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Pam Didner Content Audit as of 08-11-2013

Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive

Keeping cultural traditions alive once you move out and are on your own can be a struggle. Not only do some traditions require extensive time (baking all day, creating certain crafts, etc.), but they also can be a hefty financial investment if you don't have the correct supplies.

How to Apply Marketing Research and Trends to Your Job | Savory Bites Blog | Pam Didner

As marketers, we are bombarded with a myriad of data, research and analytics everyday. We can find almost everything on the Internet, yet, how do we comprehend and internalize the data out there?

Is Independence a Crucial Component of Happiness?

Ultimately, everyone wants to be happy. How this is achieved may be different for each individual, but perhaps not as different as we all think. Recent research is showing that independence may not only be linked to happiness, but may in fact be it's very foundation.

How Content Curation Can Benefit Your Blog

Image source here. As a blogger who works full-time, I plan my editorial with a mix of original content and curated content. I write 1-2 blogs a week, then I curate 3 rd party content via PublishThis and showcases selective third party content in a newspaper format while the offerings from PublishThis are in blog form.

Where have all the journalists gone?

"...According to the blog Papercuts, newspapers laid off 12,299 journalists in the first 10 months of 2008. ...What does a newspaper look like if it is no longer a newspaper? ...Paper 2.0 will work with and support collections of bloggers, entrepreneurs, citizens, and communities that gather and share news..."

A Boy's Summer of Self-Discovery

My boys came home from a month-long summer camp on Monday. They were totally energized, rejuvenated and refreshed, even though they had not slept for over 30 hours. Staying up the entire final night with their bunkmates is a camp tradition. After all, they won't see each other again until next year, assuming they go back again.

Holistic Evaluation of your Global Marketing

One interesting part of my job as a Global Integrated Marketing Manager is to consolidate regional marketing metrics and provide an overall assessment on our marketing efforts. Yes, in a way, I create a global marketing report card. Here are 5-steps to create a global marketing report card: Create a report card template Each company's report card may be different.

Making Time For Yourself

Life gets crazy from time to time and we get busy. Really busy. Sometimes it can be overwhelming working and trying to making time for yourself and your friends and family. Below are some helpful tips on how to manage your schedule, relax and not feel guilty about taking a little me time every now and again.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Pursuit Recipe: All-American, Transformative Courage Roast

Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest serving First Lady of the United States. She was active in politics and admired for taking controversial stands on racial issues and actively holding press conferences, speaking at events and writing a newspaper column, something no First Lady prior had done.

How to Build Sustainable Idea Sourcing from Your Customers

When I think of sustainable crowd sourcing, two prominent examples come to my mind: Dell's Idea Storm and Starbuck's My Starbucks Idea. Both used 's Idea platform. Idea Storm was launched in February 2007, while Startbucks was launched in March, 2008. Both celebrated their 5th Anniversary milestone, which is quite amazing.

Finding Your Place in a New City

Have you recently moved after graduating college or relocated to pursue a new career? Moving to a brand new place on your own can be very scary. You face the challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, making new friends, and really feeling like you belong.

How do you know when to disconnect?

Are you addicted to that little screen on your phone? Are you constantly having the urge to check your Facebook, e-mail or instant messenger? If you are not checking your Facebook, e-mail or texts, you feel the need to browse. We all find ways to keep ourselves busy with our phones.

3 Key Tips for Global Marketing

I had the honor of speaking on Cindy King's International Stories Podcast on June 18th. I discussed the importance of creating a go-to global marketing plan, and offered my tips and insights on global marketing. Here are 3 key-takeaways from the podcast: 1) There is always a great debate between global vs.

Pursuit Recipes of the Week

Could you use a bit of inspiration this weekend? Learn how you can enjoy the journey of life with these two recipes from Rachel C. and Scott B! What inspires you? Submit your own Pursuit Recipe here and I'll make a $5 donation to World Pulse!

What are the Essentials Skills for a Content Strategist?

I often wonder what skills are needed for a content strategist. This graph by Richard Ingram from Rahel Anne Bailie and Noz Urbina's book, Content Strategy, pretty much highlights most of the skills that a content strategist should possess. I'd call the skills listed on the graph as "hard and specific."

Consider These Three Factors When Implementing Content Strategy for Mobile

Karen McGrane's new book, Content Strategy for Mobile, was the best goodie in the Confab goodie bag. The book outlines the content challenges for mobile and the processes to tackle them. Her writing very much reflects who she is-witty, quirky, smart and funny. The book is a pleasant and quick read, full of examples and case studies.

Happy Father's Day!

High-five, Dads! In honor of Father's Day coming up, here's a selection of insightful and thoughtful articles dedicated to dads. Also, did you know emperor penguin fathers take responsibility of the eggs after they are hatched? This week's Family Dinner Table Talk, from HuffPost and The Family Dinner book: This coming Sunday is Father's Day.

Three Key Actions from Crestodina's Content Chemistry

Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina is a 100-page handbook, which not only tells you how to create and repurpose content, but also illustrates how content plays a critical role in SEO, e-mail campaigns and social. If content marketing is new to you, this book is for you!

Content Marketing Round-Up

I was honored to speak at Confab Minneapolis June 4th and had the great opportunity to attend Content Marketing sessions from other speakers. Below are a selection of informative and insightful articles on Content Marketing Strategy. Pick up a few new tips & tracks for your current strategy!

Helen Keller's Pursuit Recipe: Steel-Cut Determination and Courage

Helen Keller was a courageous American author, activist, and humanitarian. Although deaf and blind, she overcame her disabilities and learned how to communicate, inspiring millions of people with her books and speeches. Inspired by her outspoken activism and will to help others, below is a Pursuit Recipe dedicated to Helen Keller: Do you have a recipe to submit?

Confab Minneapolis Wrap-Up

(Image via @macgeidt on Instagram) I had the pleasure of speaking about how to Plan, Create, Amplify and Measure Content at Confab in Minneapolis on June 4th. You can view my presentation here: I'd love to hear your comments! Try covering four ambitious topics in 45 minutes!

Nadia's Pursuit Recipe: The Impossible is Possible

Follow your heart. The impossible is possible! Get inspired by Nadia's Pursuit Recipe below.

When it comes to a career, should you follow your passion or look elsewhere?

Image source. Determining the best career route is a big decision, and often times one people struggle with. Should you do what you love, do what you're good at, or do what will make you the most successful?

Is It About the Nail?

Originally published on the Huffington Post on June 26, 2013. Jason Headley did a great job conveying what seems to be a complicated relationship story in its simplest form. I was laughing so hard that I decided to write a blog about it. First, take a minute to watch this hilarious video.

Pursuit Recipes of the Week

What ingredients do you pack up to enjoy your creative journey? Take a break from your busy week and get inspired! Explore these two uplifting recipes from Cindy P. and Sherry H., and submit your own here!