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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 15, 2021
Headline for Smart Real Estate Investing Tips from Successful Investors – Understanding the ways of the experts
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Smart Real Estate Investing Tips from Successful Investors – Understanding the ways of the experts

When it comes to real estate investing, many people tend to feel quite befuddled at the idea of having to go from home to home, understanding the current market conditions and what to do after your investments are made. The best way forward is to learn from experts!


Look for rental properties in the emerging neighbourhoods

One of the hardest things to do in this investment category is to find the next big property, however, with some research and keen observation of trends you may be able to get ahead of the curb. Typically, rental properties are a brilliant method to get involved with real estate investments for beginners. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for any emerging neighbourhoods that could offer your major returns in a fixed period. Grabbing a property that is in a neighbourhood that will eventually undergo large amounts of development will reap huge profits for investors.
For example, if you are researching property developers in Sri Lanka there are a plethora of entities to keep an eye out for, such as John Keells Properties.


Diversify, Diversify & Diversify!

The cardinal rule in any form of investment is ensuring that you can maintain a wide range of properties with different risk & reward rations. This is simply an extension of a common convention to not keep all your eggs in one basket.
In the context of real estate investments, the belief is to simply stick to what you know and invest in your backyard. However, by not diversifying to other locales the likelihood of gaining major profits due to growth outside your domain will be a bitter pill to swallow.


Watch the rehab

When people purchase new investment properties their primary goal is to ensure that they can flip them for the most profit. However, what this means is that many people tend to dive headfirst into the renovations and remodelling aspect of the industry.
The stark reality is that just because you have the best of intentions in your efforts, certain properties need to stay with the cost ranges that make them attractive to specific audiences. For example, if you purchase a lower end home, but you deck it with marble and gold, then the likelihood is that whoever wants to live in that neighbourhood may not be able to afford this home. It would ultimately be a bit counterproductive.


Never over-leverage yourself

When it comes to pulling out mortgages on properties, keep in mind that you need to practice some prudence. It would be harmful if all your properties are mortgaged as you can easily be hit with heavy payments during a bad spell for the market.


Invest in single-family rentals

While it is hard to find a sure thing in this market, some trends can, by and large, be depended upon for some stability. This is the single-family homes market. They have long been the safest bet for getting the attention of the right tenants and over the past hundred years, they have, historically, always appreciated.