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New Facebook insights: What you need to know for your business

You might have noticed that Facebook Insights have changed. So, what's the big deal; what's new? There's a lot of new metrics and ways Facebook is showing you what your audience is doing online. This post provides an overview of what they mean and how to interpret them.

Quick take: Email marketing for small business [Infographic]

Email is still the most used and effective marketing tool according to Target Marketing's 2012 Media Usage Survey. Is your small business using email marketing to collect leads, demonstrate your expertise and engage with your customers?

Do people know where you are?

Whether you are a new business or an established one, having a developed relationship with the community is vital for the longevity of your establishment. More often than not, most people will be curious about new businesses and will jump at the chance to see what you are about; however, if you don't spread the word, no one will know you exist.

Top 8 B2B marketing mistakes (Part 2)

And we are back. I am Dr. Alyx* and earlier this week we diagnosed and resolved four of the most common B2B marketing mistakes. Today, we're diving in again. Before we start, I want to remind you of my previous marketing prescription: we all make mistakes, so we need to set our egos aside, be honest with ourselves, forgive ourselves, and then fix the problem.

Top 8 B2B marketing mistakes (Part 1)

I am Dr. Alyx* and I am here to diagnose and resolve 8 of the most common B2B marketing mistakes. Disclaimer: this is a safe place. A place for content marketers to be open and honest with themselves. A place for content marketers to recognize and face their mistakes.

How to manage all those content channels

Seems like everyone is talking about content lately. OK, let's face it, it's not just lately, you've known for a while that you should have a blog and your small business should be using social media. So, how are you supposed to have time to run your small business AND learn how to manage content?

How to use employee branding

You may have never heard of employee branding, but experts are saying it is one of the top content marketing trends of 2013, so it's time to jump on the bandwagon.

Why more Facebook likes don't equal better reach

Have you ever noticed that when you get together with your friends and family they aren't necessarily fully informed on all the details that you've shared on Facebook? Have you ever gotten the "well, you should know, I posted it on Facebook," (insert sad-face from a distant friend you're finally catching up with face-to-face)?

Nurture leads with an awesome website

Are you putting effort into your website? Do you have a systematic approach set up to nurture leads as they come in to your company's site? Even something as simple as a contact form so that potential customers can contact you for additional information?

10 tricks for keeping your $**t organized

Staying organized in today's tricky marketing world can be...let's face it, sometimes impossible. Here are 10 tricks for keeping your marketing organized and in check. 1. Use an editorial content calendar I like to think of an editorial content calendar similar to my marathon training calendar.

Content marketing: Let's get this party started!

Maybe I'm having too much fun at work, or maybe content marketing really is exactly like throwing a party. A content party. Let me break it down for you. Pick a venue Where is this party taking place; where will you be marketing your content?

Twitter marketing how-to

115 million. This is the number of active Twitter users every month according to a study done by Statistic Brain on May 7, 2013. That is a huge number. Why wouldn't want to market your business on Twitter?

Social Media: Choosing the right channels

Are you new to social media or thinking about joining a new channel? In the midst of likes, tweets, pins and pluses, it can be overwhelming to digest what's popular versus what's right for your business. The most important thing to remember is it's better to actively participate in a few social media channels rather than be everywhere all at once.

Content marketing: The starting line for business

Content marketing is an important part in building a business, but what is it? Content marketing is a process of providing relevant information to your customers-to give them the information they seek-that in turn showcases your expertise and ultimately drives them to take action.

How to edit your content for responsive web design

Responsive web design ( RWD) is no longer an "upcoming" technology trend; it is here and it is time for your business to make the switch. One of the scariest parts of moving from a traditional site to RWD (a site that automatically resizes content and layout depending on the type of screen your visitors are using) is deciding what to do with the content.

Email marketing; it isn't over yet

I am here to dispel a rumor that drives me crazy. Despite what you may hear, email is not dead and you can quote me on that. Social media is a growing, successful and powerful form of communication, but it is meant to be used in conjunction with email, not to replace it.

My break from Facebook

I took a break from Facebook this week. For some, this may not seem like a huge deal; it was for me. Considering that I own a content marketing firm, a huge portion of our work is done online (and that includes a lot of time spent on Facebook).

Why small businesses are failing (and what to do about it)

I'm tired of small business owners with the "woe is me attitude." There, I said it. I spend hours talking with business owners about the importance of breaking the mold, of going where their competition hasn't been-of creating change. They nod, in what seems to be an understanding, and then they keep on keeping on with the same old tactics.

How to run a Facebook contest

Itching to give something away? Want to show your Facebook fans you appreciate them, maybe pick up some new fans? It's time for a Facebook contest. Here's how you're going to do it. Invent a contest The first step to a successful Facebook contest is to have a creative idea that will engage your audience.

How not to have a social media meltdown: What we can learn from Amy's Baking Company

If you've been online at all last week, you've probably heard of Amy's Baking Company. There was a bit of a social media meltdown. A meltdown so severe, actually, that it has prompted them to claim they were hacked and host a grand reopening in hopes of offsetting some of the damage done.

Who's your audience? 5 elements of a digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing requires more work than simply sending out an email or posting on Facebook. Like a print campaign, you need to complete a marketing strategy before creating content. If you want to avoid a frustrating, unsuccessful digital marketing campaign, follow the steps below to create a simple, but effective, strategy.

Overcoming creative block: 3 tips to refresh

Let's face it; being creative takes some serious work, dedication and a little bit on luck. A particular episode of Mad Men comes to mind, when thinking about creative block. Don Draper, an advertising executive in the 1960s, is tasked with creating a new branding campaign for Lucky Strike to combat recent medical reports proving cigarettes are poor for your health.

What you need to know before jumping on the mobile marketing train

You have no doubt heard a lot about mobile marketing as a tool that B2B and B2C marketers should get behind. There are more mobile phones than there are TVs on the Earth and 90% of those that have a smartphone have it near them at any given time of the day.

Quick take: Email marketing for small business [Infographic]

Email is still the most used and effective marketing tool according to Target Marketing's 2012 Media Usage Survey. Is your small business using email marketing to collect leads, demonstrate your expertise and engage with your customers?

Content calendars: Why and how

This content marketing thing is hot. In fact, 91% of in-house marketers are using it and 90% of digital marketing professionals expect it to gain in importance. I'd tell you about the other 10% of companies not using content marketing and how they're doing, but I have no idea who they are and you probably haven't heard of them either.