll perform them for you. It's a marvelously elegant creative tool.

What is Shatoetry?

This development has just come through the wire. We have been wondering what caused this major disturbance earlier at the William Shatner Global Headquarters and it appears now, with the help of our fans more details are coming to the surface. What we know now is that the source of the event has a name, SHATOETRY.

Something Happened at William Shatner's Office

I want to affirm the online reports that something has happened here at the Global Headquarters of Mr. William Shatner. Details on exactly what is happening are still somewhat sketchy right now but Mr. Shatner is releasing information on his twitter page

William Shatner's Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Bill Shatner introduces a new web series: Brown Bag Wine Tasting.

Bill is in a New Priceline Commercial!

Bill Shatner is appearing in a new Priceline Negotiator Commercial with Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuocco.