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4 Reasons You Should Choose Polycarbonate Sheet over Glass

Similar in appearance, but superior in strength and longevity - Polycarbonate sheet is the perfect alternative to glass for many reasons.



Achieving a durability rating of up to 250 times stronger than conventional glass, polycarbonate sheet is exceptionally durable, if not virtually indestructible. This makes it the perfect alternative to glass if you know there will be high wear and tear in the application, or a risk of it routinely being damaged, hit, or dropped. Some common examples could include window inserts for commercial buildings, police car dividers, sports arena safety guards used in sports like baseball and hockey, and much more.


Chemical Resistance

Unlike glass, polycarbonate sheet offers chemical resistance that will prevent it from being impacted by any chemical exposure involved in your application. Businesses like chemical processing companies will utilize this material for added safety near equipment, and allowing plant engineers to observe the processes with minimal risk of injury .


Heat and Flame Resistance

Another key advantage to optioning for this material is its resistance to both heat and flame. This makes it ideal for any laboratory setting, along with products like automotive parts and numerous electronics. This can also make it a safer material to use in building construction, as it will not serve as a potential hazard if a fire were to occur.


UV Filter

Less commonly thought about, but still an important feature, polycarbonate sheet offers great UV resistance that glass does not. This makes it perfect for applications like greenhouses, as it will allow in the perfect amount of light and warmth for the plants, without introducing the damaging effects of UV rays. This can also make it a great material for outdoor patio accessories, as you can keep the ambiance of a sunny day, while limiting your amount of UV exposure. Polycarbonate sheet can be configured in various tints.