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Find the best personal trainer NYC, yoga instructor, NY Pilates instructor, nutritionist, or health coach, in your New York City zip code, that meets your needs and goals on Neighborhood Trainers.


Avoid Injuries While Strength Training

Avoid Injuries While Strength Training

In strength training, many injuries occur when muscles begin to become fatigued. That is when lifters start to shift the positions while muscles are under the tension of the weight. The tendency to shift an elbow, shoulder or foot position is greatest…… Read More:

Anyone who enjoys working out has their own individual set of reasons. There may be some overlap of reasons and goals when discussing and comparing them with others, but each person has a unique combination of reasons as to why they exercise…..Continue Reading:

My Fitness Goals Are Being Redefined by My Personal Trainer

If you don't want to change your fitness goals, you have two options: tell your trainer, or get a
new personal trainer. The first option will allow you to have a better relationship with your personal trainer and a more open dialogue about what you want to achieve……Continue Reading:

You must picture your desired outcome in order to lose weight or imagine yourself increasing muscle mass. But while you're at it, you could think about working with a specialist in NYC personal training who can make sure you're headed in the proper path. To find your trainer right now, start here!

It’s As Easy As Eating Well and Exercising

If you are looking for the best way to make headway toward your healthy lifestyle, you can look for a fitness professional who is a personal trainer and nutritionist NYC. Many trainers have multiple certifications. This contributes to their experience and ability to help individuals of varied backgrounds and goals…..Continue Reading:

Finding a yoga instructor in Manhattan is harder than most people realize. Although there is a yoga studio advertised on an awning almost every few city streets, once you pass that point, even the most seasoned yogi finds the world of Manhattan yoga NYC to be highly perplexing. Thankfully, arrived to take care of it for you.

Many people feel like their lives are so crazy that they can’t find the time to fit a workout in. Below are three great home exercises for the person who doesn’t think they have time to work out. The suggestions below do not take long at all and can fit into even the busiest schedule…..Continue Reading:

Dumbbell chest exercises have proven effective in building strong chest muscles. Unlike other weight-lifting equipment, they give you a maximum range of exercises and activities. Because of the versatility and flexibility of dumbbells, one can easily change the direction around and even engage in different……Continue Reading:

Hire an online personal trainer in Brooklyn at Neighborhood Trainers. Our fitness experts will help you to reach your fitness goals. is a fitness directory in New York City that includes personal trainers, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, health coaches, nutritionists, and more.

Training Outside With A New York City Personal Trainer

There are no shortages of outdoor spaces in New York City where someone can exercise. In its simplest example, the New York City streets are an endless asphalt track for running. With some spectacular bridge runs thrown in, you can have some of the most varied scenic runs right here. However, not everyone wants to lace up their running sneakers. Some people want the city to be their gym in a different…..Continue Reading:

Looking For Personal Training Services

Are you looking to workout at home, in a member-based gym, or in a personal training gym. Next, see what options exist in your area. You may want to search the internet for the best personal trainers near me. With your GPS on, you can see how far from your home they are and decide if it is worth investigating this personal trainer further or to move on to the next person on the list……

Where Can I Work Privately With A Personal Trainer

Your local gym should have personal trainers on staff. Alternatively, there are personal training gyms upper east side that allow independent personal trainers to rent space by the hour to train you. In either case, you and your trainer should have all of the cardiovascular and strength training equipment that the facility offers, at your disposal…..Continue Reading:

Personal Trainers In Your Office

Having a personal trainer on the payroll at your company simply to be on call for employees to arrange workouts or consultations with, can be a powerful tool to send the message that an employer cares about their employees. When employees feel cared for, that makes them happier to work for your…… Continue Reading:

Starting on your fitness journey can be an overwhelming task for someone who is completely new to exercise. Regardless of the reason for starting or the desired outcome, you must create a plan on how you want to achieve these outcomes. To get started correctly, it may be best to start by hiring the services of a personal trainer. Fitness professionals can help you devise a plan to get you from point A to point B in an effective and efficient manner by way of a…….Continue Reading:

Achieving fitness goals is not just about going from point A to point B. Even so, achieving a fitness goal should be viewed more as a milestone than a destination. When you reach it, you don’t stop exercising. You reach for a new goal. However, when moving between point A and point B, it is important to notice the progress you are…..Continue Reading:

Take A Planned Break From Working Out

Living an active lifestyle is important. Your body wants to be in motion most of the time. However, it is also a natural function of our bodies to need to take a break. The most obvious example of this is sleep. Our bodies need rest. A time to recharge both mentally and physically.