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Compendium Content Audit as of 08-11-2013

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs To Get Out Of 2008

I still hear a lot of marketers talking about Content Marketing Strategy as if it's still 2008. I hear folks talking about "Thought Leadership" and theories about companies becoming publishers and hiring journalists..."Branded Content". All well and good, but not nearly good enough.

A Journalist or a Marketing Professional: Who Is Best Equipped to Lead Your Content Marketing Effort?

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager In our white paper, " Calm the Chaos of Content Marketing," we recommend 10 things every business should do to achieve success in this increasingly important marketing category. No. 1 on the list? Hire a chief content officer. Sure, that's a lofty title.

Where to Find Your Images for Your Blog

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management "A picture is worth a thousand words." It's never been truer than today. We live in a visual world. Attention spans are short, and even search rankings are now determined by your visual content as well as your copy. So how do you stand out?

My first week at Compendium!

By Dante Cook My first week has been a little different than I expected... I knew I was going to be working with and learning from an amazing team of people. I knew the company had the best Content Marketing Software in an industry that was poised to explode.

The ROI Laboratory: 7 Key Metrics Every Content Marketer Should Be Measuring

By Corey Kime Marketing Operations Specialist As a content marketing director, you need to know how your program is doing and report results to your clients and/or superiors. With analytics packages these days, you can measure just about anything you can imagine. But can is not the same as should.

Best of the Web: Advice with Content Marketing Metrics

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management It's a conundrum faced by marketers everywhere: How can we prove the impact of our messaging on our company's bottom line? In some ways, it's always been unfair. (I mean, are shoe salesmen responsible for both getting people in the door and selling shoes to them?)

Floyd, Compendium's High Flying Frog

By Mark Lintern Implementation Specialist Compendium has a new employee. Meet Floyd, the high flying frog. This high flyer may look a little green, but that's just because he is envious of your Content Marketing potential. Floyd wants to help you: Leap your business to new levels.

Customer Persona Essentials: How to Make Your Content Connect

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager "C'mon, you know Allison. She's a financial analyst, married to that guy who owns his own landscape design firm. They have three children and live in that neighborhood near the new high school." Whatever you can do to visualize someone within a demographic-even give him or her a name-makes communicating infinitely easier.

5 Important Statistics for Mobile Content Marketing

By James Paden Vice President of Product Here are five of the most important statistics surrounding content marketing and mobile usage, and two critical action points based on the statistics. The following statistics are gathered from Compendium's 300 clients and represents a snapshot of content marketing across a wide variety of industries and organization sizes.

Typography and the Web

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager With thousands of typefaces at the ready, anyone can design a webpage. But not just anyone can design a good webpage. Web design is a tricky business, and when it comes to typefaces, there's often a fine line between beautiful and illegible.

Incentivize Your Employees to Contribute Content

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager Successful organizations of all sizes-from one employee to thousands-sit on rich wells of content that never get tapped into. Those wells are called employees. Peter Drucker nailed it: "The most valuable assets of a 20th-century company were its production equipment.

Content Is A Data Attribute!

I was talking to a young man the other day who was looking to hire an entry level marketing person. The goal ( he's got a recruiting business) is to build a database: The conversation went something like this: Me: A Database?

Bizo Launches Their Content Hub!

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management I wanted to briefly share another great Compendium customer update this morning. Bizo has officially launched their Content Hub and is really leading their space in a full-fledged content marketing program. Nice work!

Recruiting Talent for Content Marketing Success

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management So you're ready to jump into content marketing. You've got the go-ahead and the budget from upstairs. Now all you need to do is hire the right people and put them in the right positions to ensure success.

Client Highlight: Thank You, Gymboree Play & Music!

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management Upon walking into the office today, our team was pleasantly surprised to find an Edible Arrangement sent by our wonderful customer Gymboree! Gymboree recently ran a TV campaign and the Compendium Support and Engineering teams went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly on the content marketing side of things.

Function Over Form: Smart Design Online

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager When visitors choose your website-whether from a search, a recommendation or an embedded link-they are looking for something. They have a need, and they are convinced by your company's name, custom URL, company description or accompanying copy that what you have to offer may be exactly what they're looking for.

Crafting Your Content Strategy: The All-Important First Step in the Planning Process

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management What is job No. 1 in a content marketing initiative? Content, of course! You and your team need to decide what you want to cover and the people you want to reach with your message. And that takes planning. An article in Inc.

How to Build Customer Personas

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager A persona is defined as "a written representation of your website's intended users." This fictional person can help you identify major user groups of your website. Personas then help your marketing team-they can use these personas to focus your efforts on the users' goals and needs.

Beyond Likes and Follows: Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media Campaigns

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management Let's face it-we all want to be liked. People. Corporations. Nonprofits. Startups. But in social media, there's much more than just being liked, linked or followed. How do you really know if your social media campaigns are effective? Metrics.

9 B2B Content Marketing Ideas

Here is a guest post from Sharon Ernst of WeKnowWords.... So you're ready to ramp up your B2B content marketing... The next question is, what to do? What B2B content marketing tactics should you be considering? When it comes to B2B, your prospects are usually looking for information.

Content Marketing for Any Industry

By Jim Brown Director of Business Development I know what you're thinking: "Content marketing is great, but it won't work for my industry. I don't have anything worthwhile to say!" I can promise you that simply isn't the case.

Best of the Web: User Experience Advice and Blogs

By Clayton Stobbs Director of Account Management It wasn't that long ago that blogs were little diaries of someone's unique experiences and observations. While tons of that type of blog still exist, blogs are now recognized more as legitimate business communications tools.

5 Key Questions to Ask Before Developing Customer Personas

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager Let's be very clear about one thing: The only way to ensure that an investment in content marketing will pay off is to know your target audience. And the more narrowly you focus your content based on that knowledge, the more effective your strategy will be.

Use Content to Fuel Location Based Marketing

What exactly is "Location Based Marketing"? This really just refers to marketing delivered to a person based on their location. In the very early days of online and mobile there was this idea that when a person walked by your store you would text them an offer.

Customer Personas: How Many Do You Need?

By Kaila Garrison Marketing Manager It's a common question: How many personas should a business develop as part of an effective content strategy? Our answer: the right number. OK, so that's a bit cryptic. But the point is there's no magic formula for the number of personas that will drive the best results for your content marketing program.