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Updated by Joanna James on Dec 14, 2021
Headline for Top Six Beaches That You Must Visit During Your Stay in Broome – Seaside attractions for holidaymakers
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Top Six Beaches That You Must Visit During Your Stay in Broome – Seaside attractions for holidaymakers

Packed with natural wonders, Broome is a remote gateway in Western Australia. The charming coastline fringed with cliffs, turquoise seas, museums, and water sports are the key highlights of the town.


Cable Beach

Spreading over 22 kilometres, Cable Beach is an iconic tourist attraction. The name of the beach was inspired by the communication cables that were stretched between Java and Broome. Today, the beach is frequented by tourists seeking a memorable beach holiday. Don't forget your umbrella as the temperatures in this part of Australia are quite high. Swimming here is quite dangerous from November to May as Irukandji jellyfish abound in the waters, but you can swim at other times. Sunset camel rides are a popular tourist feature here, and after a gratifying day at the beach, pop into one of the restaurants and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Also, you can find excellent accommodation in Broome close to Cable Beach.


Roebuck Bay

Located not too far from Oaks Broome Hotel, Roebuck Bay is known for a beautiful natural phenomenon; when the moon is full, its reflection on the tidal flats creates a sight resembling a staircase. It happens only a few times between March and October, but when it does, the town comes alive with markets selling artisan products, homemade foods, and gift items. Tourists can also sample an array of food items, including Thai, Chinese, and Australian dishes.


Gantheaume Point

The red cliffs contrasted against the blue sea are the main feature of Gantheaume Point. Located off Cable Beach, this is one of the must-visit places. If you visit during the low tide, you can see the faint dinosaur footprints in the open reef; these footprints are said to be nearly 130 million years old; you can also see a few footprints at the top of the cliff. Be sure to wear the right shoes if you are planning to explore the intertidal zone.


Reddell Beach

This is one of the most popular local spots in Broome. Reddell Beach is visited by locals more than tourists, and it has all the characteristics of a tropical Australian beach. The coast is lined with red cliffs making it photo-worthy. Visit this beach for a quiet and peaceful afternoon and take in the beautiful scenery created by cliffs, extraordinary rock formations, and the unspoilt coastline.


Town Beach

With pink sand, palm trees, and a restaurant nearby, Town Beach has devised an excellent setup for beach lovers. The sand and the green mangroves come together to create a striking sight, and the restaurant is a popular spot for brunch. If you are looking for a way to get out of your hotel room, stop here at Town Beach for a morning swim and couple it with a delicious Australian breakfast.


James Price Point

About one hour drive from Broome is James Price Point. Although it isn't located inside the town, the beach is worth your time. The beach isn't located along the usual tourist route, which is what makes it peaceful. Wildlife, red-cliffs, and campsites are some of the attractions found here.


Best time to visit

April to October, the dry season, is the best time to visit Broome. Clear skies, warm days, and plentiful beach fun are in store for those visiting during this time – but don't expect low accommodation rates. The wet season is from November to April. Although the days are hot, the wet season is characterised by pouring rain, thunderstorms, and heavy winds. Cyclone activity is expected during January, February, and March, and no sightseeing is possible during these months.