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Background Lookup

A person can check a potential employee's criminal history by requesting a background check.

National Criminal Background Check

Searches millions of county and other criminal court records, including all levels of criminal history, from infractions to very serious violent felonies.

Are There Criminals Around You And Your Loved Ones? You May Be Surprised

Are there criminals around you and your loved ones? Find out now by using Glad I Know. As the saying goes, the average person will walk past 10 murderers during their lifetime.

How to Obtain Your Criminal History Record

Check the FBI's National Crime Information Center to see if your criminal history is listed. Glad I Know will provide you with the most comprehensive information on FBI Background check, criminal records search online, and criminal history records that you require.

First Step When Investing: Search the Founder of the Company | Gladiknow

Currently, right now, there are so many new and exciting products coming out. Let's say new technology excites you, and you want to get in on the action, but you are not creative enough to come up with your own product.

Bankruptcy Case Search Made Easy

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the first things people do when they want to get out of debt. However, if the credit bureau is closed, how can I check a person's bankruptcy filing?

Bankruptcies Record Search | Glad I Know

Search may include the personal and business bankruptcy filings from all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Motor Vehicle Record Search | Glad I Know

Search may include Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Year of Manufacture, Make, Model, Engine, Vehicle Equipment, Size and Mileage.

4 Reasons Online Background Check On Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? Learn why you need to complete an online background check on your neighbors and their past.

Public Record Civil Court Action

This is a county level search for civil court records, including lawsuits, small claims, judgments, and other monetary related matters.

Civil District Court Online Records - Gald I Know

This is a county level search for civil court records, including lawsuits, small claims, judgments, and other monetary related matters.

How to Find a Long Lost Friend in USA

If you are interested in reaching out to old friends and acquaintances, here are some great tips to find people on the internet and reconnect with your friends. Many peoples are separated from their friends at a young age.

Learn How To Search And Find People Online Using Glad I Know

Learn how to find someone online with Glad I Know. Run a quick online person search to find the history of certain people.

Phone Plus Advance Search & Reverse Phone Lookup | Glad I Know

Searches 405+ million phone numbers and may include cell phone and unlisted numbers, phone type (cell or landline), name, address, and carrier.

How to Find a Phone Number or Email Address On Facebook

Learn how you can search for a phone number using the social media platform Facebook and see what profiles come up attached to that phone number at