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Media Is Power Content Audit as of 08-10-2013

Can Amazon's CEO Save The Washington Post?

Yesterday's news that CEO Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million stunned the media industry. Of the various perspectives on the topic, here are four I found relevant and interesting. The Washington Post Is Being Sold to Jeff Bezos.

3 Reasons Agencies Should Work With Startups

Image courtesy Flikr user Jacob Bøtter. Startup activity in the United States has grown well beyond the coasts, as cities nationwide see the impact these early-stage companies have on local economies. This invention ecosystem is particularly strong in my hometown of Cincinnati. As a hub of

Look Before Leaping Onto the Digital OOH Bandwagon

Despite those who proclaim the downfall of "traditional" and "offline" media, out-of-home (OOH) continues to grow. According to Media Post, the industry took in $1.5 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2013, a 4.5-percent lift from the year before. This marks the 12 th straight quarter of increases.

3 Short-Form Content Tips From News App Circa

Image via Venturebeat. In a world where sites like Instagram, Tumblr and BuzzFeed capture an increasing amount of consumer attention, what do brands need to know to make short-form content creation second nature? Media is Power posed this question to Circa CEO and co-founder Matt Galligan for his

Viggle App Rewards TV Watchers

According to Nielsen, 85 percent of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching television. Three-year-old mobile app Viggle aims to take advantage of this increasingly-common use of the second screen. App Rewards Multimedia Multitasking Viggle is built on a solid concept: Reward an already-established consumer habit - multitasking media consumption.

5 Powerful Ad Retargeting Techniques

Image courtesy iMedia Connection. When it comes to customer acquisition, the next best tactic after search engine marketing is retargeting. The concept of retargeting, however, is much larger and more complicated than what many brands may be used to. On a macro level, we'll use this definition of

#waywire Brings Context, Curation to Online Video

Image courtesy Considering the mind-boggling amount of video content on the Web - 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube alone - curation and context are a necessity. A new site called #waywire aims to help users bring order to the chaos and, of course,

3 Tips for Respecting Consumers' Online Privacy

Online privacy is back in the spotlight after recent incidents including the NSA spying revelation and changes to well-established privacy laws such as the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). As these events unfold, consumers continue to harbor significant skepticism toward online service providers.

2013 Upfront Results (Finally) Arriving

At the start of the 2013 upfront season, we gazed into our crystal ball and made some predictions as to how the negotiations would play out. While we've gained some clarity in the past few weeks, the future is still surprisingly murky.

Is BuzzFeed the Key to Highly Shareable Content?

The listicle clearinghouse, pop-culture commerce engine and general meme-propagating juggernaut, BuzzFeed, has been gaining traction across a range of media outlets recently. From the National Republican Congressional Committee copying BuzzFeed's content strategy via The Atlantic to Jonah Peretti's algorithm that purportedly guarantees virality via New York Magazine, BuzzFeed is top of mind for anyone trying to craft compelling, shareable content.

Dig Beneath the Surface: Broader Implications of Responsive Design

In today's multiscreen world, brands can't rely on a one-size-fits-all website. Enter responsive Web design. Sites created using responsive design techniques automatically rearrange their content to fit the size of the device on which they are being viewed. Developers using these techniques recognize consumers' desire to have a seamless experience regardless of the device in hand.

Samsung Takes a "New" Approach to Content Marketing

Samsung teamed up with Foursquare to create Time Machine, a co-branded microsite that turns a consumer's Foursquare history into content. Users can watch their history unfold in real time, get recommendations on the 'next big thing" to visit and share their history in infographic form. MoMA's

Can an Online Video GRP Measure Success?

Image courtesy Television is the dominant ad medium for many advertisers, as witnessed by the 2013 upfront, which will realize nearly $20 billion in TV advertising. Yet every year more people choose to watch at least some television content online. It's one reason why eMarketer

Facebook Simplifies Ads in Play for Paid Media Relevance

Image courtesy Nanigans. Facebook marketing is complicated. In many ways, it's too complicated. Marketers have to navigate the waters of EdgeRank to make sure their content makes it to the News Feed, choose from multiple ad formats to find the one that best meets their objectives, follow specific

The Current State of Online Video

Talk about hitting fast-forward. In less than a decade, the online video space has morphed from a novelty enjoyed by those lucky enough to have broadband Internet connections to a major entertainment channel that influences pop culture. So much has happened that it's worthwhile to pause, assess the current state of online video and suggest ways marketers can tap into this opportunity.

How Television Ads Make the Case for Content Marketing

If you're wondering why the graphic above is paired with the title of this article, you should be. Fundamentally, content marketing lives in a completely different world with different methodologies, practitioners and measurements. It is an inbound mechanism.

NYT & Tumblr on Sponsored Stories, Journalists' Content Marketing Tips & Measuring Content's Impact

The latest sampling of content marketing links shows the mainstream media's ongoing test-and-learn approach to content marketing, along with tips to hone our approach to content creation and measurement. New York Times Is Said to Consider More Sponsored Stories | Bloomberg: The New York Times is considering more sponsored stories as it seeks "new sources of revenue after 10 straight quarters of declining newspaper ad sales."

2013 Upfront Predictions & Prognostications: Part 2

In part 1 of our upfront predictions, we made some overall predictions on how the season might unfold. In this post, we're taking a closer look at specific programming trends that have emerged. The Morning Ratings Race In the past year, ABC's "Good Morning America" accomplished something it

2013 Upfront: Predictions & Prognostications: Part 1

The retail industry waits all year for the holiday shopping season. The broadcast media industry waits all year for the upfronts. In both situations, sellers work feverishly to create that year's smash hit, and buyers work just as hard to get the best deals. Of course, observers watch the action

Twitter's Lead Generation Cards Are Latest In-Stream Ad Opportunity

Twitter's new Lead Generation Cards are the latest example of convergence in the advertising industry as social media and search create more in-stream opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. According to Mashable, the cards let users "easily and securely share their email address with a

Understanding & Closing the Generation Gap

In the context of art and design, minimalism describes a technique in which the artist uses just a few simple elements to create a dramatic effect.

Insights From the 2013 NewFronts

Pundits covering the media and marketing industries haven't agreed on what the NewFronts - digital media's answer to the traditional upfronts - mean for the industry. That didn't stop us from attending this year's presentations and attempting to make sense of it all. NewFronts ≠ New

4 Tips to a Healthy Media Mix: INFOGRAPHIC

May officially brings us into the growing season. As a communication planner, I see some similarities between gardening and creating a media plan. Media is Power serves up the similarities for you below as tips - in infographic format.

2013 Upfronts Creating TV-Worthy Drama

This year's upfront presentations have all the elements of a great prime-time television drama: a relatable protagonist, the troublemaking antagonist, a mysterious dark horse and tantalizing clues about what it all means. This year's saga started in early spring with chatter and rumors of upcoming shows and stars.

Programmatic Buying: 5 Whys & Watch-Outs

As you probably know by now, programmatic buying is one of the louder buzzwords we hear today. Simply put, it stands for the technology-enabled purchase of media inventory. Business Insider provides another, albeit longer, definition.