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Top 6 Things to Do in Jeju Island – Entrancing Experiences for the Visitor

If you visit captivating Jeju Island in South Korea, you will find many interesting things to do; these include experiencing a volcano sunrise, climbing up a volcano, visiting a waterfall, spending time at the beach and more.


Experience a volcano sunrise

As part of a dawn excursion, early risers will have the opportunity to view the sun rising above a volcano in Jeju which is sure to be a magical sight. The location of choice for this experience would be the aptly named Sunrise Peak, or Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak in the native language. You can experience this sight on a beach composed largely of black lava rock; these formations will make for a wonderful viewing platform, whilst the pools of water will reflect the sun's glow as it moves over the ancient volcanic crater.


Climb up a volcano

After admiring the lovely sunrise, you could take the opportunity to ascend the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak which will be another amazing experience for the visitor. For this purpose, you should take the brief drive from the beach to the mountain and then commence your ascent. After hiking your way to the top – which should take you around 25 minutes – you will be able to enjoy the remarkable views from the summit. After you come back down, you may be able to view a performance provided by female divers at the nearby black sandy beach.


Visit the waterfall that flows into the ocean

Jeju Island features several waterfalls but if you can only visit one, a good choice would be the engrossing Jeongbang Falls. It has the distinction of being the sole waterfall in the entirety of Asia which flows straight into the ocean. This attractive waterfall will be a great spot at which to relax and cool off in the refreshing mist created by it. A choice of Jeju Island accommodation to consider from which you could plan a visit to this waterfall would be Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World.


Explore a mysterious cave

Should the day be somewhat humid and hot in Jeju, you will still have the chance to explore the refreshingly cool interior of a cave. In this regard, the well-known Manjanggul Cave would be a great choice. This cave happens to be a tunnel created by lava that stretches for no less than 13 km. However, to safeguard this UNESCO site and its resident bats, just 1 km of its interior is accessible to visitors.


Relax at a beach

You will find that Jeju Island's coastline features many interesting features that will draw the interest of the nature lover. Along the shoreline of this island, you will encounter steep cliffs as well as beaches featuring black sand in addition to those having golden sands such as Gimnyeong Beach. At Jeju Island, you may choose to relax at a secluded beach or opt for a busier beach with many amenities.


Try your hand at a maze

If you visit Gimnyeong Maze Park, it will be possible for you to attempt to find your way through a challenging maze. You will see that this maze takes the shape of Jeju Island and the time that you take to complete it will depend on your individual ability. To refresh yourself on a summer day, you could also buy some snacks and ice cream here.