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The ultimate recipes list contains 5 min recipes , Healthy Recipes, snacks , cake and more

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we wanted to share recipes to the food lovers worldwide. The English is the only language We are using for sharing information for easy understanding for worldwide people who belongs to different region and speaking different languages.


Kumbhaniya Bhajiya | Surti Bhajiya Recipe | Surti Khumbhaniya Bhujiya

Do You Love Testy & Clod Weather Special Recipes?

If Yes then we are back with Kumbhaniya Bhajiya recipe OR we can say Surti Bhajiya Recipe Or Surti Khumbhaniya Bhujiya Recipe.

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Today we are back with new tricks in that we teach you the secret of Homemade Bread Recipe.

Do you know the White Bread Recipe?
How to make Bakery Style Bread?

If No? Then let's see here =>

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Did You Try Chikoo Ice Cream?

Did You Know The Chikoo Ice Cream Recipe?

Did You Know How to Make Chikoo Ice Cream?

If No? Then let's see here =>

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Today we are back with healthy vegetables recipe known as Mix Sprouts Sabji

So Lets Check this Interesting recipe article here =>

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Kaju Paneer Curry Sabji

Today we are back with an best indian combination recipe of Cashew nut and Cottage-Cheese (Paneer) Curry sabji.

lets look how to cook this delicious Recipe : Kaju Paneer Curry Sabji

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9 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

Food Lover?

if you dont want to be fattey or want to stay away from heart dieses then look this list of Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet and stop
right now.

To Stay Healthy in this pendamic and keep being healthy in future we have to avoid this foods.
check out here =>

Worthy Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Us - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

The amazing benefits of dragon fruit are very useful to weight loss and prevention of heart attack issues. Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Wonderful benefits of lemon water - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

In this blog, I have the list of Benefits of LemonWater. It is helpful for weight loss, Ultimate source of Vitamin C and good digestion.

We are back with Another Testy Sandwich Known as " Palak Paneer Sandwich | Cheese Spinach Sandwich | Palak Paneer Toast ".

A Toast Or Sandwich?

Combo, It is both sandwich and toast both that make it unique.

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5 Best Diwali Special Food Recipes

The Diwali is an indian festival of lights, sweets and firecrekars.

*In This festival people are sharing foods with eachother like Kaju katli, Carrot halwa, Ras malai, Coconut Barfi, Mawa peda. *

*So We are Today going to see how those recipes are made at home *

Wholesome benefits of papaya - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Here I mentioned some benefits of papaya. Which is helpful for current lifestyle. Take it on regular basis and see results into your health.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

*Food Experts Find Multiple benefits of Watermelon in terms of Health. *

*Watermelon is also helpful for people that have blood circulation problems. *

So let's Check out The Highly effective benefits of Watermelon here => Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

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All Time Favorite Food Of indian Peopeles are Basket Puri Chaat | Katori Chaat | Basket Chaat. All-Age Peoples love to eat Basket Puri Chaat.
This Katori Chaat has unique flavors with healthy filling water.

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French Beans Patties is one of the best Party Starter nowadays.

Did you know what is French Beans Patties?

French beans are the main ingredient of this Recipe. Also contain Vitamin B9, antioxidants, and many more.

The best thing about this recipe is taking only 10 minutes in cooking.

let's see how to make it =>

Make Eggless Mug Cake | 3 Min Microwave Mug Cake - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

*Today we are back with another super easy 3-minute recipe known as " Eggless Mug Cake ". The best thing about this cake is Eggless Mug Cake is made in the Microwave and takes only 3 minutes. Mug cakes made by those ingredients which goes to a normal cake but in a small quantity. *

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*We are back with another 7 best recipes and today we are presenting The Best 7 Chinese Food with its Recipe. *

Full Article =>7 Best CHINESE FOOD

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Winter is good for food lovers Because there are so many recipes for winter. Also, winter gives us a chance to recover health by eating healthy foods and staying fit in this fast world. Also in this pandemic situation, we have to eat healthy food and stay healthy to fight against all the diseases around us.

Full Article => 5 Winter Foods You Must Eat In Cold Season & It's Benefits

Homemade Coconut Chutney | Make Coconut Chutney - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Homemade coconut chutney prepared with less ingredients. This chutney is prepared with variations & every variation is a perfect combo.

Gulkand Roohafza Dessert Volcano | Gulkand Milkshake - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Gulkand Roohafza Dessert

Made with chilled milk, rose syrup & gulkand. Pour the Gulkand Roohafza Dessert into glasses, add ice cubes & serve.

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I personally believe that there is no one person in the world who will not love paneer and sandwich. Because those two has a special place in our heart and we all love both. paneer made sandwiches complete and sandwiches complete our hunger. so let's see how this delicious Tandoori Paneer Chili Sandwich or Cheese Chili Sandwich Recipe will cook.

Benefits of Pineapple Juice - Veg Recipes With Vaishali

Here I mentioned some Benefits of Pineapple Juice and limitations of Pineapple Juice. So take and get healthiness. Eat healthily, stay healthy.

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Today we are back with another Gujrati Recipe known as Dal Dhokli Recipe. Basically, it is dal and there is one thing known as Dhokli that will be added into dal, and it's done. In Gujrat, it is one of the loved Recipes of all time. it usually takes 15 minutes to cook and prepare and it is ready to eat yummy recipe.

Read Full Article Here => Dal Dhokli Recipe

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Flaxseed benefits – Helpful For good digestive health

Flaxseeds are raw and dried seeds. Flaxseed provides healthy fats, Anti-oxidants, and also helps in preventing cancer. like I said it is very useful for health and contains a lot of health-increasing vitamins.

Read Full Article Here => Helpful For good digestive health