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Specific Uses for Structural Steel Tubing

One of the most highly used metals in a wide span of industries, structural steel tubing is renowned for its robust construction and resilience in even the harshest manufacturing conditions. Resistance to temperature, pressure, and destructive elements makes this type of metal an ideal choice for applications that require significant resistance to wear and tear, especially when in outdoor settings. Here are some of the most common applications you will see structural steel tubing used.


Construction Industry

There are countless structures for both industrial and residential applications that require structural steel tubing. Renowned for its exceptional strength and resistance to extreme conditions like temperature and pressure, professionals in the construction industry find themselves selecting this material for greater flexibility and adaptability for any structural application.


Engineering in the Industrial Sector

Similar in many ways to construction applications, structural steel piping is highly utilized in numerous industrial engineering applications, such as manufacturing and chemical processing applications. Since these robust processing and manufacturing applications experience many extremes in temperature, pressure, and chemical concentration, structural steel piping is the perfect solution for consistent, long-term performance and longevity through years of hard use and adverse conditions. An investment in structural steel tubing for industrial engineering applications is an investment in performance, safety, and production efficiency.


Automotive Production

Since structural steel tubing has a great resistance to corrosion, pressure, and temperature, it is also a highly-utilized material type in various stages of automotive production. Parts and components such as underbody structures, fuel injection systems, suspension systems and more are all commonly crafted using structural steel tubing. For vehicles intended for colder climates, structural steel has the added benefit of corrosion resistance, preventing essential components from rusting and losing their structural integrity over time.