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6 Must-try Cantonese Dishes – Delectable and Tantalising Culinary Specialties

If you visit the attractive city of Guangzhou, China, you will have the opportunity to savour delectable Cantonese cuisine; this includes everything from yum cha to dishes like wonton noodles, sweet and sour pork, char siu, white cut chicken and more.


Yum Cha

You will find that morning tea, known locally as yum cha, is a noteworthy tradition in Guangzhou. Rather than simply a food, yum cha may be described as an important pastime for the Cantonese. Yum cha is typically accompanied by dim sum, a selection of a variety of small dishes, in the tea ceremony. A range of different teas can be served for yum cha. This snack taken in the mid-morning may be regarded as a very important and popular tradition amongst the locals.


Wonton noodles

The popular wonton noodles is a dish that inherits a rich history dating back many centuries. This dish typically is a soup served warm with noodles as well as wonton dumplings. You will find that in the Guangdong area, wonton recipes primarily feature shrimp, along with a proportion of minced pork. Generally, the noodles will be very thin and slightly undercooked, whilst the broth will also contain leafy greens like bak choi and suitable seasonings.


Sweet and sour pork

Guangzhou-style sweet and sour pork is considered to date to the 18th century. This dish is prepared by frying pork within a wok with a batter of cornflour flavoured with vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and ketchup. Bamboo shoots and garlic are also frequently used in this dish to enhance the flavour. In the 1800s, railroad workers and miners from China brought this dish to the United States. Some of these workers subsequently turned to the profession of being cooks with sweet and sour pork becoming the dish now known as chop suey.


Char siu

Another delectable dish to try in Guangzhou would be char siu, which happens to be a Cantonese style barbecued pork dish that also has an ancient history. This dish is made with seasoned skewered strips of pork which are roasted over a fire or baked in an oven. Although today pork shoulder happens to be the cut of choice for this dish, in the past, wild boar, as well as many other kinds of meat, were used in its preparation. An accommodation choice to consider where you could stay while sampling such Cantonese dishes would be a centrally located serviced residence in Guangzhou such as those offered by Ascott ICC Guangzhou.


White cut chicken

Meanwhile, white cut chicken is a dish that can be prepared in many varied ways; the Cantonese-style version may be described as a simple yet satisfying dish. It is prepared using a whole chicken that is first poached and then sliced; the slices are then put back in their initial order. The dipping sauce that accompanies this dish is composed of a combination of fresh ginger, powdered ginger and scallions cooked in hot oil.


Cantonese desserts

You will also have the chance to enjoy a range of Cantonese desserts in Guangzhou. Make sure to try double skin milk, which is prepared using milk, sugar and egg whites in a special recipe. You may also savour ginger milk pudding which as its name indicates, features a zesty touch of ginger. Also, not to be missed would be the steamed egg tarts which can be found practically everywhere in Guangzhou.