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This Independence Day, These Surprising Voices Honor Our Freedom

There's poignancy to seeing Egypt wake up on July 4th with a new government, new fears and new hope, driven by the apparent will of the people. As an American, it's also complicated. Egypt's first democratically-elected president has been deposed and arrested by the military. Yet that president, who previously claimed [...]

Bono's Moving Serenade Of Warren Buffett [VIDEO]

Video When Bono, one of the greatest entertainers of modern times, presents an award, he does it in rock star style. And when Warren Buffett, one of the greatest philanthropists in human history, accepts one, he makes the crowd laugh, cry and think. The result, as seen Wednesday night at the [...]

Bill Gates And Bono: 'Partners In Crime' Discuss Their Collaboration For Good [VIDEO]

VideoThe richest man in the world and the biggest rock star in the world made a rare joint appearance Wednesday at the second annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, discussing the genesis of their partnership, friendship and their goals as they work together going forward. Bill Gates and Bono joined approximately [...]

Courtside Jones and Talani Goodson Prove the American Dream Is Alive and Well

With the NBA Finals now teed up, so is Talani Goodson. The creator of "Courtside Jones," which airs new episodes every Sunday on Fox Sports Net, is busy lining up a never-ending parade of basketball legends and hoops fans to share their stories. As with the San Antonio Spurs, I still [...]

How Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine Became The World's Most Influential -- And Profitable -- Cookbook

The most unromantic dinner for two in the history of epic eating recently went down outside Seattle. The participants: me and Nathan Myhrvold, the legendary technologist who, armed with the tens of millions he earned helping Bill Gates popularize software at Microsoft, has reinvented himself as the world's most renowned food scientist.

Bill Gates - In Photos: Forbes 400 Billionaires Who've Signed the Giving Pledge

Bill Gates and wife Melinda, together with Warren Buffett, cooked up the idea for the Giving Pledge--an effort to get America's wealthiest families to give away at least 50% of their wealth during their lifetimes, or upon their deaths, and write a letter explaining why.

The Giving Pledge Goes Global -- Warren Buffett Details America's Latest 'Export'

Ever since Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates formed the Giving Pledge in 2010, enlisting American billionaires to commit at least half of their wealth to charity, one question has hovered: why did the founders focus solely on domestic fortunes? The reason, Buffett now tells Forbes: "I felt we [...]

Super Bowl? Inside the Blacked-Out Superdome, It Was the Surreal Bowl

NEW ORLEANS -- The first Super Bowl in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, held at the Mercedes Benz Superdome, a building constructed for football, made infamous as a shelter for the city's drenched refugees in 2005 and now named for a luxury German car company, was already full of imagery [...]

Meet the Real Hero of Today's Super Bowl, Steve Gleason

Football fans stand poised on this Super Bowl Sunday to permanently deify the likes of those whose success has come preternaturally (Colin Kaepernick) or those whose off-the-field debits wash out the credits (Ray Lewis). Last night, I spent some quality time with an NFL player who will show off his skills at [...]

30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs

see photosClick for full photo gallery: 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs It was a standing ovation no one expected, least of all 26-year-old Maggie Doyne, trembling with nervousness as she addressed the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy in June. After all, the audience consisted of 161 billionaire and near-billionaires, from Warren [...]

30 Under 30: Food And Wine

see photosWalter Smith for ForbesClick for full photo gallery: 30 Under 30 : Food & Wine How much young talent is out there in the world of edibles and potables? Enough that, when putting together the second annual Forbes 30 Under 30 for this field, we decided to retire last year's [...]

How David Petraeus Mastered the Media

Willy Stern and I first met as Forbes 400 sleuths two decades ago. He is a world-class journalist, who went on to do serious military reporting -- including many dealings with General David Petraeus. An insightful guest column below. By Willy Stern The evening before he was sworn in as CIA chief, [...]

The Forbes Election Pool: Obama, Romney and the Wisdom of Crowds

I'm a big proponent of markets as a predictive tool. When folks put up money, it means a lot of more than what they talk up or Tweet. So as a little exercise in the wisdom of crowds, 25 of the bigger (or at least more action-craving) brains here each put [...]

Extell: Editor's Note And Correction

On November 1st of last year, Forbes published an article on concerning Extell Development Company. The story said that Extell had failed to honor certain charitable commitments it made as part of a charity boxing event in November 2007. Extell contacted Forbes following publication of the story to deny [...]

Go North, Young Man: This City Will Find You a Six-Figure Job, No Questions Asked

Today's unemployment figures show some upward movement in terms of hiring. The 7.8% unemployment number is lower than when President Obama took office, but it's still lousy by historical standards, and it, of course, omits those who have given up looking for work entirely. Two weeks ago, however, I traveled to [...]

Inside the $126 Billion Forbes Cover

What does $126 billion look like? With the picture above, probably the wealthiest portrait ever taken, you now know. This photograph, which graces the cover of the 30th anniversary issue of the Forbes 400, crowned an incredible event. On June 26, 2012, 161 billionaires and near-billionaires came together in New York [...]

The Forbes 400 Summit: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and the Greatest Roundtable of All Time

In June FORBES convened the greatest-ever gathering of philanthropists: 161 billionaires or near-billionaires intent on solving the world's most intractable problems. Six legends--Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Case, David Rubenstein and Leon Black, who have collectively committed more than $100 billion of personal wealth--sat down to debate the highs and lows of giving back.

Bill Gates: My New Model For Giving

Click here for the extended video As the keynote speaker at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy this June, Bill Gates took the podium at the event's dinner at New York's Rubin Museum, and gave what portended to be a historic speech. In his talk, in front of 161 billionaire and [...]

Meet Warren Buffett's Secret Hero

Warren Buffett has made some $50 billion doing things his own way, so it was completely consistent that at The Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, held at the iconic main branch of the New York Public Library, rather than take a book out of the building, he brought one in.

The Mystery of the Wealthiest Magazine Cover Ever

Tomorrow morning, Forbes will unveil likely the wealthiest portrait ever taken - a $126 billion cover photograph, encompassing 12 of the greatest philanthropists in the world. The image, taken at this summer's Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, graces the front of the 30th Anniversary issue of the Forbes 400.

Meet the Most Ignorant Politician in America

On the first Sunday of the NFL season, the football topic that I'm finding myself most passionate about is the letter Maryland legislator Emmett C. Burns, Jr. sent to owner of the Baltimore Ravens. On the first read, it's ignorant. On reflection, it's dangerous. Some background for those who missed it: [...]

Inside Warren Buffett's Private Poker Game

Warren Buffett is a famously world-class bridge player, putting in 12 hours a week at the table, often with Bill Gates, and sponsoring the Buffett Cup, which mimics golf's Ryder Cup, except with cards. "Every hand fascinates me," he recently told me, in explaining this obsession.

Will the NCAA's Penn State Penalties Lead to More Scandals?

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) On a visceral and moral level, it's hard to find fault with the NCAA's decision this morning to smack the Penn State football program with a two-by-four, including a four-year bowl ban, a decade-plus of rescinded victories, fewer scholarship slots and a $60 million fine, to be used [...]

Jeremy Lin May Be The Dumbest Harvard Grad Ever

Sorry for the harsh headline, but I'm having a hard time coming up with any other conclusion. While I haven't checked the Harvard core curriculum lately, it must surely be light on math, psychology and logic, and completely devoid of Marketing 101. How else to explain the self-destructive actions of [...]