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Updated by infochameleon on Jan 28, 2022
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Top 5 Applications for a Quiet Diesel Generator

There are some situations where a diesel generator that can operate quietly is a must have.


Mobile Medical Units

Mobile medical units often have use for generators, as they are full of life saving equipment that may require power to operate. While the most important consideration for a diesel generator that is going to be used in a mobile medical unit is obviously reliability (a faulty generator in such an environment could put lives at risk) noise should also be considered. Having a quiet diesel generator in a mobile medical unit can make performing emergency services much easier, as medical providers will not have to strain to hear their patients and/or coworkers over excessive noise, and the environment will be less stressful in general.


Broadcast Vehicles

Broadcast vehicles are full of equipment that needs to be powered by something, so they often need to have a generator available. A broadcast vehicle definitely needs to have a quiet diesel generator, as a noisy diesel generator might make it extremely difficult to record audio without interference. Thus, news crews need to be discerning when choosing a diesel generator for the broadcast vehicle.


Homeland Defense Vehicles

It’s no secret that homeland defense vehicles are occasionally in situations where excess noise could be detrimental. As a result, it is imperative that any diesel generator being used in a homeland defense vehicle is a quiet diesel generator.


Recreational Sea Vessels

Larger recreational sea vessels, like yachts and catamarans, often have a generator on board in order to power things like appliances and air conditioning, and to provide a backup should the engine’s main power source fail. Though having a quiet diesel generator as opposed to a noisy diesel generator on a recreational vessel is not a matter of life and death, it is certainly preferable to passengers trying to have a relaxing day on the water.


Tour Buses

If you’ve ever ridden on a tour bus, you know that being able to hear the guide’s commentary is an integral part of the experience. For this reason, high-end tour bus companies should always choose quiet diesel generators when outfitting their vehicles with emergency power sources.