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Paceco Content Audit as of 08-10-2013

L'Oréal Engages Women with Storytelling - Deborah Marquardt at Content+

Pace is delighted to have Deborah Marquardt as one of the speakers for the 2013 Content+ conference from Aug 14-16. Deborah is Senior Vice President of Digital Investment, Innovation and Content Strategy for L'Oréal USA. Her team is responsible for guiding digital strategy, partnerships and spending across media and content for the company's 28 U.S.

Journalism and Custom Content - Justin Catanoso at Content+

Pace is happy to have Justin Catanoso as a speaker at the 2013 Content+ conference. Justin is a senior lecturer and director of journalism at Wake Forest University with 30 years as a professional newspaper journalist. He is the founding executive editor of The Business Journal in the Triad in 1998, where he led a [...]

Four Seasons Magazine Wins Top Awards at Content Marketing Awards

This year Pace took home some serious bragging rights from the 2013 Content Marketing Awards, the largest awards program in North America for people who create content for brands and organizations. We are proud to announce the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Digital Content Program was named the best overall digital magazine and given top [...]

The NFL as a Brand - Mark Waller at Content+

We are proud to announce Mark Waller, Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL, as one of the distinguished speakers of the 2013 Content+ conference. Mark oversees all of the NFL's marketing, as well as its international activities. He is responsible for the league's long-term fan development and brand strategy.

Social Content Engines: Notes from Search Exchange 2013

What exactly is a social content engine, and how is it critical to the success of your social media - and more broadly, content marketing - efforts? That's the question I tried to address in my talk this week at Search Exchange 2013 in Charlotte, NC.

Social Media Analysis Tools: The Modern Approach to Market Research

Traditional marketing research has always been hailed as an important part of any product development process. The exhaustive research schedule brand managers know all too well sets expectations of how a new product will fare in the market. At least, that's what common research efforts have told us up until now.

Making the Most of Email Marketing Analytics

Many email marketing campaigns focus on quantity rather than quality of communication. While improving email-marketing metrics with quantity can seem deceptively successful, improving quality will always prove to be the better solution over time. A quality newsletter will add value where your audience needs it most.

Investing Resources in a YouTube Campaign

I recently wrote a post on whether or not YouTube was really the second biggest search engine, and one of our readers posted a thoughtful comment and question in response. After turning my reply into a small novel, I decided addressing his question in a post of its own might benefit everyone.

Mid Year Check-In: Social Media Marketing Tips for 2013 (So Far)

Remember the days when social media sites started out as personal sites to share life events with friends and simply stay in touch? Well, social media marketing has blossomed into a discipline and has become one of the most powerful online strategies for businesses, both online and offline.

Is YouTube Really the Second Largest Search Engine?

Search marketers and Google claim that YouTube is the second largest search engine, but is that really true? Let's start by defining a search engine. According to Webopedia, "search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found."

Build Your Website with Social Media

Social media has come a long way since the initial friend request and original 140 character post. Back in 2005, only 8% of internet users surveyed by Pew Research said they used social media. Today that number has grown to 67%. And while the role of social media is changing relationships as we know them [...]

Email Marketing: Metrics and How to Read Them

Getting an email list and writing great content is only part of the process. After the email goes out, it's up to you to collect the important metrics that help determine its success. Here are some of the most important metrics you should pay attention to and why: New Subscriber Rate Ideally, you should have [...]

Creating a Brand Newsroom for Walmart ... In Two Weeks or Less

The company has more than 2.2 million associates around the globe (roughly 5,000 of which would be in Arkansas for this event), and was looking for a way to capture and share their stories, quickly and at scale. To make this happen, Walmart tapped Pace, as we already create the Walmart World internal employee communications [...]

The Big Battle of Micro Videos: Vine vs Instagram

We can thank technology and the internet for our ever-dwindling attention spans. To feed our hunger for quick content, bite-sized videos became popular with Vine - the 6 second video sharing platform that made it easy for anyone to edit and publish real-time videos through social media.

Give Your Audience What They Want with Email Marketing

In the last post in this series, I discussed identifying your audience for your email marketing strategy. Next we're going to talk about making sure you deliver what your audience wants to see. Your email's message is vital from the subject line through to the unsubscribe link.

Get Custom: Personalization Improves Website Relevance

Ever feel like a website really "gets" you? Maybe it's reading your mind! Or maybe there's logic built in to the user experience to bring you content that piques your interest. Relax, there is no Big Brother involved. Marketers are simply becoming more savvy about adding various personalization techniques to their websites in order to [...]

Expanding the Four Seasons Magazine Content Ecosystem with Flipboard

Glossy celebrity tabloids and paperback mystery novels no longer comprise the vast bulk of summer beach-reading material. Today, with an ever-increasing rise in tablet and smartphone usage, we're a bit more cautious about getting sand on our fingers. Tapping and swiping our favorite blogs and media sites into view, we command the glowing screens of [...]

Email Marketing: Finding and Capturing Your Target Audience

There's a good chance you receive an email newsletter in your inbox. But why is it that you signed up for that email update in the first place? We are willing to bet that your interests played a part in this decision ... however, there's something more to it if you allow that email to [...]

We Want You! (And Your Content)

Over the years, brands have steadily increased their engagement with customers. The rise of social media has allowed consumers to have their voices heard by some of their favorite (and, in some cases, least favorite) brands. Have comments, questions or concerns? Brands want to hear it.

Trying to Live Responsive-ly - Reflecting on Responsive Design

Here at Pace, our very first responsive design project reminded me of my first t-ball game. It was an unseasonably chilly day and my ever-vigilant mother wrapped me in so many layers that I could barely move my arms, much less swing a bat. However, despite her best intentions I was able to hit the [...]

Ready to Redesign? 5 Reminders for the Road Ahead from Four Seasons Magazine

So you're a magazine creative who's just heard or uttered the "R word." Redesign! It's enough to strike panic into an editorial heart, but it's also one of the most exciting times in our careers. The Pace team behind the print edition of Four Seasons Magazine recently went through the process, so we're happy to [...]

Klout Pulls a Quora and Adds "Bing" to Social Status

Social networks seem to spring up every time we turn around. But here's something different: a well known social scoring platform is taking a new direction and becoming more social themselves. Klout, like other disruptive companies, has been trying to figure out the best way to provide value to the people who use them.

Ready, Set, Pin: Four Seasons Weddings Pinterest Contest

When it comes to wedding planning, finding and perfecting your wedding style can be a bit daunting. You'd think with all of the wedding magazines, blogs and social sites it would be ... well, a piece of cake. But, the volume of inspiration can actually be very overwhelming.

Winning a Repeat Audience for Your Blog

With all the buzz about social content in recent years, it's easy to forget that blogs are still one of the most popular ways for everyone from major corporations to your neighbor to express themselves in the digital space. Although we live in such a connected world, it's hard to be successful.

Storytelling from Pace's Live Newsroom at the 2013 ESSENCE Festival™

In July, the 2013 ESSENCE Festival™ lured over 500,000 people to New Orleans for a weekend of music and entertainment. From July 5th through the 7th, fans went wild for names like Kevin Hart, Jill Scott and Beyoncé. So why was our Pace team there?